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Michelle Renee's Avatar Michelle Renee 08:20 AM 06-15-2012

Morning Momma's,


Let me introduce myself - my name is Termite and I am eating everything under the son that is not nailed down!

Well.. okay.. not quite but SERIOUSLY!.   We just found out we are having a surprise and I am thrilled -however in order to do the right thing, I stopped taking my ADHD meds.  Part of taking ADD/ADHD meds for me is appetite suppression and being awake and alert.   This was a huge miracle because I stopped gaining weight and got to my usual size 22 (anywhere from 275-290).  If my weight shot up.. I would just not eat for a few days and I would drop back to that range.    If you are overweight.. I'm going to assume you know how this works :P   I never want to be over 300 lbs.  I am over 300 lbs now and ugh...



I have put on 15 lbs in 3 weeks and this is not good.   All I want to do is eat and sleep.  Somewhere in here it should be mentioned I have an autoimmune disorder and battle constant tiredness..  And for the record.. I am eating healthy food but it all has calories in it... baked chicken and fruit has calories and so does the bowl of bran flakes after.


I am gaining weight like mad.


Has anyone lost weight successfully (and safely during pregnancy)?  How did you find the motivation to do it?  What did you eat to kill your appetite?   If I was to lose 20 lbs but gain 20 in pregnancy - Id just stay the same kind of thing..   


I am so so emotional and I am sorry..


My OB says the ADD  meds are a category C and will consider it secoind trimester maybe but gave me the look of doom  "It really really really has to be you can not live without it and the risk to baby is worth it because of your life"  (She is right just omg Im

fighting the urge to not eat my house and sleep at the same time)


Really..the ADD meds helped with the ADD and making my appetite normal and giving me some energy.


Anyone want to be my online friend and share some encouragement?   Anyone managed to not gain weight in pregnancy  ?  (that wasn't because they had horrible morning sickness? 


Thank you for listening

letileon's Avatar letileon 07:56 PM 06-22-2012

I don't have any specific experience with this but I would encourage you to walk. Even if just a little. I find that walking keeps my appetite down and will help burn some of those extra calories. It also can make you less tired when you are. I know it's hard to get yourself up and do it, but afterwards (given that you don't overextend yourself) you should feel more energized.

faithsstuff's Avatar faithsstuff 07:25 PM 06-23-2012

I am not in your situation but I am plus sized and pregnant.  I tend to loose weight while pregnant (it's the only time I loose weight).  


What are some foods that make you feel full?  I want pasta and bread but they make me ravenous and exhausted.  I have to eat alot of red meat.  The more protein the better.


 Also, has the doc done blood work?  Just to check your iron and vitamin levels? If those are off they will definately contribute to exhaustion.


 Last pregnancy I didn't gain weight, so it was break even but I was depressed and exhausted.  This time I've already gone down to a (maternity) 16 from a solid 18/20 (mostly 20).  Ummmmm, I don't know if there's anything else.  Protein helps me stay awake but even high protein vegetarian meals don't fill me up.  I've started walking and doing some prenatal yoga (the yoga helps my joints so so much) and today I ate a whole huge ass salad.  Because I wanted to.  Dh wants to know where his wife went.


 Anyway, I am more then willing to be your pregnancy buddy, even if our experiances are differant I hear where your coming from.  And hugs,hugs, hugs.

scowgirl's Avatar scowgirl 04:36 PM 06-26-2012

I can relate to much of what you posted, except I haven't been on meds, but I did want to offer a little encouragement that everyone gains differently in pregnancy. I had zero morning sickness, which I would have been thrilled about except that whole losing weight in the first trimester thing never came to pass for me at all, and I really could have used that (I started my pregnancy at about 240). In fact, I was in the first trimester around the holidays so I gained kind of a lot. But the weight gain did slow down later--although I think I personally could have limited my weight gain somewhat more, in many ways I think your body knows how much to gain and the rate of gain will ebb and flow at different times. I really haven't gained in the third trimester. I don't know about the complicating factor of meds, though, and I am sorry you're having to go through figuring out that part of it.


