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BabySmurf's Avatar BabySmurf 06:26 AM 11-20-2012

Twice now I have had bleeding in this pregnancy (I am about 12 and a half weeks).  Both times it's been after I have "exerted" myself more than usual.  I use quotations because I'm not really doing that much.  I have a two year old and we have come down with multiple colds since I became pregnant, so most of this pregnancy things have been pretty low key.  About six weeks ago we were feeling good, so I took DS for a good walk.  It really made me tired and I felt a strong desire to rest, which I did.  And then I started bleeding.  Not a ton, and no cramps, but bright red on and off for most of a day.  Had an ultrasound, everything looks normal. 

Yesterday I did a good cleaning of the house while DS was sleeping, and when I was done I got that same strong urge to rest, which again was followed by bright red bleeding, no cramps.  The bleeding was much briefer this time, so I'm not worried about a miscarriage or anything...but it does make me concerned about becoming "high risk".  If this were just occasional sporadic bleeding, I know that can be normal, what makes me concerned is that this is precipitated by some very slight exercise. 

Does this mean that I may need bedrest at some point?  What happens when the baby gets bigger, is this going to be a problem? Has this happened to anyone before, ANY insight would be much appreciated!

kat216's Avatar kat216 06:41 PM 11-21-2012
I'd try not to worry about it. I had this once after I overdid it in Zumba, and the midwife didn't even bat an eyelash. I haven't had any problems since then! It's so hard to relax, but it is more than likely fine. hug.gif
BabySmurf's Avatar BabySmurf 04:29 PM 11-24-2012

Thanks for sharing your experience!! Did you continue on with the zumba as usual?