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View Poll Results: How soon did you have feelings of being pregnant?
2 weeks (so from ovulation to 1 week after ovulation) 9 25.71%
3 weeks (1 week after ovulation for a week) 9 25.71%
4 weeks (after lmp) 7 20.00%
5 weeks 3 8.57%
6 weeks 2 5.71%
7 weeks 0 0%
8 weeks 1 2.86%
9 weeks 1 2.86%
10 weeks 0 0%
other (there is always an other) 3 8.57%
Voters: 35. You may not vote on this poll

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How soon did you have feelings of being pregnant?  What is the earliest you ever had symptoms with a pregnancy?


4 weeks would be when you were due for your period (trying  to standardize the answers)

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I voted other, just to be difficult. lol.gif

Seriously, though, I think I was around 4-6 weeks but don't remember exactly. My LP is super-long, so I wasn't on the symptom watch until later anyway. Plus, a lot of early pregnancy symptoms are just like PMS for some people, so I probably disregarded anything I picked up on anyway.

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I tend to have a feeling of being pregnant about 1-1.5 weeks before my expected period with all my pregnancies. I'm pretty sensitive to my body changing/being different. 

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I felt different at 10DPO.  It was like a bunch of symptoms hit all at once.  Then they kind of went away so I wasn't sure what I would see when I tested.  Then all the symptoms came back more slowly and started building.

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My first real symptom was not spotting before my period. I got faked out the month before with pre-AF bloating and was not actively looking for symptoms. In fact, DH had to convince me to test - I would have waited another couple of days for AF to be late!

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this last time i had implantation spotting and pain.... and i felt different about 3 1/2 weeks, which is way early, since with my previous three it was around 7 weeks. so i didn't know which one i should put in your survey

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first time - 10 weeks tired and smell aversions

this time - tired immediately but then I was tired before :)  Mild crampy feeling 4 weeks and on.

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1st-- around 5 weeks, thought I was just having PMS symptoms for a week (later miscarried)

2nd-- didn't find out til I was 9 weeks (see above) but felt tired, breasts were sore, gained weight from about 6 weeks

3rd-- 4 weeks, my boobs were larger so i took a test

4th-- I had a feeling right after conception, but felt symptoms way early around 3 weeks and had a BFP, started feeling MS around 4 weeks

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I voted 6 weeks. I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks 3 days and was having some symptoms (tired, heightened sense of smell), but had I not known exactly when my period was due/wasn't paying attention I probably wouldn't have noticed for a while longer. At 6 weeks I started really getting exhausted and that's when the morning sickness hit.

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I started having intense symptoms AT LEAST a week before my expected period but I didn't clue in because I was in the middle moving and thought it was just me being really tired and anxious about that. My first big symptom was nausea at least a week before my period was due... all of the sudden I couldn't eat anything (which was awkward because I was staying at my in-laws house and all of the sudden I didn't want to eat anything my MIL was preparing.

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4 weeks for me! My period was due and no sign of it, although I was feeling a little 'off' (fatigued, just generally not feeling 100%) so I took the test... :) Due July 3, 2013! 

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As I approached when my period was due I just had a feeling I wasn't going to be getting it. I can't explain it. Nothing was really different or happening at that point but I sensed it. My ms didn't really kick in until they put me on progesterone around 5.5 weeks. UGH. Then everything was intensified. 

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Just after 3 weeks I start feeling massively fatigued. "Dragging my ass" would be the technical term.  Then when my period doesn't happen I sort of go "huh" and POAS and there you have it.  The nausea sets in at about 5 weeks.

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I just missed my period on Friday Nov 2. Took a test Monday and it was Positive. I don't feel pregnant at all, which is strange because three previous pregnancies I knew from the exact moment. My boobs got tingly, and smells intensified. I just feel bloated. eyesroll.gif
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I noticed a difference 4weeks into my pregnancy. My husband and I went out for a normal Saturday night which involved "food and cocktails". I fainted and had to go to the ER. It turned out my body was reacting to a little bundle of joy growing inside me that did not enjoy my martini.
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