It sounds to me like you need some sort of other support now that the meds are not an option. It's all well and good for your doctor to tell you "you can't have the meds but you still have to control your eating," but if you can't do that, it seems like there must be help out there for you. There is a site called The Fat Nutritionist--if you think it might help to talk to a nutritionist, she takes clients by Skype and is really kind and compassionate. I think a mainstream dietitian might be a good option too, but I am always wary of how some of them approach fat people. I went to a trainer at my gym early in the pregnancy to get some prenatal workouts, and the sessions were fantastic for that and really helped me figure out a strategy for exercising during the pregnancy. But I pretty much had to ignore her nutritional advice; she wanted me to stick to about 1500 calories (a fair amount less than I usually eat... I would be starving if I ate that little when pregnant) and eat completely clean, which unfortunately is a huge departure from my usual decent but not great nutrition. In theory this would all be a great idea (and was hardly an extreme crash diet) but I am so hopeless with any kind of diet that the stress and guilt of trying this on top of all the pregnancy-related stress was just too much. I wish I had spoken to someone about nutrition who was willing to ease me into a program that was more realistic for me. If you are determined to lose weight during pregnancy, I would also see a nutritionist in that case to make sure you are doing it safely and with guidance. Just my 2 cents.


Or, is there another type of medication or herb that is pregnancy safe that might help calm and focus you enough to reduce your stress level a bit? I realize it probably won't work as well as the meds but maybe there is something.


I totally agree about eating lots of protein--it keeps me on a more even keel than eating carbs. I found several high-protein snacks (and go-to breakfasts) that I like, mainly hard-boiled eggs, snack-size pieces of cheese, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.--and try to always keep them on hand. It sounds like you are already eating a healthy diet, though. I am sorry this is so stressful for you. hug2.gif I know for me, pregnancy brought out my issues with my body full force. I haven't been this anxious or worried about being fat in years. It was unexpected for me.

MeAndVee's Avatar MeAndVee 04:35 PM 06-28-2012

I have had mild success with weight during pregnancy.  Out of no where I have started gaining like mad though {10#}.  I agree about the protein.  I have been doing a low carb diet.  Doesn't mean I eat only meat though.  Just no bread, pasta or cereal.  No sugar or flour or starchy veggies basically.  My doctor is 100% supportive of it, not going it alone!  Its been really hard as I crave carbs.  Of course!  Baby couldn't make my life too easy could he.  I found these seed crackers I love love love and eat them with some cheese.  Everyone who knows me knows my obsession with crackers!  Its so hard I know.  Compounded by medical makes it that much harder.  What does your doctor say? 

iamkateiam's Avatar iamkateiam 05:49 PM 07-02-2012

Hey- I'm sorry you're having a rough time.  I've lost a lot of weight in the past several years, but I'm still plus sized (started pregnancy at 205lbs).  I'm terrified of gaining all that weight back, but that hasn't stopped me from gaining 5lbs so far (I'm 8 weeks).  I worry that being overweight will be bad for my baby, but all I can do at this point is try to be healthy.  It's just so hard when (like you) all I want to do is eat and sleep!  I was really good about walking, but we're in that fun part of the country where it's been over 100 degrees for the past couple weeks with no end in sight.  I guess I don't really have any advice, just commiserating!  This is my first pregnancy, but I figure it'll all work out one way or another.  I'm all for online friendship, so message me if you ever need encouragement!  I think we're in the same DDC too   namaste.gif

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 06:07 PM 07-02-2012

I agree that high protein is a good idea. The other thing that might help is having a large meal at breakfast. I have noticed my blood sugar stays up higher and I have less appetite later on if I do that. I am not currently PG, but I was for 22 weeks and really had trouble with that. I started my pregnancy 37 lbs. overweight.

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 06:07 PM 07-02-2012

I agree that high protein is a good idea. The other thing that might help is having a large meal at breakfast. I have noticed my blood sugar stays up higher and I have less appetite later on if I do that. I am not currently PG, but I was for 22 weeks and really had trouble with that. I started my pregnancy 37 lbs. overweight.

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 06:07 PM 07-02-2012

BTW- My weight is not why my boys didn't make it.

meggie1015's Avatar meggie1015 10:29 AM 08-22-2012

I'm going through the same thing in my head right now too. I am 230lbs, and 4 weeks pregnant. I want to drop a lot of fat before getting too huge with the baby. Since I've been working out more (before baby) I'm just changing up my workout. Instead of doing Insanity, I'm taking a cardio class, doing yoga, and walking. Plus healthy eating. Talk to your doc about how much weight is ok to lose. I feel that if the baby stays a healthy weight throughout your pregnancy then you should be fine.Hope everything works out for you. And in the end, it's not the weight that's the issue it's being healthy for your baby.

