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Princess124's Avatar Princess124 01:50 PM 04-07-2012



I did this test this morning, my last period was February 28th, was due March 27th and i am 12 days late, there is a very faint line is this positive or not? HELP driving me crazy!

Kyamo's Avatar Kyamo 06:28 PM 04-07-2012
Yes, that is a positive. Congratulations!
eirual's Avatar eirual 07:31 AM 04-08-2012

Deffinitely....congrats, and enjoy the ride :)

greenmamato2's Avatar greenmamato2 12:47 PM 04-08-2012

That's a positive!  Congratulations!! :)

Princess124's Avatar Princess124 02:50 PM 04-08-2012

Thank you very much for the replies,

i don't know myself im still so unsure whether its me just seeing a line there! I know there is a definite line there but does it matter how faint it is?

fruitfulmomma's Avatar fruitfulmomma 02:59 PM 04-08-2012

I think if you test again in a few days you will see it getting darker. I tested with one of my girls about a dozen times before it was totally dark. I've never had a faint line turn out to be a false-positive, though I suppose it is plausible.

Princess124's Avatar Princess124 03:05 PM 04-08-2012

It makes sense that it would be positive. My last period was Febuary 28th which would imply the date i conceived was March 13th and me and my partner had unprotected sex then. I've been overly tired, found myself napping during the day however i've been restless of a night and haven't been able to get to sleep properly and waking up during the night. My nipples have been sore but not terribley and i've had headaches and the feeling of car sickness also. I've never had a baby before so this is all new to me, i've also had a pain in the top of my abdomen which i think is indigestion. Does this all sound normal?! Thanks a lot for your replies it really does mean a lot to have other peoples oppinions and advice!

greenmamato2's Avatar greenmamato2 09:05 PM 04-08-2012
That sounds totally normal for pregnancy symptoms! smile.gif
ananas's Avatar ananas 11:22 AM 04-09-2012

It sounds like you're pregnant! And that test is a definite positive.

mel-s's Avatar mel-s 01:17 PM 05-17-2012


this looks exactly like mine from today.

are you pregnant?

oh and i had irregular periods, my last was 13th april so 5 weeks tomorrow with no period. pls let me no.


AmandaMamma's Avatar AmandaMamma 07:37 PM 05-19-2012
Positive for sure if that was within the time limit. Evaporation lines do occur.
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