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This is my first pregnancy (I'm six weeks along) and I really want a space to be able to record all that is happening during this amazing time in our lives.  I've looked at a few pregnancy journals, which I thought would fit the bill, but they are more geared towards moms who want to answer questions (what are your food aversions/cravings) or write one sentence about each week.  I want to write!  A lot!  The journals I've seen are chock full of information but are short on space to actually journal.  I already have plenty of books (and you guys) for information, but what I want is a pregnancy journal that allows parents to be ample space to jot down everything from emotions, fears, the joys of telling family, etc.  Also, a journal geared towards natural pregnancy and/or working with midwife would be awesome.  


Any thoughts from the Mothering community?  Does this kind of journal exist, or should I just get a regular blank journal?  

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Anyone have any recommendations?

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I would get a regular journal.  I haven't seen anything like you suggest, though you could look on Etsy to see if anyone has one that could be customized in the way you describe.  DH got me a sweet pregnancy journal, but I ended up not using half of it because I didn't need/use the space for doctor's checkups and such.  I think you're better off getting an attractive journal you love and making it your own.  Make some pretty dividers for different topics/trimesters, for example. 


ETA: I just searched for "pregnancy journal" on Etsy and there are lots of beautiful options. 

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I'd get a blank one. I started a journal when I was 17 & filled in almost 10 of those beautiful blank books. There is nothing like the feel of a good flowing pen on creamy paper. Sigh. It went by the wayside when I started a blog & I regret that as you just can't be nearly as private on a blog as the journal. I still go back to it at times but maybe 1 or 2 entries a year are all I manage.

Is it just for you, your baby or your whole family to read? That always kind of influenced the way I would start & address an entry. A beautiful blank book (to me) is limitless & freeing.

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I never even realized there were specific pregnancy journals. I've used blank journals with mine and have been happy with them. I just write whatever I feel like! I don't like to conform much anyway 😋

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I have a blank Moleskine journal where I've been writing to baby since before she was even conceived for days when I feel like I have a lot to say, and I also have been using this:


to make sure that I'm updating regularly every week and so I don't forget anything because it has all sorts of cues to help you remember.



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I just got one by Nikki McClure, a local NW artist, and it's beautiful. It's barely structured - in that it's divided into months, but that's about it. Just lots of space & nice art to decorate it.

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I don't like writing, my preference being typing, so I prefer to do my out-loud thinking online. If you want a free one Wordpress offers fairly powerful free blog platform. I go through a site called GoDot!Yourself. That way I own the blog, the content and the space on which it is hosted. I'll never have to worry about a company being bought out or going bankrupt and telling me "sorry, we're shutting down. You've got two weeks to get your content outta here or its being thrown in the trash with the servers..."

The website builders there are super easy to use (I never went to college, but you'd think I was a professional web designer), and they're only like, 5 bucks. You may have to pay to register a domain name though. Personally, I'd rather pay the $9 a year and own it as opposed to entrusting it to a company that cares not about my best interests or desires. The site is if you care to check it out.


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