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I'm a little freaked out. 


First, I noticed a couple of weeks ago that my jeans were getting tight. Had gained a little weight, so whatever.


Then, I remembered that I skipped a period. Well, I have PCOS, so it's not that unusual, and I'd had 2 "normal" periods since. 


A few weeks ago, I thought I felt fetal movement. WTF? We use BC all the time. Granted, it's a spermicide, but still.


I'm seriously overweight, so baby bump isn't noticeable, but I kind of moved my tummy fat around (gross, I know), and my uterus was DEFINITELY distended. 


Did a pregnancy test, nothing.


No morning sickness (was really bad  from very early with previous pregnancies)


Waited another week, noticed LOTS of fetal movement in that time, uterus is even bigger, still neg on pregnancy test. 


I'm freaked out because:

1) no insurance

2) had a CS 5.5 years ago with my daughter.

3) drank more alcohol than "usual" for me during the first 3 months of pregnancy

4) have had 2 miscarriages, and didn't want to risk another pregnancy

5) we're flat broke

6) my parents will totally freak as "it's irresponsible" (although my in-laws are Catholic, so they're ok with it)

7) I had borderline preeclampsia with my daughter.


gah! what to do? I'm going to try to get to a BirthRight this week and see what they say. I also need to measure the fundal height to see if I can get a better idea of how far along I am... My period before the skipped one was somewhere around the end of March, beginning of April, I think... I don't really keep close track since it's 1) irregular and 2) we use BC.



EDIT: I sound like I'm whining, I really just want some reassurance or to hear from someone else who's had a similar experience, or maybe someone has some advice of some sort? 


Thanks :)

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Determining if you are pregnant and how far along you are is really the biggest factor. Everything else can be determined and worried about after that.  I hope you can get in and see someone soon.  Good luck!! hug2.gif

winner.jpg Adina knit.gifmama to B hearts.gif 4/06  and E baby.gif  8/13/12 (on her due date!) homebirth.jpg waterbirth.jpg


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Wow! I agree figuring out the details of what's going on with the pregnancy comes first, and then you can figure out all the other stuff.

Planned Parenthood will give you good care even without insurance.

I hope it is all good news, and your family will come around and you will be happy once the shock blows over. smile.gif
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It could be something else going on with your reproductive system, either way def. get things checked out. Hcg levels start to go down after like 12 weeks but should still be testable throughout - a negative POAS test has some bearing. But if you are pregnant and that far along at least the miscarriage risk time period has mostly passed without you having to worry through it, that would be good right? Light to moderate drinking doesn't have an awfully high risk to the baby, only heavy drinking does really (I'm not a fan of alcohol anyway so can't speak on how much I'd feel is ok personally). A quick ultrasound at a clinic would be ideal to check if there's a baby in there and how far along it is if so. Fundal height is a pretty fuzzy estimate especially if you're heavy. If they find you are pregnant, I'd go to a homebirth midwife especially if I had no insurance (lower out of pocket costs and ideal care), and/or get signed up for medicaid. My insurance stinks, only covers after high deductibles, so I'm winning out by paying my midwife directly. Oh and a high protein, healthy, balanced diet might help ward off pre-e this time around, certainly can't hurt. When my husband and I had our first we were broke and young and got called irresponsible by family too. We just had to shrug and say well must be God's will and we are thrilled about it thank you very much, pass the bean dip.


I am 21 weeks with my 3rd child and was at first confused about symptoms and in denial for a bit until I tested positive a while back. I did not have an ultrasound, but am going by first BH contractions, end of morning sickness, first fetal movement, fundal height, clues like that which consistently put me 2 weeks less far along than LMP does. It's a fuzzy due range at best this way but I won't be on a clock so that's ok. 


Let us know what you find out! Best wishes to you for a healthy and happy family however this goes!

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I don't know if it's the same everywhere, but when I was pregnant we were broke and were eligible for the state health insurance (as well as WIC) and didn't have to pay a penny for anything. (prenatal appts, birth, hospital stay, well baby visits)

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I agree with guavagirl -- look into state-provided coverage. Until our "real" insurance kicks in (hopefully in October), we depend on state coverage (we have had it for awhile -- but things are gingerly looking up for us financially) and it has been very good. 

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Yes, Planned Parenthood is a great idea. They have a sliding scale and at least claim that they won't turn you away if you cannot pay anything. I agree that you first need to date your pregnancy and then you can go from there. I've been broke to varying degrees since becoming a mom, and you know what? When there's a will, there's a way. My current pregnancy was a jaw-dropping surprise and the worst timing I could ever imagine, but I know things will work out because they have to.

I wasn't as far along as you when I had my first surprise pregnancy, but I was 9 weeks along before I knew what was up. I drank heavily, did drugs, smoked and generally led an unhealthy lifestyle. I was worried sick about the health of my baby, but everything turned out okay. I'm not sure exactly how much you've drank, of course, but there was a study that came out recently that downplayed the negative effects of alcohol on the fetus. Yes, there is a risk, it said that negative effects don't statistically develop unless you drink more than 9 drinks a week. Link: http://www.bjog.org/details/news/2085661/Danish_studies_suggest_low_and_moderate_drinking_in_early_pregnancy_has_no_adver.html


Best of luck to you smile.gif

Jean, feminist mama raising three boys: W (7), E (5) and L (2.15.13)

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