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princess544's Avatar princess544 02:31 AM 12-19-2013
It's been two weeks since the the possible date of conception, and I'm really confused on whether i may be pregnant or not. I felt really nauseous in the first week just didn't find any food appealing what so ever and constantly felt like to vomit but it just turned into a burp, I've gotten my appetite back now which is confusing but still feel nauseous from time to time kind of like continuous butterflies. I havnt gotten any breast pain yet cause I'm guessing its still too early but have been getting sweaty palms easily like when I hold my phone I get droplets of sweat on my finger tips (not even sure if that's a sign) but most of all have been feeling extremely emotional and agitated also extremely tired. I've taken four tests in the last two weeks but were all negative although I know it may be to early for it to detect. I just don't feel my self at all, just wondering if any of this sounds like I may be pregnant?

pokeyac's Avatar pokeyac 11:45 AM 12-19-2013
Many of those things could be signs of pregnancy. Have you missed your period yet? Tests get more accurate the longer you wait past the day of ovulation. Good luck!
princess544's Avatar princess544 05:13 PM 12-19-2013
I'm not too sure if I've missed my period yet as it was very irregular so I went on the pill then stopped it where I got my period again two days after I just finished due to stopping the pill, so the day after that period had stopped (which was my last) was the day of my possible conception. Sorry if that makes no sense and thank you smile.gif