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lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 05:04 PM 07-14-2012

Dandy posted a picture of the little Adair in this thread but you can't post on it unless you are member of the October 2012 DDC.  Odd.  He looks to be growing strong and fighting well!

scowgirl's Avatar scowgirl 06:21 PM 07-14-2012
boots--I too have heard that the US measurements can be off significantly... hopefully HB is not 97th percentile, but even if he is, I bet he will still be born without a hitch. Just means he'll be chubbier and healthier. orngbiggrin.gif I hope your dental cleaning went OK! Seems like everything is more prone to tenderness and bleeding in pregnancy.
2sweetsparrows--thanks for the kind words! I agree, in many ways it is better that we had more time with our husbands before embarking on this adventure. I worry about my age, but I guess that just means I need to do my best to make sure I am healthy and strong enough to keep up with a little one! I'm really glad they did such a thorough checkup when you had the contractions, and that all ended up being OK.
pitchounette--I have been reading this thread for a while but only recently came out of lurkdom. So I wanted to say, congratulations on your pregnancy! Your gender ultrasound is so soon now... that is great.
LilyTiger--Hoping things are still moving along, and that the cramping and digestive stuff haven't been too bad.
ericaf--I hope the shower was awesome! I alternate between peeing gallons and peeing a shot glass, but I can never tell which will be which because in each case I feel like I'm about to pee my pants. Annoying. The "porn for pregnant women" is hilarious.
andaluza--really glad your appointment with the new OB went well. Funny about your DH... I generally like to think they will rise to the occasion (mine gets faint at the sight of blood or needles) but we'll see. smile.gif
CA Country Girl--Aww, Juniper sounds awesome. I am really excited to use the Moby wrap, so I hope our baby likes it too.
AFM, still here... 40+3. I'm done with work as of yesterday, so hopefully more time for walking and being active. I have taken walks and done some squatting the last couple of days, and feel like things are moving along a bit. More cramping and achiness with my BH rather than just tightness. It may be a while yet, but at least it feels like things are changing a bit.
The contractors got the windows in the nursery on Friday, and my dad, brother, and DH stained the trim and door today, but they still need to trim out the windows on Monday so poor DH will be inhaling more VOCs to stain that when they are done, and then polyurethane. I considered helping but had forgotten how potent the stain was and decided it wasn't the best idea. (There is a low-VOC version of this product, which I just assumed I could find at a paint store, but no place in town had it... grrr. Luckily we and the baby will be sleeping on the first floor for a while, away from any residual fumes.)
So, all in all, things are going well. The nursery furniture is to be delivered on Tuesday, and all the decorating items for the nursery are either ordered or purchased, so I feel better about that. I know it's sort of stupid since she won't even be sleeping in there for a while, but it would make me feel better to see a finished room.

Bel718's Avatar Bel718 01:05 PM 07-15-2012

Hello ladies!  (I did not fall off the face of the Earth...I swear.  It just feels like it)


My facebook addiction ended 05/30 with the birth of my twins on 05/31 at 8:02am and 8:03 respectively.  Baby Boy M was 5 lbs 9 oz and was first.  He needed some help once he was out (scary) but is doing well.  Caly - hes already on Zantac for reflux!  It is scary watching them vomit like crazy.  Baby Girl A was 6lbs 10 oz..a whole pound bigger and man does she have an attitude.  I barely have time for myself so I am so sorry for not updating any sooner.  My C-section was a bit traumatizing for me and there really isn't much to say other than that VBAC (If I wanted more) is outta the question - they were 'stuck' and after being tugged like a rag doll on the table I had to have a vertical incision on my uterus as well.  My babies are definitely worth it but whew!


Boots - almost there!  I tried catching up with everything.  Glad your GD test was great and so sorry about your grandmother.


Caly & Country Girl -   CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Pitch - Congrats!


Congrats to everyone in waiting and those almost there!


Sorry for the lack of personals but man two screaming babies are some work!  I have two helpers here today so I have a few for myself and wanted to give a quick update.

iixivboots's Avatar iixivboots 07:24 PM 07-15-2012

Not feeling very good right now (late breakfast too big and too rich :( ) but I wanted to let everyone know I updated the front page: added Pitch and birth details for Dandy's little guy Adair and Bel's twins. I don't think Dandy would mind if someone wanted to join her DDC club to post that we are all thinking of her over here in Bajingo land. I have joined other DDCs to comment before.


Hope everyone is having a good Sunday. I have 8 more weekdays until I go back to work for 7 days. Boo. I don't know how I'm going deal with it. It's freaking hot.

LilyTiger's Avatar LilyTiger 08:42 AM 07-16-2012

Hey everyone!  I hope your week is getting off to a good start.  I'm officially 37 weeks today, so the countdown starts soon.  I'm still waking up with intense menstrual like cramps at night and I had to sit down yesterday while nesting because my B-H got so out of control, but I'm not seeing/feeling any other imminent signs of arrival, so I've sort of convinced myself that this kid will be right on time or late.  I actually don't mind since I really want to get some of the wretched work I have left to do finished and I would love a week of just resting and reading and doing nothing in particular before the baby arrives.  We'll see whether Operation Selfish Time actually works out.


scowgirl, DH refinished our floors in my late second-tri and I was tiptoeing around trying not to breathe for the first couple days back.  I slept at my parents' for the actual application, but it was still kind of smelly when I got home.  I wish there were decent alternatives to some of this stuff.  We used low VOC paint for the painting we did, but I don't know enough about chemistry or neuroscience to know if I'm not doing damage in some other way as well.  Eh.  Sounds like you're getting ready and on track!  How are you feeling at 40+ weeks?  Mentally, I mean?  I'm worried I'll be a total basketcase.


