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JillyMama of 2's Avatar JillyMama of 2 12:42 PM 07-01-2013

Hi All-

I'm pregnant, but about to POP!  Well, not really...I have about 6 weeks to go and if this little guy is anything like our first...I have about 8 weeks to go!

Thanks for welcoming me to the community!


HouseofPeace's Avatar HouseofPeace 05:18 PM 07-03-2013

congrats and WELCOME!  


i had one induced at 41 weeks, one born at 41+ weeks, one at 42++ weeks (Ha- dates) and one at 42 weeks before i had my ON MY DUE DATE baby.  of course, the last one came in a blizzard.  i was so not thrilled.


enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and GET SOME REST mam!