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AshleynJacy's Avatar AshleynJacy 05:48 AM 12-15-2013

My OB office told me I don't need to take anything additional to a regular prenatal vitamin. I am now 9 weeks pregnant with twins...I'm worried because I've only had 600 mcg of folate from my New Chapter vitamins. I also take an omega everyday. 

I did take prenatals the whole month before conceiving. I'm really freaking out that my twins haven't gotten enough folate...

lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 01:46 PM 12-16-2013

My IVF doctor prescribed extra folic acid because I was having twins. Check out Dr. Barbara Luke's book "When you are expecting twins, triplets, or quads" and it has a whole list of the extra vitamins and such you will want to add to your life.

LilyTiger's Avatar LilyTiger 02:09 PM 12-16-2013

You're fine, since most women with decent diets get the proper amount of folate.  The folate recommendations are primarily for those who eat a very imbalanced or malnourished diet.  And pre-conception folate is more important (or at least as important) as prenatal folate, so since you were taking it beforehand, I really think you're more than fine.