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icy02's Avatar icy02 07:48 PM 08-10-2012

I'm definitely want to take either the Birth Prep Formula or the Gentle Birth Formula starting at 34 weeks as directed.  I've been drinking RRL tea since 20 weeks.  I make my RRL strong, letting it sit overnight before straining it and putting it in the fridge.  The only difference I've seen between the two is that the Gentle Birth claims to decrease the labor pains (which is a huge plus)! 


What do you think? Did you take either of these and what was your results? 

oliversmommy329's Avatar oliversmommy329 09:41 PM 08-10-2012

I took Gentle Birth for about two weeks prior to my birth (Had DS early at 36.6) and I have no idea if it really works but I did not have a single painful BH and only had a four hour labor. My contractions started out at 3 minutes apart for a minute and a half. They were painful, but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I did not scream once and there was never a point where I felt like I couldn't do it or like the pain was out of control. I pushed the baby out in 15 minutes. I will be taking it again with the next baby.


My sister in law also took Gentle Birth. She had an 8 hour labor. It would have been faster but her DD was born with her hand above her head so she had to push for over 2 hours. She also did not scream and never felt out of control.


It might be the Gentle Birth, it might not...But I think 4 hours and 8 hours is pretty good for FTM's!

josie423's Avatar josie423 08:51 AM 08-11-2012

I used Gentle Birth with my first, nothing with my second, and Birth Prep with my third and fourth. My first three labors were 12 hours and my fourth was 8. My second labor was my absolute hardest, and that was my longest pregnancy as well. My third and fourth labors were so much easier than my first two. I did have a lot of pre-labor with them in the weeks leading up to birth. My fourth pregnancy was the first one in which I started receiving chiropractic care and I think that, in addition to the herbs, made a huge difference in the length and (lack of) difficulty in my labor. Based on my experience, I will continue using Birth Prep. I can't ignore how much better my labors were when I used it as opposed to when I used GB or no herbs. Hth!