Boots, sorry you're almost ready to go back.  My ankles are the size of grapefruits over here and it's only in the 90's, so I can't imagine what the Arizona heat would be doing.  I would just give up, I think.  As it is, I have to go shopping for shower hostess gifts and the thought of getting into my car is terrifying. 


Bel, belated congrats on the twins!  Sorry getting them out was so tough.  It sounds like they were a great weight for twinsies. I hope the little guy's digestive problems ease up.  I've heard reflux can be really hard on the little guys.


Caly, I hope you had a great weekend with your little girl!  She's almost a week now already?  Or is it even longer?  Wow.  I hope you're getting into a routine and loving life.


Everyone else, send updates!  I need to compulsively procrastinate or I will be stuck doing horrible administrative work all day.  Save me by posting!

ericaf's Avatar ericaf 10:37 AM 07-16-2012

Lily: I had my baby shower this weekend... I'll chuck a couple pics up here so you can procrastinate with pics! Lol.








ericaf's Avatar ericaf 10:37 AM 07-16-2012

Holy crap, they're enormous!!!! I'm sorry guys!

andaluza's Avatar andaluza 12:11 PM 07-16-2012

Scowgirl, sounds like you are doing fabulous and taking great care of yourself, but I hope you don't have to wait too much longer! I can't wait to hear about how it goes. I feel the same way about wanting the nursery to be done soon, even though he won't be sleeping there right away. We have some odds and ends in it (old futon mattress) and baby gifts we haven't put away yet, but we'll also have guests (my parents) staying there in Sept. so it needs to get done/


Bel, thanks for peeking in and letting us know how it went. I am sure the babes are worth it, but I am sorry it sounds like the birth was hard. I hope you are healing well! We are rooting for you.


Boots, sorry you weren't feeling well and you have to go to work for a bit. I discovered that I had looked at the non-approved schedule for dh work and he really doesn't have to be there until the 23, since he can do some of the training at other times, so maybe things will work out a bit better for us. I was envisioning him having to go in just a few days after my edd.


Lily, I'm also trying to balance a little selfish time and work time, especially since dh is still off for summer break and I don't want to be locked away in my office the final month of pregnancy. It's hard, though. Do I consider walks and exercise selfish time? Aren't they healthy for my mind, too? 


Erica, what a lovely shower it looks like you had! How about some details when you get a chance?



AFM, 36 weeks today and feeling fine! I do have pressure in my low pelvis when standing and walking sometimes. That is the new symptom from the past week or so. In general the sciatica/hip pain is a little annoying and I have discomfort in my tailbone, but most of it feels like intensification of previous feelings.


In terns of preparation, things are coming together: I finally ordered the replacement mattress for the mini cosleeper and some sheets for it. We spent hours last night looking at nursery decals on etsy and didn't end up choosing any, but it was fun. We may see what Target has in stock, since we have so many gift cards still to use there. We found some cordless blinds there, which dh will install today, but they only had two that would fit our br windows, where the baby will be in the beginning, so we need to investigate further, but at least it's a start (nursery and front of the house windows are larger). I need to finalize the birth plan, pack the hospital bag, and decide which nursing supplies I need now; and dh has to remove the odds and ends from the nursery/guest room and fix the caulking the the guest bathroom. 



Have a wonderful week, everyone!

iixivboots's Avatar iixivboots 04:33 PM 07-16-2012

Bel, hug2.gif for you and those twinsies! I am glad they are doing well and I love that sister is the fiesty one, hope the little guy is doing better. I also wish you a speedy recovery from your section, it sounds like it was overwhelming. I am so glad you posted and let us know you guys are doing well and I'm glad to hear you have some help going on!


pitch, so glad to see you here looking adorable and prego, and I know some of the ladies due later in the year are glad to have more company! I hope you enjoyed your trip. Usually in the summer we do drive up to Northern AZ to get relief from the heat once every few weekends but we haven't done that at all this year because just the heat of being in the car and then the destinations up there are still over 100, what's the point? hehe.


lilac and andaluza, thanks for posting the update about Dandy and her little guy.


Lily, I am glad you enjoyed your shower but I totally get you about this funk. I don't think I've been having contractions quite as intense as yours but I have had a few. You made me laugh in our DDC about the prenatals the "meh" stage of pregnancy, I feel you! I'm sorry about the stall with your book manuscript. Hope you found something to do today besides admin work :) Actually my ankles haven't been very swollen YET but I can only imagine when I'm on my feet all day AND having to walk in between buildings all day in 109 weather at 37/38 weeks. My hands do swell at the drop of a hat or a few degrees temp rise, though. Ugh.


