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I'm Pregnant > Is this line normal for a + at 12DPO?
Melly24's Avatar Melly24 11:46 PM 04-19-2012

I'm very certain I am only 12DPO.



AnnieA's Avatar AnnieA 11:48 PM 04-19-2012
Wow mama, that's a dark line! Going in for a beta?
Melly24's Avatar Melly24 12:04 AM 04-20-2012

No, no plans to have any bloods done. 

franjapany's Avatar franjapany 02:12 AM 04-20-2012

I had a similarly dark line about 15 DPO. HTH?

sere234's Avatar sere234 06:35 AM 04-20-2012

Mine have been pretty light at 12 DPO. That's a nice dark line!!!

phatchristy's Avatar phatchristy 07:25 AM 04-20-2012

Looks very dark to me!  

greenmamato2's Avatar greenmamato2 08:50 AM 04-20-2012


finnegansmom's Avatar finnegansmom 09:55 AM 04-20-2012

That's just like the lines I got with my last son on my 11 and 13dpo tests.  Very dark quickly (I also got a + albeit faint at 8dpo).

He just turned 14 months. 



Igottafeeling's Avatar Igottafeeling 11:03 AM 04-20-2012

that's a great line! However, mine was very light at 12dpo.

Laurucha's Avatar Laurucha 02:41 PM 04-20-2012

That is a dark line for only 12DPO! Maybe twins? wink1.gif

CA Country Girl's Avatar CA Country Girl 03:02 PM 04-20-2012


Congratulations!  I think my line was almost that dark at 14 DPO- Just good strong hormones.  Happy and health pregnancy to you.

cryswilkins's Avatar cryswilkins 09:23 PM 04-20-2012
With DD I got very very dark lines. High hormones I think. Congratulations.
MamanFrancaise's Avatar MamanFrancaise 10:40 AM 04-21-2012

I got a BFP on 8DPO. By 12 DPO it was as dark as that. Just one baby in here. :)

kawa kamuri's Avatar kawa kamuri 12:07 PM 04-21-2012

mine was similar

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