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sarahkristy's Avatar sarahkristy 09:03 AM 11-27-2013

Found out yesterday morning that I'm PREGNANT with my 3rd... Going crazy. In disbelief but also really excited...Due Aug.10 based on date of conception...Aug.12 on first day of last period....

Which do you think is more accurate? I think I'll go with day of last period just in case I need to deliver at a hospital so I have two more days in which they won't bother me about induction. planning a home birth like my last but of course could risk out at some point.


I'm so early.... AF isn't due till Monday. I'm worried that maybe I'll just get my period and this will end...hoping this little one is here to stay because I love him/her already!


Anyone else?!

pokeyac's Avatar pokeyac 07:09 PM 11-28-2013

Congratulations sarahkristy!  I hope you have a wonderful sticky bean there and a healthy and happy pregnancy!  Giving yourself an extra 2 days on the dating sounds like a good idea to me.  My baby was 6 days late or 9 based on date of conception.  I saw that you already found another August due date buddy on another thread.  The Due Date Club should be active soon once you have a couple co-leaders and contact Cynthia Mosher with the request to open it.  Enjoy! 

nikolem2's Avatar nikolem2 05:27 PM 12-02-2013

Hi Kristy-

I am pregnant due in August, too! This is my first. According to my fertility charting I know when I conceived, so I believe my due date is generally early to mid August (right around the same date as you). I am having a hard time believing it's real since it's so early still and also my first time EVER being pregnant, but I just keep visualizing and thinking positively. I'm not sure what I should be doing just yet (I'm an "action" and list person and like to be proactive) so I am just poking around this site and started reading the "Having a Baby Naturally" book by Peggy Omara that I bought years ago. (I worked in the past as a pregnancy writer/editor and I have several fitness certifications in prenatal/postpartum specialties.)


Congrats to you! :-) I am also waiting for that DDC to open up, too.

kenziemt's Avatar kenziemt 07:40 PM 12-02-2013

I got positive HPTs this weekend. I am so thrilled to be pregnant with our first! I felt a little nuts at the doctor today when I went to get another test at the office and told them my LMP was 11/6. Due date calculators say this one will be born around 8/13. I've been pleased so far with what my health plan provides for prenatal care and services to support a natural birth. Really looking forward to my first meeting with the prenatal coordinator nurse practioner (who is also an LC!) on 1/6. And of course, excited to see the August 2014 club grow!


I am debating about when to tell my mom, who is a nurse in obstetrics. I know she could keep a secret, but I'm just worried about it! She was the prenatal coordinator in a community health center for about 20 years and has worked in a hospital in maternal-fetal medicine for about the last 10. I want her just to be my mom, not a nurse, but she has a lot of wisdom to share...

sarahkristy's Avatar sarahkristy 08:30 AM 12-03-2013

bleeding this morning... not sure whats up. It's bright red with clots so I think we are losing this pregnancy. :-(  Anyone know how long it takes for HCG to get out of the system when you miscarry this early? I'm only two days past ovulation but got a good positive at 9 dpo. and still positive this morning.

cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 11:07 AM 12-03-2013

I do hope all is well sarahkristy :hug. Think positive and relax. It could just be some bleeding that happens during some pregnancies. I have a family member who bled with clots over the first three months or so. Pregnancy is fine. :)


Anyone willing to be a DDC group leader?

cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 11:11 AM 12-03-2013

Here's the new August 2014 DDC: http://www.mothering.com/community/groups/show/61/august-2014-due-date-club


I do need a couple of coleaders to guide things along though. Just some niceties like maintaining a due date list, saying hello to new members, and posting an occasional thread to get some conversation flowing. Any takers? 

nikolem2's Avatar nikolem2 05:29 PM 12-03-2013


Congrats! I know what you mean about wanting to tell people but not being sure when. So far only my best friend (who also happens to be a labor and delivery nurse and mother of 2) knows. We are planning to tell our parents, siblings and immediate family members around Christmas, although that (just shy of 8 weeks) still seems so early to me. I'm sure your mom will understand the role of mom vs. HCP...but maybe it'll be the best situation to have her be experienced in both! ;-)

mame9sunshine's Avatar mame9sunshine 04:24 PM 12-04-2013

I am willing, though hesitant to be a coleader.  :)  I don't know all the in and outs of forums like these yet.  I have to look up acrynyms, and dont do all the fancy smiley graphics, so I feel behind!   But, if I have clear instruction on the how-tos of my duties, I can keep a due date list and work to keep conversation going.  :)