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blar's Avatar blar 02:28 AM 10-23-2012

I was very unaware that there is mandated prenatal testing required by state ( i was told each state has different requirements)

I was told by my midwife  that it is required in my state to have all STD testing performed. I have never heard of being forced to do any testing. this is my third pregnancy had testing with first (hospital birth) second had homebirth midwife (although still hospital birth) no testing other then iron and sugar. this is third I will be paying out of pocket for everything and I requested to only have the baseline CBC performed and I was told I can opt out of vaginal cultures and pap but I would have to have the STD testing drawn by blood then. So I was wondering if this is a midwife requirement CNM or really required by law. I would like to opt out of everything other then the CBC but when I mentioned she got very as a matter of fact it is a law and I cant opt out. opinions please?

Yourobgyn's Avatar Yourobgyn 05:53 AM 10-23-2012

I'm an board certified Ob-gyn and can attest that yes, it is probably a state mandate for public health reasons but speak to your midwife. 


Linda Burke-Galloway, MD, MS, FACOG

Author, The Smart Mother's Guide to a Better Pregnancy

womenswisdom's Avatar womenswisdom 06:03 AM 10-23-2012
It is a state requirement that your care provider offer the testing, but YOU are not legally required to consent. Big difference. It really irks me when care providers imply that you would be breaking the law by refusing, when that is absolutely not the case.
Kynid's Avatar Kynid 11:56 PM 10-24-2012

Wow. I live in Ohio and my OB specifically told me without my asking that I am free to decline any test. 

bmcneal's Avatar bmcneal 11:12 PM 10-25-2012

I don't know where you live, OP, but I'm in Indiana, and they told me that while they *had* to *offer* the test, I was free to refuse. So I did. I think that would be really... peculiar that they would require it. I don't know, though.

blar's Avatar blar 07:08 AM 10-26-2012

Sorry I am in Florida any Floridian mamas out there that can input on this topic... thanks!

Lynann's Avatar Lynann 09:39 AM 10-26-2012

I'm in Florida. Your midwife has to offer, but you can still refuse, you just need to sign a refusal form so she has proof that she offered the test and you declined. I refuse all those kinds of tests, but my CNM did want me to have a HIV test, which I initially wanted to refuse (I know I'm -ve.) She then explained that its the only one she really likes all her mamas to get the first time they birth with her, as it is for her protections as well as mine & baby's. She does wear gloves, but the amount of blood and bodily fluids that are involved with birth would put her at risk if she had a +ve mama that she didn't know about, and that would then put other birthing mamas that delivered their babies around the same time at risk of infection too. I understood her reasons so consented to the HIV test, but we didn't get tested for any other STDs.

blar's Avatar blar 08:31 AM 10-31-2012

i did a search and no where can I find a required testing law for the state of Florida, I am a little concerned that my midwife immediatley lied when I brought up the fact I was opting out of extra testing, not sure how you can trust when you are being lied to from the start.  I am not sure if I will be staying with her.  But regardless, I will probably have all the basics testing done if i can afford. Does anyone have any idea what the cost out of pocket the testing will run me. thanks

womenswisdom's Avatar womenswisdom 07:48 PM 10-31-2012
Here is something for you:

"In 2005, the Florida legislature revised the statute regarding HIV testing of pregnant women (s.384.31, F.S.). The law eliminated the requirement for a separate HIV consent and the testing was broadened to include other STDs. Pregnant women must now be notified that they will be tested for HIV, syphilis, Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and hepatitis B (at the initial visit and 28-32 weeks) and that they have the right to refuse any or all tests. Women who opt out of testing must sign a statement of objection." (bolding mine)
phathui5's Avatar phathui5 11:06 PM 10-31-2012

Like the other moms said, she has to offer, you have the option to refuse.

spruce's Avatar spruce 11:24 AM 11-01-2012
As to cost, obviously it varies. I got distracted while chatting with my midwives and had a blood draw done for basic tests without really asking what they were testing for...

...result, a bill from the testing co for over $700!!

The most expensive bit was the Vit D test, which was well over $200 of that total. They also tested my blood type and Rh factor, two things which I obviously know since I have had quite a few kids. wink1.gif

I would just ask for info on the specific tests available, and only have the ones done that I wanted.

Good luck!