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starflower3's Avatar starflower3 06:28 PM 07-13-2013

I am 12 weeks today and my nausea is back. I have not vomited at all, but have had awful nausea from week 6-8.  At 8 it was on/off until 9. It was mild at 10 and gone at 11.  Now today, in the evening (as it was before,) I've got the nausea, bad taste in mouth, and achy abdomen all starting back up again like clockwork at 6 pm.  Has anyone else had their nausea/ms come back?  I don't remember this happening with my other pgs.  The nausea was pretty much gone by week 9.

Selissa's Avatar Selissa 08:52 PM 07-13-2013

with both of my previous pregnancies i had nausea all the way through that would subside a bit late in the first trimester and then reappear within a week or two. Both my midwives said it was totally normal

JustJenny's Avatar JustJenny 08:07 AM 07-15-2013

Totally normal and it stinks. Just when you think your pulling out of it- BAM- there you are puking again. I'm 14 weeks and still puking at least once a week. eyesroll.gif Hope it gets better for you quickly starflower!