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finnegansmom's Avatar finnegansmom 09:33 AM 09-10-2012

I never get allergies.  I could sit in a dusty attic with inhaling pollen and cat hair and not even sneeze or sniffle.

But this year, my luck has run out.  I have the worst allergies from I'm assuming some kind of pollen from fall.

My eyes and nose are itchy itchy itchy and running.  I can't stop sneezing and I'm starting to get crazy headaches/neckaches and sinus pressure.  I look like some sort of freak.


Is there ANYTHING I can take?  I'm 32 weeks pregnant.  I can't go on like this for 8 more weeks...

I've been using some allergy eyedrops but that's it.

I'm so miserable.  :(

pokeyac's Avatar pokeyac 10:44 AM 09-10-2012

You could rinse your sinuses with a neti pot. They are easy to find, and it's only saline.  There are great decongestant nasal sprays.  You may want to ask your OB/Midwife about whether those are ok to use.

eggsandpancakes's Avatar eggsandpancakes 10:44 AM 09-10-2012

not sure how much it'll help, but you could always try a neti pot. also hanging out in a steamed up shower will make the back of your throat feel better. maybe,maybe, maybe takea half a benadryl before you go to bed? i'm not sure how miserable i'd have to be to take one, but i know  a lot use mainstreamers use it.

wissa19's Avatar wissa19 02:11 PM 09-10-2012

Meds on my OB's list for allergies...

Benedryl (plain) Not D


Claritin (plain) Not D


You do sound miserable. :(  Hope you feel better soon.

finnegansmom's Avatar finnegansmom 08:18 AM 09-11-2012

Thanks for the advice!  I'm trying to hold off on the meds but I am starting to think the allergies and constant runny nose is giving me a sinus infection - I've had swollen glands/sore neck/sinus pressure headache for a few days now.  I hate the thought of taking antibiox so I'm not sure what's worse.  I might have to get some's really affecting my quality of life at this point (the sneezing and eye rubbing alone is making me insane)....


.I just bought a new neti pot a few weeks ago but I have such a weak stomach when I'm pregnant for anything mouth or nose related....I actually started gagging when I was reading through the instructions.  Oh boy... :(

KnittingTigers's Avatar KnittingTigers 07:00 AM 09-12-2012

I've been struggling with this too. I have terrible allergies. When I was pregnant with my DD, I avoided meds unless it was an emergency (ie. being locked in an airless room full of dust bunnies and cats). Now I'm pregnant again, and have been taking my meds more often (I take Claretin). I got kind of freaked by the recent NY Times article suggesting that autism may be linked to allergies and autoimmune disease in pregnancy. But who knows what the right choice is?


In any case, I hope you feel better soon.

five5star5s's Avatar five5star5s 11:40 AM 09-14-2012

I woke up this morning with a wicked head cold and my sinuses just about blocked. When you can't take any cold medication that just equals misery. I had completely forgotten (until a few minutes ago, that is) about my Neti Pot! Its a little weird to use at first, but its well worth it I found a great website with tons of info on sinus education. They also have beautiful Neti pots. you should check it out!
I hope this helps.

Kynid's Avatar Kynid 09:36 PM 09-14-2012

I also got a sinus infection the past few days :( It is really horrible so I feel for you!

LDoulaSteph's Avatar LDoulaSteph 06:47 AM 09-15-2012

We have something here called Motherisk and they provide all the current data on stuff you can take in pregnancy and while BFing. They have lots of info on tons of different allergy remedies online. It's a Canadian website but I don't see why the data wouldn't be helpful. Check that out.

loveandgarbage's Avatar loveandgarbage 10:51 AM 09-15-2012

If reading the instructions for the Neti pot made you gag, using it might be a little hard for you. Have you used one before? The first few times I did it I didn't angle it right and it made me gag!


I have also been suffering with allergies while pregnant. My number one symptom is tiredness, which is pretty annoying as I'm already exhausted. I try to drink nettle tea (safe for pregnancy) and that brings a little relief.