Sharlla's Avatar Sharlla 11:49 PM 08-23-2012

i always gain a ton of weight  while pg, no matter what i do, how well i eat, follow certain PG approved diets, being active etc.  with DD i gained 130 lbs and im pretty sure im getting there with this one.  none PG weight is roughly 150 lbs so of course i have a long road to go after the baby is born to get down to pre pregnancy weight


the least amount of weight i gained while PG was 75 lbs and that was because i was doing low carb

MeAndVee's Avatar MeAndVee 07:48 AM 08-24-2012

I've started eating coconut oil.  Its gross even when mixed with coco and almond butter.  Anyway, my weight has stabalized since then.  I haven't gained anything in nearly 10w.  I eat a small muffin cup size once a day.  Really supposed to eat 3 to reap the full benifits but its hard enough getting down the one!

fairejour's Avatar fairejour 08:32 AM 08-24-2012

I was 291 lbs when I got pregnant and 301 when I delivered (and the baby was 8 of those lbs!). You need to try to control your eating (I know it is hard, but focus on the baby and what kind of damage it can do to him or her) and you need to move. Do whatever kind of exercise feels doable. Walk in the evening, every single night, perhaps with your SO. Go for a swim (if you go during the day, there are way fewer people) maybe a water aerobics class, or prenatal yoga...ANYTHING to burn calories. Also, you need to be eating lots and lots of protein and vegetables. Are you getting 6-8 servings of veggies a day? Switch all your fruit (which has tons of sugar) for veggies. Also, eat only whole grain. If it doesn't say "100% whole SPECIFIC GRAIN (wheat, bran, etc)" don't eat it. You also need lean cuts of good meat, and prepare it without butter or oil. Are you getting at least 70 grams a day? (You probably need more.)


I know these things are very hard to do, and we, as heavy girls tend to turn a blind eye to what we are actually eating (because of sham and emotional issues) but you are talking about the health of your baby. If you screw this up, it could lead to complications that have a lasting effect on his/her entire life. You are building the only body this child will ever have, and you have to do what is right for your baby.


I know you can do it! It is hard, and it takes work, but you CAN, if you want it! (BTW, since having my child, I have lost over 135 lbs through diet and exercise alone. So, I do know how hard it is, but I also know it is entirely possible.)

scowgirl's Avatar scowgirl 01:47 PM 08-27-2012

I disagree with some of what is said in the above post. I gave birth at age 35 (so no spring chicken), started out at 240, gained to 275 (I would rather not have but that's what happened), had no issues with BP (although I was SUPER worried about it to the point of being obsessive, which ironically I don't think was the best thing for my health) or GD and DD weighed 8 lb even and was and is extremely healthy. I went into labor naturally at 40w4d and had a 12-hour unmedicated labor, a vaginal birth that I recovered from very quickly, and am now exclusively breastfeeding and at 6 weeks postpartum have lost all of the baby weight. If the OP wants to lose weight or limit weight gain during pregnancy, that's fine--and I definitely agree with the advice to get exercise and eat tons of protein--but it is perfectly possible not to stress inordinately about weight or diet during pg (that is, no moreso than a thin woman would) and still have a good outcome. Everyone is different and fat is not necessarily a death sentence for you OR your baby. Like anyone, we need to pay close attention to our diet, exercise, sleep, mental health, and overall health during pregnancy. Telling yourself that every food choice could have lifelong consequences for your baby is a recipe for a level of stress that IMO is not ideal for you or the baby, unless you are really really good at dealing with stress. I am not. I guess what I'm saying is there still needs to be some balance that is going to be different for every individual.


Clearly GD and some other conditions do require adherence to a strict diet, but I still think you can accomplish that (if it becomes necessary) without a heaping helping of guilt and fat panic on the side. Just my 2 cents.

IronMam's Avatar IronMam 06:27 PM 08-27-2012

According to information I found on one of the NIH sites:




Available evidence for amphetamines suggests no increased risk of malformations with use of therapeutic doses, and inadvertent exposure during pregnancy is unlikely to be harmful. Human data for methylphenidate and atomoxetine treatment in pregnancy are very limited. Documented cases do not suggest teratogenicity, but we cannot rule out this risk with the information available.