Erica, gorgeous shower pics! You just look happy as a clam. :) I am sooo lazy and I haven't gotten ours off the camera yet. I keep thinking I will take nursery pics and then upload them both, ha.


scowgirl, yay on being done with work and getting closer to getting your nursery done. I bet those are both a huge relief. Your attitude seems great, though. I am wishing you some good labor

vibes for whenever you want them most. :)


andaluza, that is good news about DHs work schedule. I am so weirded out by not being able to/wanting to participate in all the beginning of the school year fuss...Glad you guys found some blinds and are having fun looking at nursery stuff. :) Also glad you're still feeling good, That low pelvic pressure is so weird, it hits from nowhere and then I have to go squeeze out whatever drops of pee have accumulated in my bladder from the last time I went 3 minutes ago. Ha.


AFM, last Friday I finally started the dialogue with my doctor about my due date confusion and concerns about induction, etc. We also had the new U/S measurements to talk about. She did admit that she couldn't really figure out where we got the date 8/6, it looks to be just how he was measuring at the 28 week U/S, so not accurate. I am going to bring her my early U/S, which dates the pregnancy more like an 8/13 due date. That said, I am still planning on turning in my maternity leave for 8/6, but I don't feel confident about any of this. Honestly I'm getting sort of depressed about it. I told my doc my biggest fear with induction is of a C-section, and she told me the numbers are pretty much the same for induction c-sections and big baby c-sections. I feel weird and guilty about thinking about inducing "early," but I also have a nightmare that I'll go to 8/23 and still end up with a c-section, and very little time for baby and recovery before I have to go back to work. I kind of feel like I'm having body confidence issues, just that my body will never go into labor on its own and if it does it won't actually progress normally. And since we don't have a really accurate due date, I don't know how to make these calls or what to expect. If my little guy would just decide to come a bit early, all of this would be a moot point, but I know the stats for first-time moms.



Oh yeah and as a break from my pity party I saw on another thread that Tear78 is pregnant again, quickly this time after dealing with infertility before her daughter was born! Congrats, mama!

Tear78's Avatar Tear78 06:59 PM 07-16-2012
Thanks, bootsvalentine! blowkiss.gif We're super happy and super nervous and trying to take one day at a time. We have an ultrasound scheduled for 7/30 (our anniversary) which would be just shy of 7 weeks, so hopefully we'll see good news then.

I'm sorry you're having due date troubles. I know the feeling of not feeling confident that your body will do what you want it to do: I had the feeling during our infertility journey. I hope your LO comes when its ready and your body rocks! goodvibes.gif
Calycanth's Avatar Calycanth 04:08 AM 07-17-2012

Oh Tear, that is wonderful! Congratulations!


BEL! I am so glad to hear from you, and so happy the twins are doing well!


To all of you lovely ladies who are nearing the end: Hang in there! Rest up, see movies, take long showers or baths.


Things are going pretty well here. We have a lot of help right now (my MIL and one of my friends from grad school are both in town for a week), which makes a big difference. Breastfeeding is slowly but surely getting easier. Cara gets a decent latch about 50% of the time now. My nipples are still killing me, but at least they're not bleeding anymore. DH and I are taking shifts with the baby at night, so we both get a good 4-5 hours of sleep a day, which isn't enough, but is still an improvement. He's going back to Alaska in a couple of weeks. I have no idea how I'm going to cope without him.


Cara had a f/up appointment with her pediatrician yesterday and is doing great. She's now half a pound over her birth weight and very alert and interactive. I can't believe how quickly she's changing. She's 18 days old and already looks so different. Her adorable little newborn cry ( which sounded like "luh, luh, luh!" - DH said she must be French) has given way to a full-fledged baby wail. I wish we'd gotten that sweet little cry on video. Oh, and she smiles! It's so cool! love.gif

2sweetsparrows's Avatar 2sweetsparrows 11:33 AM 07-17-2012

Bel- great to hear from you, so happy to hear that the twins are doing well, I am sending very healthy vibes to your little guy!  


Tear78- CONGRATS on the pregnancy joy.gifgoodvibes.gif sticky vibes all the way.  I am hoping for a similar progression, trying at 8 months- 1 year after my ert is born.  I hope your anniversary/appointment go amazingly!


Boots- I share in a few of your worries- I am sorry you are feeling depressed about them.  They seem far off and I am trying to just chill about what is to come- but my Dr. said I am "big".  Well I am not gaining a lot of weight- but my funle height is gaining gerth.  My dh was 11lbs so if little ert takes after his dada, I may have some things to think about- I am having the same- big baby/induction c-section worries.  I am also doing the "PUHLEASE come early dance" if he just came a few weeks early naturally that would be just great.  so to work on the juju of it all I am going to try to get everything ready for him and pretend he will be two weeks early (which probably won't work) he h eh e.  They are going to do a check for his size in my next appointment July 24th.   There is a 20% error rathe though.  She also explained that they will not induce before 39 weeks.  I will not plane a c-section either.  


Erica- lovely baby shower!!!!  You do look so happy and LOVED luxlove.gif


Lily- Congrats on being "full term"!!!  I have the same goal, I want to get everything in place at least one month to 3 weeks before he arrives- I want to have food preped- a cleaner come in weekly, his room ready, baby supplies and my bag packed, so I can read, walk and relax before his arrival.  NOW- how realistic this is is another story.  I to am on Operation Selfish Time- I hope your goes off without a hitch.  


