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journey fan's Avatar journey fan 08:22 AM 10-13-2013
I don't know if I should be concerned if I am pregnant or not. I am on birth control for over 6 years. Always had peroids and this week I had a period for one day. I am not stressed out no new changes in life. Past few weeks I feel drained. Always tired. I took a at home pregnancy test it says negative. I don't know what to do. I have never ever in my life had a period for one day. I don't want to keep taking my pills if there is a possibility if I am pregnant. What should I do?

phathui5's Avatar phathui5 07:43 PM 10-19-2013

Moving this to the "I'm Pregnant" forum.

kimnkaiden's Avatar kimnkaiden 08:08 PM 10-19-2013
Well I haven't been on my birth control for 15mths n uve never missed a period either till now its October n im 15 days late :/
LilyTiger's Avatar LilyTiger 06:59 AM 10-20-2013

Go to your doctor or a free clinic and get a blood test.  They are much more accurate than the urine tests and will give you an answer.  Meanwhile, while you're off BC for the moment, make sure you abstain (obviously), but also for the rest of the month (I believe) since you're not fully protected against pregnancy anymore.

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