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HeatherB's Avatar HeatherB 06:52 AM 07-09-2013
I was finally dx'd with hypothyroidism about a year ago and began treatment that was very helpful. So helpful, in fact, that my body completely surprised me in returning to fertility with no warning signs (I typically have a loooong lead up, but it never occurred to me that it was due to thyroid issues). So as I'm anticipating the arrival of this baby, I'm wondering if the timing or other factors around the birth may also be influenced by improving thyroid health.

Has anyone else had the opportunity to compare pregnancy "norm" for pre- and post-treatment of thyroid issues? Was there any real difference? I'm pretty much expecting this birth to go just like the last 2, and timing like the last 3, but then I wonder if I'll get another curveball thanks to the crazy (but now healthier) thyroid!

HeatherB's Avatar HeatherB 02:12 AM 07-10-2013
caetlinh's Avatar caetlinh 08:36 PM 07-18-2013

My hashimotos went into "remission" after having #2.  I'm now pg with #3 and very curious to see how the thyroid responds.

demeter888's Avatar demeter888 09:48 PM 07-20-2013

I didn't try to get pregnant until about a year after starting my thyroid meds, and the pregnancy went well but require increases in meds.  This pregnancy my thyroid levels have remained unchanged throughout.  So, even without a before and after thyroid treatment, I can tell you each pregnancy is quite different already.


*Make very sure to check your thyroid within a month of giving birth and thereafter whenever you make a change to your breastfeeding schedule or start your period. I was going at least every other months for about a year post-partum because I kept fluctuating due to other hormones related to breastfeeding.*