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love_r4ks's Avatar love_r4ks 10:17 AM 02-21-2014
Found out I'm pregnant 4 days ago joy.gif so I know what I'm going to ask doesn't really matter, but I'm curious smile.gif FF had my O day on cd16, (since 3dpo) which is when I feel I O'd. CM was sticky by cd17 and very sticky by cd18. I've continued to temp since my BFP..I'm what I thought was 14dpo and when I put in my temp this am, which wasn't much different from yesterday's temp, FF changed my O day to CD 18. (??) I've had lots of non pregnant charts and 2 other pregnancy charts and FF has never changed my O day before. Just curious if anyone knows why it did that. And do you think it's correct? smile.gif I will attempt to link to my chart..

My Ovulation Chart

mamacatsbaby's Avatar mamacatsbaby 06:46 AM 02-22-2014
Hi love_r4ks, congratulations! I remember you smile.gif . Looking at that shift on CD19 yes, I'm inclined to agree with FF. Sometimes O will happen after CF has already dried up. Plus that 7DPO dip then temps right back up seems consistent with a 9DPO BFP (which I'm guessing was faint but there? wink1.gif ). Hope you're doing well!
love_r4ks's Avatar love_r4ks 05:22 PM 02-22-2014
Hi Mamacatsbaby wave.gif I saw you over in the October due date club, huge congrats to you!!! joy.gif Thanks so much for the reply. Do you have any idea why FF had my O day originally at cd16 all the way until cd30 then? Lol. Especially since it's not like my temp did anything crazy that day or anything. lol.gif That's what's so confusing to me. If I hadn't continued to temp after my first positive tests, O would still be on cd16. And Yes, first test was super faint, which is pretty normal for me even at 13 dpo. So if I was truly 9dpo, that would be a first for me to get a positive so early. smile.gif
mamacatsbaby's Avatar mamacatsbaby 10:34 AM 02-25-2014
Thanks so much!! I'm so unbelievably thrilled and thankful for this pregnancy heartbeat.gif .

As for your chart, who knows why FF does what it does lol.gif . I see the program moved your O date back to CD16 ROTFLMAO.gif . I guess b/c of the positive OPK and ewcf, even though from what I understand about OPK's (no personal experience with 'em) O happens 12-36/48 hours after a positive. I look at the temps ultimately and it really does look like CD18 to me. Either way you're good and preggers so yay! orngbiggrin.gif Are you going to be joining us in October? smile.gif
love_r4ks's Avatar love_r4ks 11:21 PM 02-27-2014
I'm starting to realize that about FF..who knows! Lol. It changed o date again because i had been messing around with my chart and I discarded one temp before O. It also changed my O date when I discarded just one temp after O. I'm done obsessing about it now. lol.gif. And the only reason why I left it at CD 16 is because I like the Oct 31st due date more. winky.gif My new obsession is continuing to POAS and praying the line gets darker. Discovered that wondfo tests are horrible, but nice dark lines on other tests are helping me start to relax smile.gif Will probably join the oct ddc at some point, (even though I'm sure I'll deliver in November. I went to 41+ weeks with all 6 of my kids) but I always feel guilty when I join/introduce myself on a board and then don't post much..with 5 kids my time on message boards is limited. Thanks again for trying to help me make sense of my chart smile.gif