CALY & CAcountrygirl- hope your first weeks with your beautiful babies are going well and you are getting rest.


AFM- things are really ramping up here.  I am 30 weeks, one shower down one to go.  We start out Bradly Method birthing class this Thursday, I am going to prenatal yoga weekly- I want to get there 3x weekly ??? I want to start weekly prenatal massage, then acupuncture at 37 weeks.  I started attending a "birthing mothers" support group/circle on Mondays.  I need to schedule a few appointments with my doula and I am on a roll to get this baby here!!!  I guess I will read about birth for a few more weeks then switch to baby care... wow I cannot believe we are all progressing so quickly! My mom has her 5 one ways that she bought for flexibility, so as my Dr. looks at things we will decide when she should jump on the plane and she will cancel the rest for credit.  My 5 year anniversary is late this month so I am going to plan a get away in leu of the Hawaii trip I decided we should not go on.  I am feeling peacefully in shock... wow!  Home depot today for paint for erts room, I am following suit to a few mamas here and going with a grey, I know super exciting but I want it to be gender neutral so if the next baby is a girl she won't have all boy themed things.  YOU all were right- for the shower it was mostly clothes and blankets- ALL boy themed- if I have a girl next she will be mistaken for a boy lots- which I do not care about at all it is just funny how people buy gifts.  I am going to keep everything I got though.  - brasos hug2.gif

CA Country Girl's Avatar CA Country Girl 12:40 PM 07-17-2012

Hi Ladies- We are doing well here.  My little Junie is two weeks old today.  She is sleeping and eating good, but doesn't want to be put down for very long at all.  We have a appointment with the pediatrician on Thursday and I will tell you how much she has grown. My in-laws are coming today.  I really hope they help out rather than make more work for me, especially since DH goes back to work tomorrow.  Funny side note- we were so busy with the new baby, we both forgot our 7th anniversary last week.  I guess we can be forgiven, since we had a brand new baby, but I am glad we both forgot.

Sorry no personals.  I will check in again soon.

ericaf's Avatar ericaf 11:16 AM 07-19-2012

Thanks guys! It was a great shower, I got lots of awesomeness and it was soooooooooo nice to see all my friends and family. Our house is a disasterrrr area of gifts though. I've been trying to go through everything, but it's super overwhelming. We have a small lake house with very limited closet space, so I'm having a tough time. And of course we got 10 zillion different little bitty newborn outfits that I know I'm not going to use, so I kinda don't know what to do with them. I wanted to just wash everything and put it all away, but everyone seems to tell me to not do that. But I don't have gift receipts or know where any of it is from, so they're all just kind of sitting on my couch now. Haha. Besides that, all is well. I'm definitely getting way more tired, and it's getting harder and harder to lug around this sweet little girl (who is now supposedly 5 lbs and I've been measuring a week ahead for the past 2 Dr's visits). I had my Group Strep test on Monday, which I didn't even know I was getting then, anddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd didn't someone tell me here that it was an oral swab??? Mine was not! It was a vaginal swab. Gah. I just wasn't prepared for it, so I probably acted like a 2 year old. Sheepish.gif What else. Oh. I had a visit from a giant bat last night. I was sleeping and around 3 am, I thought I heard a mouse in the wall... nopeeeeeeeeee, a freakin bat. I was screaming bloody murder. I'm surprised all of you didn't hear my screams. My bedroom door was closed so it was flying over my head along the ceiling. Scary little buggers. My hubs was sleeping upstairs and pretty much fell down the steps thinking I was dying or bleeding out, and I'm yelling "I'm okay, but there is a bat!" over and over. Well, what he heard was "It's bad, it's bad!". Lol. He managed to catch the little dude in a towel in the hamper and threw him outside and he flew away. I'm seriously surprised I didn't scream myself into labor. I just kept thinking this thing could have rabies. Lol. I could care less about mice and rodents, and all that... but bats? Oh hell no. duck.gif


So I put together the stroller and car seat last night (yeah, I'm the technical one in the house... my hubs? Not so much). My dogs were terrified of the stroller at first, then they came around and I plopped my little guy in it for a photo op. They crack me up.



Oh. And if you can see on my chair in the background... those little pink snowsuit thingies for the winter? Yeah. I got five of them. FIVE. bigeyes.gif

LilyTiger's Avatar LilyTiger 12:23 PM 07-19-2012

Erica, we are in exactly the same position.  Way too many clothes.  But I washed everything and put it away anyway.  I know I'm not going to be running around returning stuff and if worse comes to worse, you can give it to a friend or a consignment shop after she's officially outgrown everything.  I don't really understand the whole "you'll want to return what you can't use" philosophy because I barely manage to return clothes I buy myself when they don't fit, so I don't see doing it in a postnatal haze.  That being said, we got TWO shopping cart covers, so the one with the receipt is definitely going back.  Not sure what I'll do with the other.  I can't even remember to put my reusable grocery bags in the car when I go shopping, let alone remember a shopping cart cover for the baby.  shrug.gif


CACountry, we almost forgot our anniversary too!  We managed to pull together a last minute babymoon/anniversary trip to the Finger Lakes and DH bought me a spa day, which was really really sweet.  Now I have beautifully painted toes on my grossly distended ankles.  I also got a prenatal massage, which was heavenly. 

andaluza's Avatar andaluza 12:36 PM 07-19-2012

Hi ladies!