I'm taking my Adderall XR for now, as it's only 10mg. But I have an appointment with my family doc next week to discuss all my options. I don't love the idea of taking a Class C while pregnant (I'm 5 weeks along), but I went off for a few days and OMG MY BRAIN WAS USELESS. I can barely take care of myself when I'm not medicated, never mind also caring for DD and my house. If there are some other treatment options my doc suggests, I might be willing to try them out. But I'm not willing to go completely untreated. I need that help. I can't even keep track of whether I'm eating right, which is especially important while pregnant, without it. For me, I think the need/benefits out weigh the risk, but I'm anxious to discuss it in more detail with my doctor. Unfortunately she doesn't specialize in ADD or anything. But she's a good family doc overall.


So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't let your doc giving you the stink eye make the decision for you. If your personal need is high enough, that's for you to decide. That's what Class C is for. If we were talking about Class D, then yeah, that'd be different. But Class C means "potential benefits may warrant use of the drug in pregnant women despite potential risks." If you feel the risks of gaining too much and going nuts from not having focus and energy for the next nine months are higher than the risks of taking your medication, that's for YOU to decide.  And it's not necessarily a black or white decision. Maybe you could compromise and try a lower dose? Do what works for you and your family and don't let anybody judging you get under your skin. hug2.gif

marcy11923's Avatar marcy11923 08:50 AM 09-08-2012

wow i know how you feel i started off overweight 231 I'm now 23 weeks and up to 242 i was told not to gain more then 10-20 so if worried that I've gain to much weight. i feel fruit and vegetable are not feeling and i started walking 1/2 mile every day for the last week but it only makes me more hungry!. how is your pregnancy going? have you been able to control you weight gain? how far along are you now?

Adaline'sMama's Avatar Adaline'sMama 09:29 AM 09-08-2012

Michelle- Protein and water would be my solution. (Im trying to gain without much luck, but Im not too worried about it). Im eating between 3000-3500 calories a day, but it's tons of protein (between 100-150 grams a day). Here are the things I have cut WAY back on because there isnt enough nutritional content for me to be getting what I need.



junk food









pretty much any "filler" food.

I'm eating lots of:









whole grains

fruits (typically dried fruits with no sugar added)



I've found that will these more heavy foods, I dont want to eat as often. Im 25 lbs overweight (pre pregnancy).


Also, measure your water. Get two or three gallon sized containers (or, I use 1/2 gallon mason jars) and fill them up at the beginning of the day. Whenever you want something to drink, pour it out of the jar. You should be drinking at least a gallon of water a day, and you would be surprised at how much that is! I always thought, "oh, I drink at least a gallon." and then when I spent three days measuring, I realized that I was drinking closer to 1/2 gallon a day, and on the days when I had access to diet coke or tea, even less! Liquid really fills you up.

I put the mason jar on the middle of the kitchen table and dare anyone to touch it. Everytime I walk by, I fill up a 4 oz glass (a small jelly jar) and drink it. If I fill up a full glass, Ill leave half of it and walk off. I try to think of it just like vitamins- it's "taking water" because when you have to drink so much, it is a chore!

canadianhippie's Avatar canadianhippie 10:54 PM 09-09-2012

 i was making my entry into the "overweight" BMI category, was 5'5, 170 ish before pregnancy, was 155 a year ago before I met my skinny-DP who can eat anything and everything and not gain a pound! But i just put it right on with him, eating lots of salty, high fat, starchy foods I didnt eat so much of before, I did eat it, i was in college lol but it was the portions I think


But i was just SO worried about gaining alot of weight with #2, I was 145 when I got pregnant with my first and was over 210 when I had him, I was starting at 170 with this bundle....and 60 plus pounds on that? Ouch


I followed the "oh eating for two, who cares your pregnant, just eat what you want" and gained so much weight, my lovely mum and grandmother have stated "oh thats nice your having another, but please dont get as big as you were the first time" how sweet 


I puked my guts out for 3 months with this one, and lost a few, but now at 5 months/ 20 weeks Im peeking in 178 now 


was hovering at 175 and was pleased but stress = I give up, im eating it


Its a struggle, honestly, I was so committed and was doing great now I feel like a big blub blub again


Im with ya on this grouphug.gif