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cricketschirpin's Avatar cricketschirpin 06:53 AM 06-14-2013

I've been taking a supplement daily for the last 2 years and hadn't stopped when I found out I was pregnant thinking since it was all fruit/vegetable sourced it would be super healthy.


I have yet to establish a midwife and just read something last night in a book about pregnancy that too much Vitamin A can cause birth defects? I was stunned and now wonder if I should have stopped the minute I found out I was pregnant? I'm only 5 and a half weeks along but I know this is a crucial time for development etc. so of course it put me on alert.


My prenatal vitamin has 5000 iu of Vitamin A from beta carotene source 



and the Vitamin A from the Garden of Life Super Green Perfect Food is from beta carotene:



anyone have any thoughts on if I have actually been taking too much?

JonesiesGirl's Avatar JonesiesGirl 07:15 AM 06-14-2013

If it is from a beta carotene source I would think it is okay? I'm no expert but I have read that the retinol source is the problematic one. I think this is why it's not recommended to eat liver and pate and such, but there is no problem with eating lots of carrots. Not everything natural is safe, of course, but I don't think there would be any problem with your particular supplements. The recommendation against taking ordinary multivitamins is because most contain the retinol form of vitamin A. 

cricketschirpin's Avatar cricketschirpin 07:32 AM 06-14-2013

Thank you JonsiesGirl! I feel better. I also did a search (should probably have done that first) here on mothering board and saw other similar responses that if its beta carotene source you should be fine but its other prenatal's that contain a different source of vitamin a that can be the trouble. 


Whew! I can breathe again! It really is so hard NOT to worry about all these things people scare you with. I had a lovely meal last night at a local restaurant all organic locally sourced yada yada and we had cornbread with honey butter.  I told a coworker today and his wife is pregnant and he said oh you had HONEY?? Sigh..yes I ingested honey I mean how are you supposed to know all of this if your doctor doesn't meet with you until at a minimum 8 weeks? 


I'm trying to relax and not get too hyped up - it comes from a place of wanting the best for growing baby but I think moderation of worry will be my challenge. 

lilmamita's Avatar lilmamita 11:49 AM 06-14-2013

Honey is fine, too.  You just aren't supposed to give it to babies because they don't have an acidic enough digestive tract to kill potential botulism spores.  But your digestive tract is acidic enough.  Even panic-mongering babycenter.com says you can eat honey.

I'm from the US but live in Central America, and the difference in how literature (and apparently doctors) in the US talk about food restrictions and how those here do (where there is actually a much greater risk of food-borne illness) is mind-blowing.  My doctor here really only talked to me about making healthy nutritional choices and not eating raw seafood.  In the US they get you freaked out about EVERYTHING.

cricketschirpin's Avatar cricketschirpin 12:38 PM 06-14-2013

Thanks lilmamita. I agree with you.  Every time you turn around someone is telling you - you shouldn't do this touch that eat that and then I always get the "you know with your age and all you are high risk" I'm going on 40 its true but I don't feel high risk. I'm very health conscious and love life and feel great all around I don't feel like I need to have extra high alerts thrown at me because of my age.  I wish the US wasn't SO over the top.  It scares more than helps I think.