Boots,  I'm glad that you could discuss the dd isue with your doc and clear it up. I am sure the induction option will be fine as long as you are comfortable with it. I have to admit watching Pregnant in heels blush.gif the other night and Rosie Pope had an induction because of the size and it didn't look bad, although of course it's "reality" tv. 


Congratulations, Tear! Wishing you all the best!


Caly, so wonderful to hear about Cara and how she's doing. Sorry about the bf issues. I am terrified of bleeding nipples, but I am sure that I will just deal with it, hopefully as gracefully as you. 


Sparrows, hope the Bradley class goes well! I can't believe our birthing classes were back in May. Sounds like everything is coming together really well for you! 


CaCountry, great to hear your update! Happy Anniversary and I hope the in-laws are laid back and helpful. 


Erica, as for the gifts without receipts, if they were on your registry, we were able to exchange them for store credit at Babies-r-us. Also, we got 3 toy bars for the car seat/stroller and discovered that at Walmart, you can return things (within reason) without receipts, as long as the item is listed as something they stock. My husband was a little mortified about that because one of the ones someone gave us was in the package but didn't look new (the woman's daughter had a baby last year and I suspect maybe extras/leftovers?) but the manager didn't blink and we got a gift card we used to buy the sheets for our cosleeper! So there are some options. 


AFM, had my second visit with my new ob today. My gbs was negative, so that is good news! My weight was stable from last visit (when it had jumped 3 lbs from the previous doc scale) and what I was unhappy about was my bp, higher than last time. Usually it's low, but last week it was higher (still in normal range but high for me), and this week it was even higher, although the doc was not concerned. I am going to try to do some meditation or something before the next visit to see if it's any better. I am not sure if it has to do with my stress about this change, even though I am comfortable with the new ob. Just hoping it doesn't keep rising to any level that would be dangerous.


In other news, feeling a bit more prepared here. I won a pregnancy photo shoot at a maternity expo and we're doing it bright and early Sat morning. Just a short session, but I'm excited. This is not normally something I would do, but it should be fun!


ETA, I meant to send a shout-out to scowgirl! I hope you're doing well and perhaps already with baby!?

CA Country Girl's Avatar CA Country Girl 04:53 PM 07-19-2012

Scowgirl- hoping to hear a baby update soon!

Caly- so glad you and Cara are doing well!  They do change so fast, don't they.  And I LOVE the smiles.

Sparrows- Congratulations on 30 weeks!  Here comes the countdown to the big day.  I whole-heartedly support the prenatal massage and acupuncture- they were both awesome for me.  I think you can do "birth prep" acupuncture starting about 34-35 weeks if you want.  There are just points they don't hit until after 37.  I also did yoga (but just once a week); it really helped with some of the aches of the end of pregnancy and the anxiety.

Erica-It looks like your fur babies are making themselves at home.  Our dogs are awesome with the baby.  My old hound dog is a total nanny dog (this is her 2nd baby too).

Lily- My DD has worn nothing but t-shirts and diapers since she was born.  It is too hot for all the cute little outfits.  I only started the t-shirts because she was getting heat rash from sticking to me and herself.  I don't know how hot it will be where you are in Aug, but I am afraid most of my new born clothes may get no use at all.  And your comment about the shopping bags cracked me up.  I am the same way.

Andaluza-hug2.gifI worried about rising BP for the last 6 weeks too!  A slight rise is normal- think about it- all that extra weight and fluid.  Hope it stays ok for you.




Our LO is up to 8lbs1oz!  She has gained back her birth weight (7'10) plus almost half a pound.  I am very happy since, she lost the max "allowable" 10% of her birth weight first.  I guess all the crazy, frequent nursing is having the desired affect.  The in-laws took my older DD to the SF zoo today and baby and I got to the grocery store and the bank, so I feel very accomplished.

ericaf's Avatar ericaf 08:25 AM 07-20-2012

Group Strep negative. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!! energy.gif Lol. I'm getting closer and closer to my desire to have a NUCB at the hospital I want without a dang IV and constant monitoring. Yesssss! My Dr. had given me all these stipulations to overcome to get what I want, and so far so good. Only thing left it to make it to 37 weeks. Only 2 more weeks!!! If I didn't go to 37 weeks, she would want me to deliver at the hospital I don't really want to go to because they have a better NICU. Blah blah blah. I hear nothing except for what I want to do! Lol.


CA Country: Glad to hear your dogs love the bebe. I'm praying mine do too. My little dog, Beef, is literally glued to my hip. He never leaves my side. (Actually, I'm sitting at my desk at work right now... and he's sleeping on the desk next to me in his bed. Lol) So I'm hoping he doesn't get super jealous. I don't think he will, but who knows. When I was holding my cousins 10 weeks old the other night on her couch, he jumped up on me... sniffed the baby... and layed down next to me like normal. I think the crying and noises of the baby will definitely throw them off though. And you know... I had no idea there was a "limit" to how much weight they could lose after birth. Don't these Doc's realize the kids may be just a BIT tired from their journey and want to sleep more than eat? Lol.


andaluza: I made one trip to BRU (Babies R Us) the day after my shower to return things (all was on my registry) and had no problem. The rest of what was left, I didn't know about. So I went through everythingggg last night and got together a ton of stuff that I don't need/want and actually added them to my registry so I could return them today. Hopefully this works because there are still a bunch of things I actually need off my registry, so hopefully I can get all that with my returns! I'm still in shock with the amount of itty bitty clothing I got. She couldn't possible ever even wear all of it. Seriously. And yeyyyy for you on your negative group strep too! I was soooooooo excited when they told me that. Lol. And that's so awesome that you won that photography package. Super super awesome. My Mom's best friend actually bought us a newborn photography package in our home when Miss Ruby comes. I already scheduled it and I'm like BEYOND excited. The lady is super nice and I love all her pics. Very natural and just beautiful. She made me laugh cause she has a "don't wear/do" list and the first thing is "big white sneakers" or "anything matchy matchy". Lol. I love her. Best of luck with your photos!


Lily: Soooooooooo, I basically just followed what you said last night. I spent 3 hours going through everything. I made a small bag of things I don't want (and have no idea where they're from) and can give away, and then put a few things hanging up in the closet that were 12 months that I know she ain't wearing anytime soon... and the rest? I took the tags off and washed. I actually feel so much better now that they aren't laying all over my living room. My husband is ever more anal than I am and was like panicking about the amount of "shit" in the house.


boots: How are you doing Miss? I was just rereading your last post about due dates. And while I'm not in the exact same boat, I feel for you. I've been measuring a week ahead which makes my due date 8/23 instead of 8/30 and I want to take 2 weeks off before the baby comes, but it's so hard to plan anything! How the hell am I supposed to know when she'll come? Yeah, I'm measuring a week ahead but like you said... I know the statistics on FTM's. Do you have a gut feeling either way? For someeeeeeeeeee reason, I just feel like this kid is coming sometime in the 20's of August. I don't know why. I just do. Just try to trust your body as much as possible. Even if it throws off your planning desires (and how could it not?! We're women. We like to plan and have things orderly. And on a side note there... I feel like that's a really good sign that this stuff is worrying you and clogging up your brain. We're supa nesting! Means we're reallyyyy close!)


Caly: Just reading the sentence about Cara's smiles makes my heart melt. LOVE.

iixivboots's Avatar iixivboots 05:41 PM 07-20-2012

Andaluza, I think I said it already but I'm glad this new OB is working out. How cool about the maternity photo shoot. Hope you share a shot or two with us. Have fun! Thanks for the thoughts about induction and due dates, more about that later.


Lily, when was your anniversary? Our 6 year wedding anniversary is 7/29. That's the Sunday after my first two days back at work, and so close to baby I think I will have trouble remembering! You are cracking me up with your breast pump indecision not because it's funny, but because I'm glad someone is as crazy as I am about some of this "baby stuff" crap. I seriously had a nightmare that had amazon reviews in it a few months ago.


Sparrows, same here they won't induce before 39 weeks. My fundal height is just measuring a week ahead but geez, if that U/S was right HB is nearing 8 lbs already. I just have this feeling this kid is not going to volunteer to leave before 40++ weeks. I am trying to learn as much as I can about induction and not get hung up on it if it has to happen.


CACoGirl, glad to hear Juniper is doing well! Are her eyes actually brown yet? I love dark-eyed babies! :)


Erica, thanks for the shoutout! I am doing okay, I will elaborate on some of this stuff but I at least have come to peace with my maternity leave decision. The paperwork is in at district and in to the insurance company for short term disability, no going back, I'm set for my last day at work being 8/3. (Uh, first day will be next Thursday, so I'll work 7 days of the new school year). Yay for group B strep negative, me too! Just found out today. There is just no way to know what is best, I think. I just keep thinking about my dad who is a wise old patriarch (ha)  and he says you just can't second guess yourself! It takes me a long time to get there but I think I have more important things to worry about now than when to take leave.


scowgirl, we are all thinking of you! I noticed she is MIA from her due date club, too. Hoping all is well! (Yes, I stalk other DDCs, I keep thinking we August mamas can't have our babies until all the July ones are finished, silly I know ;)



AFM, SO I have what I consider a final word on my due date. It's now 8/9. I took in two of my earliest ultrasounds and they both confirmed it, that's my LMP due date, and I am not quibbling over a few days, I was worried about a whole week difference. By our math, those U/S would be 8/13 but doc had a little wheel thing and I don't think we were counting it quite like the medical standard. So anyway, I actually feel good about this, my maternity leave starts 8/6 (That's the Monday I won't be reporting to work).

Also, cervical check today (OUCH) and a fingertip dilated, maybe 10% effaced being generous. She told me FTMs usually efface before they dilate so there's a long way to go, but I was happy with a fingertip at 37 weeks! ;) Even though the checks hurt (maybe because I'm not effaced, maybe because of my tilted uterus my friend said?) I will keep getting them because since induction has been mentioned I know it would be much more likely to succeed on a favorable cervix and I want that info. I was crampy and had some watery pink/brown spotting after the check.

I have also pretty much decided if I am induced, I am definitely getting an epidural, and if I go into labor naturally I will wait and see but I am feeling better about making that decision.

