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emilyfaith's Avatar emilyfaith 03:10 PM 10-28-2012

I'm pregnant! Due June 7th my ds birthday is June 8th. Maybe we will have a party!

jentifer's Avatar jentifer 08:27 PM 10-31-2012

June 22nd! Just saw baby for the first time, very excited!

Can I use any more exclamation points? Maybe!

I'm someone who never thought they'd want children and did a 360 this summer. So I'm very happy but still so surprised that it actually worked. Science is amazing.

edythe's Avatar edythe 11:06 PM 10-31-2012
Hello. My EDD is June 13. This is my first time being pregnant ever (that I know of) and I will be 41 in December. 0.o

Really hope the baby stays. Going to have blood test tomorrow--unless I change my mind about the ob/gyn again...

I've always had complicated feelings about having children and I had pretty much decided it would never happen. But here I am at 8 weeks, 1 day. smile.gif

Edythe (aka Polly) innocent.gif
BellaAmore's Avatar BellaAmore 11:09 AM 12-25-2012
My edd is june 25th. This is my second. My first just made a year this month on the 11th.
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