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tinifry's Avatar tinifry 10:49 PM 01-14-2013

Anybody else gain a lot of weight around 38/39 weeks?  I went up from 154/156 to 159 in about 4 days while I had been gaining slowly and steadily up until now. This is my second baby but I just can't remember with the first!  Since my weight tends to fluctuate during the day I'm guessing it's really only about 3 pounds but that still seems like a lot. I've been so bad about eating healthy lately and I'm feeling really guilty. 

birthjunkiemom's Avatar birthjunkiemom 05:55 AM 01-15-2013
I am 39 weeks & had a 4 pound gain between 36 & 38 weeks. If you're not eating junk, I wouldn't worry about it.
tinifry's Avatar tinifry 12:58 PM 01-19-2013
Thanks, I've been trying my best to eat healthy but we just had my daughter's birthday party and I think eating all that junk made my weight fluctuate quite a bit, but now it seems like I'm gaining a normal amount.