Funny, I scheduled my 39 week appointment during this big kickoff meeting that we have at the high school every year, it would involve riding a school bus to the high school and sitting in auditorium seats for two hours. No thanks, I'll be at the doctor, sorry!  :)

2sweetsparrows's Avatar 2sweetsparrows 07:47 PM 07-20-2012

Boots- Good for you for making those decisions, really to the point the eventually have to be made and if you have a plan, you can get used to thinking and the feeling that come up.  Our anniversary is 7/28- 5 year though.  


ALL three Strep Negative- yay a no 4 hour IV- one LESS thing to worry about- right?!?


CA Country girl- it has been hot here no?  Ahhh, it is supposed to be in the mid 90's this weekend- erg- I can see why your baby has only worn dipies and t's I have been wearing a jersey skirt as a dress with no unders orngtongue.gif because of the heat.  I will do the acupuncture, not sure when I will start but I hope it helps in the whole getting ready for labor thing!  Hope you and you family enjoy the weekend!


Caly- how it going with you and space girl?  


scowgirl- Any baby news yet?  Good luck with what comes your way- can't wait to hear!


Andaluza-  yay for the first pregnancy photo- I agree with your photographers advise- that will be really fun.  I am going to drag out my nice camera from my photography days in Art school and take some arty pics of myself even though I don't want to so this little guy can see his mama when I was his house ha ha ha.  I just need to do it- probably better sooner than later before I look like a house.  A few years ago my mom and I were at this knotting store and there were the cutest patterns for these little striped suits, she bought the pattern and is knitting one for ert- I want to do his first photo shoot in that- I just love it.


Lily- Happy anniversary, hoping to do the same- and on little fun vacays- there really is not much for a pregnant gal to do but spa and stroll- I am planning a weekend in Monterey dh will fish and bike- we may hike- a bit and I may get some pampering.  It will be our last before our lovely son arrives <3 I think it is great to do those last weekends together to just be together before all of the changes.  Oh I got 2 boppy pillows- I actually bought one new on crags list from a woman who got two- then my moms friend thought I must have never heard of them so she bought me one- and I have another- with no recipt, you can use them for laying on the floor and whatnot so I will keep both, maybe I will keep one in the living room and one in my bedroom?!?  there is a reason for a registry, don't want to be ungrateful though.


Erica- Crazy Bat story!!  I have to do the big clothes organization too- guess loose the tags- wash and organize by size.  I know I will need a few more things like socks and a few newborn handmits, but not much I have enough onuses to last the year, not to get them all organized ugh!  


AFM- started the Bradley method class- I do like it- it is a bit hardcore though It was acutely pointed out to me what I have NOT been doing correctly in my pregnancy- meer, I thought- rest, low stress and good nutrition was a great start as well as bonding with my little guy, OH NO- were talkin 50-100 kegals a DAY, 1 hour walk- A DAY, and like 8 other exercises to do- you guessed it EVERY DAY, now really I am an adult and can decide that I so not want to or need to do something, however now I have a whole new GUILT about not doing certain things- and they involve your partner to "strongly encourage" you to do the RIGHT thing.  Well, I have never been one that likes being told what to do about my health, my body, or really anything else for that matter so this will be interesting, I do want to try to do more but I really cannot overburden myself with all of these things- I like the class otherwise- and again there are 3 boys due and one girl- seems like I keep coming across all the boy's mamas.


On another note I am back going stuff crazy- I am trying to knock everything off my list I really want to do this by mid next week- my "8 weeks left" date so I will have time to organize and get things.  

LilyTiger's Avatar LilyTiger 08:30 PM 07-21-2012

Boots, glad I could amuse you with my ridiculousness.  I haven't yet had a nightmare about Amazon reviews, but I swear one is coming.  I usually just do whatever Consumer Reports tells me to, but in this case I couldn't find a product recommendation.  Thus, I am at a loss.  In other news, our anniversary was 7/17.  Funny how many of us have July anniversaries.  Also, good news on the mucus plug (from our DDC thread).  It sounds like it and while I know it doesn't mean much, it's a sign that things are moving, however slowly.  (Also, nice job on the strategic scheduling!  Doctor's appointments are always an awesome excuse to dodge horrible work commitments).


Erica, I'm strep B negative too! (and the other ladies who just found out!)  Congrats!  It was a huge relief off my mind.  It seems like a pretty minor thing, but I really don't want a hep lock put in at all, so this gets me closer to fulfilling that part of my labor plan.  And I'm glad you got stuff cleaned up.  For me it was just so overwhelming sitting in boxes that I just had to get it washed and put away, come hell or high water.  DH still has a list a mile long and is showing no sign whatsoever that he's inclined to attack it.  I'm getting a little irritated, since my nesting monster wants everything finished.  (Also, I totally have a pic of our little dog in the bassinet.  I'll have to upload it soon.  Hilarious!)


CA Country Girl, one of the unexpected benefits of not finding out the gender is that we didn't get any cutesy "outfits" per se.  We got mostly little green or yellow onesies.  A few long sleeved sleepers and so on, but mostly in the larger sizes.  So I think we can pretty much leave this kid in basic short sleeve onesies and diapers and still use most of our stuff.  I hope.  Since it will be HOT here for at least most of August, we definitely wouldn't get any use out of little outfits of any kind, so it's good we didn't get any.


