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BabySmurf's Avatar BabySmurf 07:41 AM 04-25-2013

So, I am about 35 weeks pregnant and lately i have had super duper pain in my nipples.  Usually when I get cold or they are hard, it hurts really, really bad.  Is this normal? This didn't happen with my last pregnancy, and it sort of comes and goes.  This isn't some weird symptom of mastitis, right? (I am still nursing my 2.5 year old, but it doesn't seem to be specifically associated with that).  Any thoughts would help, since this is definitely different than the tenderness I expected......TIA!!

gardenmommy's Avatar gardenmommy 07:27 PM 04-25-2013

Is it possible that you have Reynaud's syndrome?  I can't remember specifically the symptoms, except sensitivity to cold.  I'm sure you could find plenty of information through LLL or Kellymom.

kitteh's Avatar kitteh 09:36 PM 04-25-2013
I'm not sure what that syndrome is, but I'm 32 weeks and have been experiencing the same thing! Most often it happens when I'm cold, but also just randomly sometimes. I'm still nursing my 3yr old and they don't always hurt when she is nursing, so I don't really feel like its related/caused by that. However, the other day at work they were excruciating and I happened to be in a bathroom with an enclosed sink and mirror, so I pulled down my shirt to take a look and they looked kinda white directly on the tips. So I expressed some milk and the whiteness went away, and actually alleviated some of the pain. But the rest of my breast never hurts during these episodes, like they do when engorged. So I have no clue what's going on.
BabySmurf's Avatar BabySmurf 01:23 PM 04-26-2013

Wow, that sounds exactly like what happens!! (The Raynaud's).  I think that I'm lucky that it doesn't happen more often (and that the weather is warming up a bit!).  I'm wondering about the vitamin supplements, since this seems to have just started to happen, that seems like a good place to start! Wow, I hope this clears up soon.


Kitteh, reading about the Raynaud's, they say that massaging the nipple helps bring back blood flow and will help relieve the pain, so that's totally what could be happening with you too.  I do notice that my nipples get white a bit too, and I also assumed it was just excess colostrum.  I haven't actually watched them throughout the process to see a color change, mostly just because if I have them exposed DS will want to nurse, and that's not what I want in that moment!


Thanks for the feedback!!

gardenmommy's Avatar gardenmommy 02:06 PM 04-26-2013

I'm glad you aren't experiencing pain during nursing.  I think that is absolutely horrible.  Maybe you will be able to find some tips that work for Reynaud's that will be helpful for you.  I think it is a circulation issue, but I don't know a whole lot about it.  It has been a *long* time since I really read anything on the syndrome.

BabySmurf's Avatar BabySmurf 05:32 PM 04-26-2013

Yes, I am very happy that pain is not during nursing!!! I had the usual tenderness, etc, but this is something totally different!!


For anyone else that may read this, here is the link at kellymom, and the part about Raynaud's is at the bottom.




And here is a link to another thread with good suggestions on how to deal with it and minimize the triggers:



kitteh's Avatar kitteh 08:49 PM 04-26-2013
Omg I'm so happy that you decided to post this question, babySmurf! As horrifically painful as it is, I just kind of assumed it was some freak pregnancy symptom that I cant do much about. And since it rarely if ever affects my ability to nurse with my 3 yr old I figured it couldnt pose a problem breastfeeding the next one. But of course, newborns nurse an awful lot more than 3yr olds, so its probably a good thing that I'm looking into this now. And actually, this morning I did have an episode on my left side, right after dd finished a mini-marathon session. Usually it happens when I'm at work and in both nipples at the same time.