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kiriaki's Avatar kiriaki 03:01 AM 02-20-2014

I am Kiriaki, 36 years old and I live in Rhodes island, Greece. I am at the 22nd week of my pregnancy,  I had an Amnio and it come out positive for mosaic isochrome 20q. I had a second examination called FISH which came out negative. All ultrasounds are normal. Information about this finding is rare, especially here in Greece. Is there anyone who faced a similar problem? Is there anyone who gave birth to a child having the same diagnosis and could tell me the health condition of the child today? 

tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 09:34 PM 02-21-2014
You could also post in toddler forum or life with a babe forum.
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 09:36 PM 02-21-2014
You've probably read this
kiriaki's Avatar kiriaki 10:58 PM 03-04-2014

Thank you very much for the advice and the information!