Caly, great news on the bfing front.  I've heard it's a lot more challenging than people suspect.  I have to read the Ina May book sometime soon to prep myself a bit.  And love the smiles!  So exciting.  Sorry you'll be losing DH on a trip soon.  :(  That sucks.  Hopefully you'll have lots of support while he's gone?


SweetSparrows, I hear you on the double boppys.  I actually got two as well, one a hand me down and the other a new one.  I'm going to leave one at my office because I'll be taking the kid there from time to time once I start up work again, and it would be nice to have somewhere to nurse.  Do you have any place (office, relative's house, etc.?) that you could leave the second one just for convenience?  You might even consider leaving it in the car, since I know a lot of women who do a pre-grocery or pre-outing nurse in the car, so I imagine an extra boppy could come in handy there.  And I totally agree with you about the Bradley stuff.  I pretty much took what I wanted from it and ignored the rest.  I do Kegels occasionally, but I squat a ton and have pretty good pelvic floor strength, so I don't feel the need to kegel a thousand times a day.  I do pelvic rocks a few times a week and do the stretches and positioning like the polar bear after my workouts (so maybe three or four times a week), but I'm hardly the Bradley A student.  I went into it mostly for the information and to mentally prep myself.  The positioning stuff will be helpful if I need it, but I'm not freaking out about not doing that stuff religiously.  You'll figure out what works for you.


AFM, we just got back from a really nice dinner with three of the couples from our Bradley class.  It was a riot.  We had a great time and when we got up to leave the entire restaurant was completely awed by the sight of four 9 months preggos waddling away.  Almost all of us ordered wine too, so we felt sort of subversive.  It was a great night overall.  Operation Selfish Time seems to be going into effect more successfully than anticipated.  I finished most of my administrative work last week, so I have some mild cleaning up to do and I'm done with that part of my job for the summer.  And I came to the realization that sometimes knowing when to stop writing is as important as continuing to write, so my final chapter of the book is almost done as well.  I'm hoping one last spurt this week will finish it off.  Other than insane irritation that DH does not seem to be taking his to-do list seriously, I'm in pretty good spirits and other than massive cankles and spider veins, I'm feeling pretty good physically.  I just really hope DH gets his butt in gear this week, since I may kill him if he doesn't.  And that wouldn't be good for any of us.  I also had a great day making cloth wipes, some fitted diapers, some soakers, and wet bags with my MIL.  Unfortunately, we ran out of time, so she's going to finish the sewing.  Since the nesting monster MUST HAVE THINGS DONE NOW I am now struggling to relinquish control and accept that I have no idea when she'll actually finish any of it.  Sigh.  Nesting monster needs to go eat something and go to bed.


(ETA: Whoa!  Sorry about the massive post!  Crazy pregnant something over here.... )

scowgirl's Avatar scowgirl 04:23 PM 07-22-2012

Sorry for the drive-by posting... I haven't found much internet time the last week or so. :) I wanted to let everyone know that our daughter Evelyn Linnea was born on Monday, July 16 at 10:30 a.m. 8 lb 0 oz, 21" long, and healthy! I wrote up a (warning: really long) birth story in the July DDC if anyone is interested. I hope everyone is well and will return soon to get updates on all of you!

2sweetsparrows's Avatar 2sweetsparrows 04:33 PM 07-22-2012

SCOWGIRL- CONGRATULATIONS!!!  blowkiss.gifstillheart.gifblowkiss.gif  Welcome baby Evelyn!!!


Lily- I am nesting like crazy and cannot seem to get enough done ahhh- and the post length- I post long post too- it is fine I love reading them!!

CA Country Girl's Avatar CA Country Girl 04:40 PM 07-22-2012

Congratulations Scowgirl!  The 16th is my DH's birthday.  Welcome Evelyn.

CA Country Girl's Avatar CA Country Girl 04:52 PM 07-22-2012

And great birth story- good job mommy and yeah for little girls with tons of dark

iixivboots's Avatar iixivboots 12:43 AM 07-23-2012

Congrats Scowgirl! Loved your birth story. Front page updated, and wow, team pink is really catching up. We are at 7 girls, 9 boys now. Andaluza and I are going to bring that to 11 boys, but Lily could go either way! :)

andaluza's Avatar andaluza 09:44 AM 07-23-2012
Congratulations scowgirl!! And welcome Evelyn. Thank you for sharing your birth story! I learn so much from them. Enjoy your baby!
LilyTiger's Avatar LilyTiger 10:32 AM 07-23-2012

Congrats scowgirl!  Keep us updated on all the baby-loving.  Can't wait to hear how things are going!

iixivboots's Avatar iixivboots 05:15 PM 07-23-2012

Here are our nursery pics, finally! Same paint color as Lily's! We are super happy with it. 


















Also, a bonus pic of us at our shower (sadly backlit). I'm kind of sad the awesomeness of our shower wasn't well captured on film, there were children's books everywhere, bookmarks, it was at a library, etc. But we had a great time and we are so grateful to my friend for flying out and helping set the entire thing up (because huz kind of dropped the ball but I am NOT going to go there. :)



tank's Avatar tank 05:37 PM 07-23-2012

what an adorable couple you two are boots!!!  love love love the nursery.  cute little veggie stuffies.

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