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freegirl23cat's Avatar freegirl23cat 05:58 PM 04-09-2012
Hi mamas. I'm 28 weeks today and in 2nd week of hospital bedrest. Doc confirms today that i will be here until baby arrives. I am trying to stay positive but missing my 7yo dd and dh (snoogle is nice but family bed so much better). I am hoping some of you may have creative ideas for ways to care for my daughter from afar...i have been homeschooling and have to enroll her in public school for ease of caretakers so feeling guilty on that level too. What did you do to to keep your little one involved and nurtured?

Also friends are asking what they can do and i have suggested something special for my dd but they want to do something for me and i dont know what to suggest?

I will share that i have some peppermint and some lavendar essentiL oils that are reallly simple way to perk up the room....and the nurses love it!

So what did you do/would you do?


LilyTiger's Avatar LilyTiger 07:36 PM 04-09-2012

I've never been on bedrest, but do you have access to a laptop or DVD player?  Friends could bring their favorite movies or novels to help you pass the time.  I also imagine a home cooked meal (perhaps snuck in if the hospital doesn't allow outside food) would perk you up now and then.  If you have a lap desk, puzzles might be a fun way to spend time with visiting children or friends.  Again with the laptop, could you figure out a way to Skype or Facetime with your daughter for a few lessons a day to supplement her public schooling?  (As someone who had a great education in public schools, I would let go of the guilt if possible... she may make some great friends).  You could also spend time putting together craft project ideas and have friends pick up the supplies so you and your daughter could work on projects together while she visits (or even while you're apart).  Dioramas are always fun and pretty easy to transport.  If you or your daughter don't know how to knit or crochet, now would be a neat time to learn/teach her.  Best of luck getting through the next few months! 

iixivboots's Avatar iixivboots 11:48 PM 04-09-2012

What about a journal you and your daughter pass back and forth and write to each other? That would be something you could keep and would be special attention for both of you! It would be nice to get some nice gel pens, stickers, stamps etc to make it more fun. I am sorry you have a long wait until your babe, but glad you are getting good care and have friends who care!

greenmamato2's Avatar greenmamato2 07:31 AM 04-10-2012

When I was on bedrest it was with my first, so I don't have a lot of first-hand solutions as far as what to do with your daughter, but it looks like you have some good ideas, and some great support.  When she comes to see you, what about having makeover days, with hair, makeup, and nails getting done?  You could paint or color together.  You could learn to knit or crochet together (teach her if she doesn't already know how and you do - or learn at the same time), and then make little things for the baby - even washcloths!  


For me, having friends come by to visit and keep me busy with board games, etc, really really helped.  Half of my pregnancy was taken up with Monopoly I think, and a very good friend who was dedicated to making sure I wasn't alone. :)


Also - is there anything you've dreamed of doing that you couldn't do because of lack of time?  Like maybe start writing a book, or start a blog?  With time on your hands, you may have an opportunity that you couldn't otherwise have.  It isn't always the most positive thing to be on bedrest, but I guess it can't hurt to try. :)

freegirl23cat's Avatar freegirl23cat 06:56 PM 04-10-2012
Great ideas!! Today we did spa day and she was totslly into it. Have art supplies
On the way and i think getting a journal sounds awesome! Maybe we can start a scrapbook too.

Something for myself? Funny how that is hard to think of...and weird howw having all this
"Time on my hands" still seems hard to "do" anything.

Thnx mamas!
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