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Hi all. I am moderately uninformed about what labor looks like at first. I guess I thought I had more time to research it! This is my first baby and I am 37 weeks 2 days. About a week ago, my mom said it looked like I had "dropped." For what it's worth.


-This morning when I urinated, I noticed a strand of mucus sitting in the bottom of the toilet, didn't think much of it until...


-Tonight when I was laying down after having sex, I started to feel mild menstrual cramps. I haven't had anything like that so far, so I actually thought, "omg, those would be cramps....am I going into labor?!?!?"


-It's about 30 minutes to 45 minutes later....and I might have had more menstrual-type cramps. They are mild. I would say they are kinda low, below the belly button. Seemed like I was aware of my uterus when they were happening, but they were mild. Again, they started while laying down.


-Also, I have the all-over hardening of the tummy. That is new too, for me. That I feel above the belly button. It seems like those are Braxton Hicks, based on what I've heard, but I don't think I've really had them until today??? So it's like I'm now experiencing two types of cramps for the first time right now?


-I have also felt constipated in the last 24 hours, a pressure on my rectum perhaps?, which hasn't happened yet this pregnancy, at least not this trimester. Does that mean anything?



I am just not sure if I should have my husband on call and ready to go to hospital....or what??? Haven't even packed the bags! We would need to do that.


I think I should probably go to bed to get rest, since it's midnight here, but would like to hear your thoughts. I dunno if I should pack a bag before bed, or what. Eeek!

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It sounds like it could either be Braxton Hicks, or early labor. Have you tried timing them? I know with DS I woke up at 6am (I say woke up as if I was getting any sleep ROTFLMAO.gif) and I just knew they were contractions because they felt different (kind of like some reaching up inside and pulling down) and after timing them and they were pretty consistently 5-6 min. apart. 


See how you feel and if the feeling continues. You can always give your doc a call and tell them what is going on and they will say whether they want you to come in or not.


Keep us updated!

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Sound like Braxton Hicks to me. How are you feeling now?

With both my boys my water broke, staring labor so I had a very clear sign! Otherwise, in general I'd say you will definitely KNOW when you are in labor. Those contractions aren't hard to miss wink1.gif Perhaps you'll be one of those women with a gentle easy labor though, that would be awesome for you! But more than likely your body is just preparing for the end of pregnancy and not actually in labor smile.gif Good luck, keep us updated!

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Sounds like your body is gearing up to me, but it could still be weeks of your body doing this off and on. But it is time to pack your bag (it's good to have everything ready by 37w), and drink water when you're cramping. Also you're more likely to being pooing multiple times a day in the lead-up to labor, not be constipated (the body cleans out in preparation). And you're probably losing bits of your plug, but that doesn't mean much until there's bloody show. But it sounds like your body is getting ready, which is exciting!
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Sex can cause bouts like this that don't turn into anything. The prostaglandins from the semen and the oxytocin from your orgasm combine to cause contractions that don't turn into labor. Unless they are getting longer, stronger and closer together, that is likely what is happening.

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Only time will tell if this is early labor or just the tuning up our bodies do in preparation for labor, but it sure does sound like you're revving up for something! The mucus thing in particular seems like a big clue that it's more than BH, but idk if you have had discharge like that before or not. Also, I've heard of women who gear up like this for weeks before labor really kicks in. One friend was dialated 5cm for weeks before establishing a rythmic contraction pattern and progressing into labor!

Either way, exciting! Call your doc/midwife wink1.gif.

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Thanks!!! :) Well I woke up the next morning, and basically felt nothing. So there is the answer! :) But I did spend a lot of frantic time before falling asleep, thinking about how un-ready I am! So now we've done a bunch of grocery shopping, and the bags are in the process of being packed (not even finished with that yet!).


I decided not to call my OB, because I had an appointment yesterday. I am 1.5 cm dialated! And right at 38 weeks now. She seemed slightly surprised to me that I was 1.5, but maybe I "read" her mood/tone wrongly. Anyways, she said the cramps are just me getting ready. Perfectly normal. The things you don't know until they happen to you! She said I could have the baby this week, or in a week or two.


I am thinking maybe the sex triggered things, as was mentioned above by womenswisdom. That was my first thought when this happened....oh no...what did I do?!? They seemed related.


I asked my OB if 1.5 cm meant I had lost my mucus plug, and she said something like, "who knows...maybe."


But anyways.... It's really odd....I suppose I am lucky in that I don't really feel "super pregnant," still! When the doctor told me I could have the baby this week, I said, "ohhh I dunno about that." It's like I keep expecting to suffer a lot with symptoms, waddle, and get puffy and miserable first. At least for a week?  I think I am lucky. I really hope the birth will be easy, because we are trying to do this drug-free.

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I was blessed with a super easy pregnancy with my fourth. It was like I kept waiting for all hell to break loose and be this miserable, weepy, mess. Some times you just get a pregnancy like that and it's wonderful! I was 6 hours until birth before I started feeling any where miserable or weepy. lol

Here's hoping the beautiful pregnancy continues on blissfully. Sounds like it will :)

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