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anna92's Avatar anna92 06:11 PM 01-01-2014
In late November I suffered a miscarriage and was devastated as it was unplanned. I got advised by the dr to retest a month later after being put back on the pill on the 24tg I retested and thought it was positive but was too faint to tell so I just thought maybe I was being silly however after no bleed I retested last night only to find out I am infact pregnant again. Very shocked as I am on the pill but also pleased an worried. Has anyone else suffered a mc then had a healthy pregnancy so soon after as im terrified it will fail again. Any advice would be appreciated xx

porcelina's Avatar porcelina 09:07 AM 01-02-2014

I did have a pregnancy on the first ovulation after a miscarriage (but in my case, I miscarried again -- probably due to no supplementation with progesterone which I later found out was my problem). You should schedule an appointment and get an early ultrasound to see what is going on, how far along you really are. The earlier you get a dating ultrasound, the more accurate it is. 


I know two people who were taking pill or emergency contraception early in pregnancy and both turned out just fine, so I wouldn't worry about that.


Good luck!

anna92's Avatar anna92 09:24 AM 01-02-2014
Thankyou im waiting for the Hospital to see me as had more bleeding and my dr was worried xx
porcelina's Avatar porcelina 09:30 AM 01-02-2014

Glad you will be seen soon! Keep us updated!

anna92's Avatar anna92 02:46 PM 01-02-2014
The drs are sayin im 5 weeks when the most I can be is 3 an my hcg is 427.5 which would be normal for 3 weeks an they wont listen to me ive got a scan booked tomorrow an they said ifbthey dont see a 5 weeks pregnancy they will dnc but I willr refuse as I know im not 5 wks gone its impossible. Hopin they will see my hcg go up overnight xx