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mommyemma's Avatar mommyemma 07:07 AM 10-31-2013
There is a medical term for having less than normal amount of water, right? Is there any way to make more? What risks are there during birth? Is this caused specifically by something? I know I can research on the net myself, but I thoroughly enjoy mothering's responses!! Is there reason to go to the hospital or is it still safe enough to stay home?

lucylucy's Avatar lucylucy 09:30 AM 10-31-2013
It's called oligohydramnios if your fluid measures less than 5 centimeters. From my understanding lowish fluids are fairly common in the last few weeks of pregnancy, and may not be too big of a deal. These are fluid levels below 10 but above 5. True oligohydramnios is extremely serious, however, as it can indicate that your baby has a kidney problem or that your placenta is failing. A woman with oligohydramnios should not have a homebirth, and should be under the care of a perinatalogist.
If you have slightly low fluids, I suggest long baths everyday and drinking a ton of water. Also rest as much as possible.