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sarahd76's Avatar sarahd76 04:39 PM 11-06-2013
I found out on Oct. 21 I was pregnant. My first betas were done on 10/29---240, 10/31--340, 11/2--540, 11/5--750.....I have had two miscarriages in the last year one 10/4/2012 and the most recent 7/8/2013. Has anyone else experienced this and went on to have a healthy pregnancy? I do not know exactly how far along I am my LMP was 9/19 but I have PCOS and my cycles vary from 32-41 days I do not temp or anything so we have no idea really.

Viola's Avatar Viola 09:29 PM 11-10-2013

Bumping up if someone else wants to answer.  I really don't have an answer, but best wishes to you on your pregnancy!