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Andrea Berger's Avatar Andrea Berger 10:55 AM 09-20-2012

HI all! :-)  I am a almost 41 expectant first time mommy! :-)  I wanted to search out a forum with women closer to my age.  I am on one forum on fb that a gf suggested, but the gals are all so young.  There is nothing wrong with the fact that they are young, but it is their immaturity about certain things gets on my nerves! lol  Plus I feel like when you are a lil older having babies you see things through a different pair of lenses.  Don't you think? 


I am almost 27 weeks and I am due on the 23rd of Dec.  It will be nice to get to know some moms who are in a similar place in their lives as me. :-)

adinal's Avatar adinal 01:33 PM 09-20-2012

Welcome to MDC!!  Congratulations on your baby!!

TIFF4NY's Avatar TIFF4NY 08:01 PM 09-20-2012

Welcome and congrats! You should definitely head over to the Dec '12 group as well!

Linnaea's Avatar Linnaea 01:05 PM 09-22-2012

Hi Andrea! wave.gif  Congrats on your first pregnancy!  From what I've gathered from lurking around this site for awhile now, even though a lot of us are in our 20's and 30's, there is a distinct level of maturity that surpasses many of the other parenting forums.   You will probably discover this to be true as well.  Also, this forum is great for older moms too: