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Eating Your Placenta Experiences?

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I'm on baby #4 and have never eaten my placenta.  I was wonder if some moms who have in some births and not in others saw a difference.  My midwife said she definitely sees a difference with less incidence of PPD, less bleeding, and better milk supply.  I have never had an issue with any of these things, except bleeding but I think that is normal for me and why should I try and change that?


I have read that some moms have had reactions to eating their placenta or more so to the herbs mixed with them.  I would encapsulate mine, I couldn't cook or drink it.  Also how much of the nutritional properties remain after cooking/dehydrating anyway? Not all mammals eat their placentas I read.  Most do it to clean up their birth site and to prevent the smell of the birth attracting predators.  So I'm on the fence about whether nature/God really intended us to eat it.  


So placenta eaters was it worth it? What differences did you feel? I don't want to spend $175 on placenta pills unless I'm really going to notice a difference.  

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I'm encapsulating mine, but it's my first pregnancy so I can't give you much input. My midwife thinks it's a great idea and would probably want to educate me more if I hadn't been on board already, so I'm guessing she thinks it helps a lot. My opinion is that it seems harmless (don't know anything about herbs, I wasn't adding any), so anything that could potentially make my early days of mothering easier is worth a try.


I'm also doing it myself, so I won't be losing money and don't have that to consider...of course I would have wasted my time. It's not a complicated process, just a bit time consuming when you have a new baby. There's lots of blogs and youtube videos if you're interested in doing it yourself, but I understand you might rather pay someone to do it.


I'm also curious about those who have eaten it vs. not.

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I had my placenta encapsulated and it was amazing! I felt so good while I was taking it. This was my only birth so it's impossible to know how I would have felt without it, of course. But I definitely feel it was worth it. If I were to give birth again, I would save a weeks worth of the placenta pills to have just in case I started to feel bad later on. In my case, I took them until they were gone. It took about for weeks I believe. Around week 6, I started to have some anxiety/insomnia issues, and I wished I'd saved some of the amazing placenta to help me move through it.

Congratulations and best of luck to you!!
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i had my husband cut it up into one inch cubes, wrap them in siran wrap, and freeze them. I put them in smoothies. I couldn't taste it at all and I recuperrated much more quickly. It was fantastic.

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I didn't with my first or second but encapsulated it with my 3rd.  I could tell a difference, no ppd and my pp bleeding stopped much sooner.  It also helped my supply not to dip every month when my cycle came back, which baby appreciated.

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I've only had one birth so far, and I did freeze and then consume my placenta in smoothies. Having nothing to compare it to, I can't say how effective it was, but it definitely was a positive experience. If you do smoothie it, though, just be sure you cut out all the stringy or really tough pieces before you freeze it. Sucking them up a straw is pretty yucky, and it was the only time I was conscious of what I was drinking.

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I also cut mine up in cubes and froze them for smoothies. They lasted about 5 or 6 weeks. Didn't really taste anything, other than that my smoothies seemed more 'robust'. It's really not as gross as it seems. No other birth to compare to, but postpartum was pretty much a breeze for me. Had a c-section, and recovered quickly- no baby blues, good energy. I will be freezing it again this time around :)

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I dehydrated then encapsulated mine with my second . I had more stress, anxiety and ppd around 2 months then again around 4 months post then I had with my first . The situation was different though . I had a 2 going on 3 year old and my husbands father was given 2 weeks to live the day I gave birth . So he being an only child wasn't around much in the first 2 /3 months . Plus the depressing factor of a fifty something in my circle passing on blah blah blah .....I will not encapsulate this one. May try the smoothie ? I just don't want to have one more big thing to do that in my experience may not have the desired effect .
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Bumping this thread to jump in and say that I am planning on encapsulating the placenta with this birth. I am delivering at a birth cetner and at my appointment yesterday they gave me a form regarding the I want to take it home, dispose of it at the center, etc. I hadn't even thought about encapsulating yet (this was my first appointment...hadn't been thinking that far ahead yet). But now I am excited over the idea. I want to get a placenta print to frame as well.  Yay placenta!



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I also had mine cut into cubes and put in smoothies. My milk came in about 12 hours PP and DS only lost 4oz and shot right back up. I didn't have any depression (which I am prone to, and we had some very stressful situations going on around the time of his birth), and at times when I would start to feel really emotional for no apparent reason my wonderful DH would make me a smoothie and I would seriously feel emotionally stable within seconds. It was great. I will definitely do the same with our next baby. I didn't with my daughter and things were good, although my milk took longer to come in. Very different circumstances, though.

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