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porcelina's Avatar porcelina 08:29 AM 12-02-2012

I know that the bottom line is that I just have to wait for the results and everyone is different. But, in the meantime, I can't stop worrying about another ectopic!


Background: I had an ectopic in 2006. I had no idea whatsoever, no symptoms at all, just went in for an early ultrasound at 6 weeks (due to having two previous early losses) and the baby was in the tube next to my ovary, with a heartbeat and everything. Had emergency laproscopic surgery the same day. Several weeks later, HCG still had not gone to zero and started increasing, so I had to have a methotrexate treatment. I eventually went on to have DS1 with fertility assistance, and then DS2 naturally (plus progesterone supplements).


In September I was pregnant again, had a lot of symptoms (nausea, pulling at uterus, etc.), some even before 4 weeks pregnant. Baby stopped growing at 6 weeks, and I eventually miscarried naturally starting around 8.5 weeks.


Now, I am 4w4d pregnant again. I have absolutely no symptoms of pregnancy (except maybe feeling tired earlier at night). No nausea, no pulling at the uterus. I know, it's early, so could be totally normal, but I can't shake the worry. I had a bit of dark brown spotting twice in my underwear, almost kindof stringy. I know that could be totally normal...or not. My quant HCG was 151 on about 14 dpo. I know that could be normal, or not, depending on what the next measure is, which I will find out on Monday. But, for reference, my quant hcg for my last pregnancy in September was 418 at about 15 dpo. Again, I know you can't compare, but I can't help it!


So, my question for you is, what were the symptoms of ectopic for you? Did you have no typical pregnancy symptoms? How far along were you when you had your first symptoms? Looking back, were there any warning signs you missed?

1babysmom's Avatar 1babysmom 12:46 PM 12-02-2012

I didn't have any real signs of ectopic either, but that's for *me.*  To the average Joe, my ectopic pregnancy may have been really obvious.  But for me, with plenty of miscarriage experience, my ectopic pregnancy appeared to be a "normal" miscarriage- I DID have an empty uterus at my 6w5d scan but the tech definitely didn't see anything in my tubes (did have a SCH and had been bleeding off and on before that, the first pg of mine where that's happened), and then I bled "normally" (for me, for a miscarriage) for part of the week, and then it tapered off to spotting, and my numbers- which had raised well with the pregnancy- dropped "normally" as well.  But at 8w3d I was in severe pain and by that time (not even "ectopic" pain, nothing on either side or my shoulders, but directly in the middle of my lower abdomen, IDENTICAL to crippling gas/constipation pain I've dealt with in the past), although I had no signs leading up to it- I was already rupturing, had a huge amount of internal bleeding, etc.  So yeah... (my whole story is here)  In hindsight, there are definitely red flags (the u/s probably being the most obvious), but I felt like if I wasn't having any traditional symptoms, and my OB was confident things were "moving along" with my miscarriage, that ectopic wasn't really a concern at that point.  I did lose some faith in my doc from that, though...not that I blame him, and generally I am super intuitive about stuff with my body, but I feel like HE should have seen those flags even moreso than myself, since he wasn't a part of my past miscarriage experiences...and I paid the price, having my tube removed and now dealing with a giant 5" scar and the PTSD that came with the experience.


I can relate to that worry you are experiencing...I went through it this time, too.  After experiences like ours, with ectopics that sort of came out of the blue, it's hard to rely on anything anymore.  You just don't have much to go off of. 


Praying all is well for you this time, mama!!

porcelina's Avatar porcelina 08:22 AM 12-03-2012

lbabysmom, thanks for sharing your story. I am so sorry for your losses. It looks like it has been a rough couple of years but I am sending good wishes to you and your little growing rainbow.


Oh my goodness, your story is so horrific! I can see how your situation was such a mystery to the care providers, given that you were having the same kinds of symptoms that you had previously with miscarriage. I guess the empty uterus was the only sign... But, you called the office later on with the pain and they were not concerned? Huge error on their part. I am so sorry you had to go through that. It sounds like a horrific ordeal. I wonder if they would have found it if they had followed up the ultrasound a week later? (but before the worst symptoms started) My new personal rule in case of miscarriage is to always get two ultrasounds, about a week apart, before accepting the missed miscarriage diagnosis.


I had a tiny bit more stringy spotting this morning. Can't wait to find out HCG results this afternoon.

dakipode's Avatar dakipode 10:45 AM 12-03-2012

porcelina: my numbers were 85 at 19dpo, 563 at 24 dpo, 606 at 27 dpo and 1303 at 30 dpo. I didn't know I was pregnant until I got my hcg numbers back because I'd had three negative tests at home. My only indication that something was wrong was that I had terrible gas pains on Thanksgiving (26dpo). Later that night they changed to cramps and I ended up vomiting because of the pain. Usually (this happens to me during AF too) that signals the end of the terrible cramps but on Friday they hadn't resolved and I could pinpoint exactly where they were on the right. That made me suspicious and I called the doc who asked me to come in that morning.

I hope you do well in this pregnancy. I wish you peace and strength.

Ramzubo's Avatar Ramzubo 01:38 PM 12-03-2012
Hopefully you've gotten back good numbers by now, but here's my experience. I spotted lightly for about a week then at 6w5 I had sudden massive pain from the tube rupturing. Similar story to 1stbabysmom but my pain was localized to the right side where the tube ruptured.. I didn't have any noticeable pregnancy symptoms but I didn't have any symptoms with DS either.
porcelina's Avatar porcelina 10:03 AM 12-04-2012

Thanks for sharing your stories! Ugh, ectopics are so horrific. Tubes rupturing and coming close to death is just not a good thing for pregnancy and one's sanity.


I did get good numbers back. I know that doesn't mean I am out of the woods, but at least it is not cause for alarm. I am relaxing a bit. Doctor wants to see me tomorrow so maybe I can get a quick scan done in the office.