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I'm gluten intolerant (and avoiding it very carefully), and this pregnancy the nausea has been just awful.  Eating anything but especially dairy was giving me terrible stomach pains.  Even after cutting out the dairy and eating fresh juice and apples (the only stuff I could tolerate) I was still having loose stools.  I just bought the natures way ten day intensive probiotics and started taking them three days ago.  I feel SO much better and my BMs are normal now.  So probiotics really seem to be helping me.  But these are only for taking for ten days.  I figured I would get a daily one... but how do I know which is the best one to choose? 


edit:  DD is also gluten intolerant.  My symptoms began after I had her (although in retrospect I think something was up for years before that, but it was mild).  I am pretty sure I had abx in labor, and a few months later we both had nystatin and I had the "take this one pill" super medicine to deal with suspected thrush.  So I am also interested in a probiotic to take through out my pregnancy so that when the baby is born s/he can be colonized with the proper bacteria, since I wonder if that has anything to do with DD being gluten intolerant. 

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I take Bio Kult and was having really great results from it before I got pregnant. With the progesterone pills I've been taking my nausea went through the roof and I started eating things I know I shouldn't (and hadn't for a long time prior) and here I am dealing with constipation. I'm hoping that once I get the bad stuff out of my system things will go back the way they were. 

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I like to alternate, since different strains serve different purposes.  I try to regularly take L. Reuteri to rebuild the cilia I know is struggling after years of candida.  I also take a primadophilus blend, Bio Kult, Sacchromyces Boulardii, and my most intense one is VSL#3. 

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We like the stuff we get from Kirkman Labs.

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