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I'm pregnant again after a very recent loss. We didn't plan to get pregnant again so soon, but here we are. I am a crazy anxious mess right now and would love to hear others' experiences with early bleeding.

I had a tiny bit of spotting Saturday, two days before period due. Teeny teeny tiny bit of pink. Then Sunday another tiny tiny bit of pink, just once when I went to the bathroom. Monday, positive test, slightly more spotting, brown. Yesterday, lots more spotting, dark red/brown color, enough to convince me it was a period starting and this was just a chemical pregnancy. Then it tapered off a bit in the evening, woke up with nothing at all in my liner, and this morning having more spotting, same dark brick color, but so far slightly less than yesterday.

I fully understand that I'm being neurotic, as is my right after having had a miscarriage so recently (or under any circumstances, but you know). I'm waiting on a call back from my midwife, but in the meantime if anyone has had a similar experience with prolonged spotting this early or has any insight I'd love to hear it. I'd though implantation spotting was very scant and short lived, and this is the fifth day of it. Normal? Not?

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I did not experience this myself, but I do know people who had bleeding early on and they now have healthy children. I totally understand feeling anxious. I have been there myself. I hope everything is perfectly healthy! Take care.

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There's a great thread called "When the spotting was ok" or something that's been going for a long time.  Perhaps some posters there have similar experiences?

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Hi Luckiest- I remember you from nursing mamas ttc....I just wanted to share my spotting experience. With my DD, I spotted around the time my period was due. So I assumed it was a period- I had never been pregnant before and hubby and I were on vacation and so when I saw the blood I thought "whew...we can drink!" It was our anniversary and we were away for a few days. Anyway the "period" lasted a few days and was much lighter than normal but I didn't think too much of it. 3 weeks later I was very nauseous and finally took a test. I found out I was pregnant when I was almost 8 weeks. Then a week or so later I started bleeding again. It was heavy enough that I was sure I was miscarrying but I didn't. It was bright red blood. Apparently it happens in 30% or so pregnancies. It is always terrifying..,.i hope that you are just spotting. Have you taken a test since the spotting?

So sorry that you had the loss and now you're stressed about this one. I also had a couple of early losses while ttc over the summer. My doctor recommended that I stop son turned 2 so it was a good time, and he weaned so easily. But I know that it is a difficult decision to make. So many women I hear nurse and get pregnant just fine. I think for me my hormones were depleted and the lining of my uterus wasn't lush and thick the way it should be. So now that I am 5 weeks pregnant (so far it is going well) I have to supplement with progesterone. I don't know if it's the progesterone that made the difference or weaning...or a combination.

I hope that you are just fine and this is just the very common spotting. It always seemed to happen for me around the time that my period would occur, had I not been pregnant. Once I was in the 2 nd trimester it went away.

Good luck to you!!!!!!! Take care of yourself.
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