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Brittany Nicole's Avatar Brittany Nicole 05:01 PM 07-04-2012

I am 16 weeks pregnant today and no matter how hard i try i cannot shake my fear that something will go wrong and I will lose the baby. I have had an u/s at 9weeks 6 days and my baby had a strong heartbeat and you could even see him/her squirming around. At 12 weeks I had my doctor check for a heartbeat with the doppler because i was so scared that something would go wrong. After telling me not to worry if she couldn't find a heartbeat that it could be hard to find without an ultrasound with how far along i was she found the heartbeat and it was still very strong. I was told that my uterus is the right size and that everything is going normally so far. I go back next week and i am still afraid that i might lose the baby. Am i worrying too much?? Is it time for me to just relax and enjoy this pregnancy? Me and my s/o are so excited since this is our first pregnancy and we would both be devastated if something went wrong. I know being stressed out isn't good for the pregnancy but i just can't seem to make myself relaxredface.gif.

cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 12:48 PM 07-05-2012

Welcome to Mothering, Brittany. 


My advice would be to relax and not worry. So far all is well so enjoy the fact that you are pregnant belly.gif. Take good care of yourself. Maybe go out and buy a sweet little newborn gown. That might help you relax a bit. :)

margarita b's Avatar margarita b 02:51 PM 07-05-2012

This is really normal. :)


I usually worry about my babies, even though I totally have faith in normal pregnancy and birth. Now, mother's intuition is very important, and I wouldn't want to discount that, but it's far more common for women to worry themselves sick that something is wrong than for them to be right about it. I'm sure this is partly why ultrasound and c-section rates are so high! I was convinced something was dreadfully wrong during my 2nd pregnancy, and I went for an u/s to see what was going on even though I'm usually against that sort of procedure.


Just wait until your perfect little baby is safely born, and then see how often you worry that he/she isn't breathing. BT, DT. Wait 16 years, and then you can worry about it's driving, and all that other growing-up stuff! Congratulations!

Brittany Nicole's Avatar Brittany Nicole 07:32 PM 07-05-2012

Thank you for the replies. I am trying to relax and just enjoy the pregnancy.. I am so very excited energy.gif

kawa kamuri's Avatar kawa kamuri 12:22 PM 07-07-2012

You worry about them for their whole lives but you also have to find a balance as a mother and let some of the worry go. 

bri276's Avatar bri276 11:03 AM 07-08-2012
I get extremely anxious during pregnancy and convinced myself that I would have miscarriages, preemies, stillbirths, etc. then SIDS, etc. after the baby is born! I have atually had several miscarriages because of a genetic condition so that didn't help, but even when all tests were normal I felt no better. I'm sure it was the hormones. Try to remind yourself that the feeling doesn't mean anything, it's just a feeling and has no control over reality.
Brittany Nicole's Avatar Brittany Nicole 12:54 PM 07-13-2012

Went to the Doctor a few days ago. I got to hear the heartbeat again and my doctor seemed pretty happy. We get to go back in four weeks to find out what we're having! My mother in law is convinced that it is a boy since the heartbeat was at 150..we'll just have to see.innocent.gif

kparker's Avatar kparker 12:13 AM 07-14-2012

Yeah this is normal. I felt like this way too much in my first trimester - then in order to survive and not kill myself with worry, I disconnected. So I'm not so worried about problems anymore, but I'm not really excited about the kid, either :( Don't do that, but do try to not worry so much. :)

AnnaR's Avatar AnnaR 09:37 AM 07-15-2012

I am a worrywart by nature like you, and sometimes I take it to the extremes.  My husband told me to stop reading forums because I could worry myself sick (don't even read my posts, or do and see the silly things I worry about).  My midwife told me to just relax because this is what parenting is.  Are you healthy?  Have you had any reasons to think that there would be something wrong?  You're already past the 12 week timeframe where things could potentially "go wrong", so enjoy your pregnancy. 

BroodyWoodsgal's Avatar BroodyWoodsgal 01:54 PM 07-18-2012

Oh enjoy, honey...just sit back and relax as best you can. Motherhood is fraught with anxiety of various sorts, no time like the present to start working on ways to cope with worry!

Congratulations...boy or girl, you will LOVE being a mama. <3<3<3<3

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