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spingirl10's Avatar spingirl10 05:17 PM 04-19-2012

I know there are a million posts about this, as I searched them earlier, but the information is so conflicting on the web!  Does anyone have any experience taking maca while pregnant (i.e. 1 TBSP/day)  I took it while TTC and continued to have it in smoothies after a BFP, but of course just started to read about it online as i'm only 4+ weeks pregnant (IVF actually worked for me this time, hooray!!)  So, i'm still VERY early in my pregnancy.


I would LOVE to know if anyone continued to take it through pregnancy. I don't know why i'm trying so hard to take it - you'd think the fact that I came across a single website contraindicating it would be enough of a warning for me.  Thanks so much for sharing any info you might have!



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