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lindsay03182014's Avatar lindsay03182014 09:41 AM 11-11-2013

I'm just curious who is doing hypnobirthing? Are you taking classes? I am reading the book right now and planning to take a 5 session class with my husband. I watched some youtube videos and the labor/delivery seems so peaceful, which is what I really want!

ninabear's Avatar ninabear 04:57 PM 11-11-2013

I did the breathing with my last birth and it helped so much!  This time I bought a hypnobabies at home course with a bunch of related tapes, and cannot wait to start them.  I suggest researching hypnobirthing versus hypnobabies before signing up for the class.

lindsay03182014's Avatar lindsay03182014 08:17 AM 11-14-2013

Thanks for your response! I started researching hypnobabies a little bit! Sounds like it's more of a teach yourself course but more thorough. 

BethaniaDawn's Avatar BethaniaDawn 09:04 AM 11-14-2013

After doing research, I am going with hypnobabies.  It sounds like the coping methods are more what I am looking for.

lindsay03182014's Avatar lindsay03182014 09:18 AM 11-14-2013

I would like to go with hypnobabies as well. Thing is, there are no trainers in Michigan!! So if you live in Michigan, you have to teach yourself. :(

SplashingPuddle's Avatar SplashingPuddle 10:14 PM 11-17-2013

I did hypnobabies, self-study course.  My birth was so quick and easy that it really caught me off-guard and I was a bit scared by the speed (DD born 11 minutes after calling midwife).  I'd only had 2 strong contractions before I called the midwife.  I don't know if this had anything to do with hypnobabies and ironically I didn't even really use hypnobabies during those 11 minutes. I just pushed in to try and keep her inside until the midwife got there. I've never even heard the final track.  The next I am not going to focus on "quick and easy" but I will be using hypnobabies again. 

lindsay03182014's Avatar lindsay03182014 05:44 AM 11-18-2013

Wow, that is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing!

LilyKay's Avatar LilyKay 01:37 PM 11-24-2013

I have the hypnobirthing book and the hypnobabies CDs. Part of me now is so curious to see if this is going to work. I have to admit I can't believe it's going to be pain-free but I would LOVE to be proven otherwise.

BethaniaDawn's Avatar BethaniaDawn 08:25 PM 11-25-2013

LilyKay - ME TOOO!!!  Keep us updated.

LilyKay's Avatar LilyKay 07:44 AM 11-26-2013

you know - I got EFM on Monday (routine here) during which I had one contraction, it went all the way above 100% on the monitor and I was surprised that it didn't feel uncomfortable at all.  If I weren't looking at the monitor I wouldn't have noticed that it was that strong... Maybe, just maybe this is working?

dinahx's Avatar dinahx 07:50 AM 11-26-2013
I am doing Hypnobabies home study for the second time. I slacked tho, so I am on the hyper speed course! wink1.gif
salr's Avatar salr 07:50 AM 11-27-2013
I did the hyper speed course for my second and it worked out great. Happy birthing!
Midwesterner04's Avatar Midwesterner04 05:25 PM 12-05-2013

I did Hypnobabies with my first and will do it again. It was AMAZING. I had a long labor but it was very, very peaceful. I have a picture of myself smiling during transition to prove it! 


I used the home study course, mostly listening to the tracks while falling asleep at night, and that preparation felt very sufficient. It was a great solution to pregnancy insomnia and was the only way I could get any sleep during the later weeks, when it felt like the baby was on top of my lungs. I grew confident in the method as I saw how much it helped with headaches and backaches, as well as hormonal mood swings. Really, the relaxation tools could benefit many people, pregnant or not.


Besides all the wonderful birth stories, what really drew me to Hypnobabies was the fact that it doesn't rely on any external conditions to be there for you in labor.  It's all mental, so it doesn't require specific supplies, or positions (you can do just about anything while in Hypnobabies alert hypnosis), or labor support people, etc.  I knew I would be prepared even if something bizarre happened and I ended up completely alone or risked out of the birth center, etc. It is such a great program!

alaura24's Avatar alaura24 07:57 PM 12-06-2013
I'm currently in the maintenance period of the Hypnobabies home study course, and it has been wonderful in helping with pregnancy discomfort and insomnia! I'm amazed at how deep into hypnosis I go after 5 weeks of daily practice. I definitely feel like I have a bunch of tools ready for my birthing time.
Question for any Hypnomoms who had VBACs: did you replace your Joyful Affirmations track with your VBAC success track? I'm alternating them when I go to sleep at night, but both say you should listen to them daily...
ShellieC's Avatar ShellieC 01:07 PM 01-13-2014
After an emergency cesarean & a grueling vbac (including an epidural that didn't work) I had an amazing 3rd birth doing the Mongon Method of hypnobirthing. It was a 4 hour labour & no tearing even though my baby's shoulder was stuck (as it was in my previous birth, causing severe tearing). The experience was amazing and I'm excited to have another hypnobirth this April! I think either method will work, the key is to use positive affirmations to release fears & to learn how to relax & let go in labour. I can't recommend a hypnobirth highly enough!!! The ONLY time I felt fear/pain controlling me was for moments during transition when I was clenching my jaw. My husband reminded me to open my mouth & instantly I slipped into a relaxed & calm state again. My nurse/ doula said that was the most amazing/ zen birth she had ever experience in all her years of labour & delivery.

I took classes last time & will do a refresher this time. Last time I hadn't started till about 6 wks before my due date!
lindsay03182014's Avatar lindsay03182014 01:15 PM 01-13-2014

@ShellieC That is so encouraging! Thank you!

ShellieC's Avatar ShellieC 01:17 PM 01-13-2014
You're welcome! Seriously I'm so amazed at hypnobirthing I'm considering teaching classes once my fourth is old enough. smile.gif
ShellieC's Avatar ShellieC 01:24 PM 01-13-2014
Oh, & I was obsessed with listening to the affirmations all through the birth. No music for me. I had some fears to face when I first got into the hospital due to a threat of possible cesarean if I didn't go into active labour fast enough, then I was reminded to put my earphones in & listen to them & it was a complete transformation. I feel my experience would have been much different without that.
I try to listen to it regularly during pregnancy too.