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abc123xyz456's Avatar abc123xyz456 07:57 PM 08-29-2013

I'm convinced I am having twins. I circled what I think are the two different embryos. My doctor hasn't said twins but the ultrasounds were about 20 seconds long just to see if it was still there since I had to get an IUD removed and my chance of miscarriage were higher. Can anyone tell me I'm not crazy? In all of my other 3 pregnancies I could CLEARLY see it was only one and they looked nothing like this. 












phathui5's Avatar phathui5 10:16 PM 08-29-2013

How far along are you? 

abc123xyz456's Avatar abc123xyz456 05:48 PM 08-31-2013

9 weeks

pepperedmoth's Avatar pepperedmoth 07:30 PM 08-31-2013
I'm no ultrasound expert, but looks to me a lot more like one babe and the placenta. But like I said, not an expert!
Adaline'sMama's Avatar Adaline'sMama 08:50 PM 08-31-2013

I have to say, at 7  weeks , 6 days my twins' ultrasound was a bit more pronounced than that. I know for sure that my dates were right because I took ovulation tests, and it was 14 days after my first period pp. 

Mine were in separate sacs, so it made them super easy to spot.




But even in ultrasounds of twins who share the same sac, the pictures seem to show a little more detail at that gestational age.

This is a pic from a lady's blog of her 9 week twins who shared the same sac:

dandelionsrflowers's Avatar dandelionsrflowers 09:27 PM 09-08-2013
I would say singleton, also. Here is our 6wk 4day ultrasound. While it was hared for the tech to get a photo, it was obvious right from the start of the ultrasound that it was twins.