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I'm 36 weeks pregnant with a little girl,and didn't find out I was pregnant until 4 months into my pregnancy. My husband and I [well he was my boyfriend at the time] tried for over 6 months and was unable to conceive and thought that we wasn't going to be able too or would need too get help in doing so. However once we decided to leave things as it was, I found out I was pregnant four months, I did even start showing until 7 months, I was 98 pounds starting out in the pregnancy. We wasn't shore why we didn't realize the pregnancy sooner.


Well during my first ultra sound they thought I was only two months and found what they called a 'Septum'. So I had to undergo a series of tests to figure out what it was, finally they found out that my uterus was heart shaped and also tilted back. HOWEVER I was alittle too trusting and didn't look into it further, I just went by what my Doctor would tell me.


What I was told was the baby wouldn't have very much room too grow, and that he wanted to keep sonograms running too make shore she was developing correctly,which they did,I had a sonogram with every appointment [got lots of pictures], they had trouble finding the gender cause the baby wouldn't move to a position that they was able too look, until just recently actually. However HE informed me that the baby wasn't going too get over 4 pounds or She shouldn't be over,I was also told that the baby would be perfectly healthy despite how small she would be. I was on baby gaga and posted  a question about being induced for Labor [by my own request] due too the fact of being worried about going into labor while my husband is at work, as the conversation progressed I learned many things my Doctor never informed me of, like how The shape of my uterus puts me at a high chance of getting a C-section and alto of other things, I know it's not the Doctors Fault i should have asked more questions on the condition of my uterus,So here I am doing more research on the misshapen and the conditions I will be undergoing.


COULD these conditions be why I am having strange cramping for the past two weeks?

I went too my OB and he said everything was fine,and soon all we will be waiting for is the contractions. Never said if the cramping was good or bad, Some on baby gaga said it may be cause the baby is st reaching me as far as she can in there and it's stressing my uterus muscles? is this possible?


I'de like to learn and hear about experiances as much as possiable now so I know what I'm getting into

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Congratulations on your pregnancy.  


I have a uterine condition also; mine is unicornuate uterus.  As a result, I know a few things.


First, a doctor cannot definitively diagnose bicornuate uterus by ultrasound.  I'm not sure what other tests that you have had, but I highly doubt they could make this diagnosis during a pregnancy.  Many, many doctors know next to nothing about mullerian duct abnormalities, and these are very often misdiagnosed.  


Regardless of this, any uterine abnormality does put you at a higher risk of requiring a C section.  Uterine abnormalities have higher incidences of breech presentation, and also more serious complications.  IUGR is one of the known complications, and from what I can gather, it sounds like this might be what you are dealing with.  If so, it should be being watched very carefully!  


The fact that you have made it to 36 weeks is very promising, so that is good news.  If you end up having a section, at least they will have a chance to confirm your condition.  If not, I would recommend getting it checked out properly before another pregnancy.  

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