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alivewithyou's Avatar alivewithyou 08:01 PM 07-16-2014
My EDD is February 25th after 8 months of trying and one miscarriage. This will be our first.

monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 09:45 AM 07-17-2014
I think I have everyone added now except kewpie - let me know if I need to add/change anything. Also, the colors look screwed up, at least on my computer, and I haven't been able to fix it, even editing the HTML directly.

Tracy - ouchie! That doesn't sound fun. I'm guessing with that history, this will definitely be a repeat section?

AFM, GIRL BABY!!! I'm so excited. I would have adjusted and become excited if it were a boy, but I'm happy I didn't have to adjust to that. No official word on the cyst, but I didn't see her measuring anything while she was taking the pictures. She also said she wouldn't worry if she were me, so I'm pretty sure it's gone. Even if it isn't, it's probably still not a big deal. HB was 150. Only bad news is baby is currently frank breech. Not that big of a deal at this point, but not the best news. DS was head down at his 20 week ultrasound, and every mw check after that, so breech was never a concern for him. At least it confirms my feeling that this baby is way more wiggly and all over the place than my son.
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 09:55 AM 07-17-2014
@monkeyscience - A girl!!!!! Very exciting! And a healthy baby is even more exciting! I seriously wouldn't worry about positioning at this point. It's so early. If you want you could start looking at spinning babies to start getting your positioning correct to help baby get HER (!) positioning correct. The only bad part about having one of each is now everyone will say to you, "Oh one of each, now you can be done", like somehow it's a requirement..... Anyways, that's a rant for another day. I'm sure a ton of people will think this pregnancy of mine is an accident because we "should" be done with one of each and because of the spacing. Oh, if they only knew.....

@tracyamber - Woo-hoo on a good ultrasound!!!!! So excited for you! Hopefully you're getting a lot of rest.
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 10:00 AM 07-17-2014
@monkeyscience !!!!!!!
Congrats on your girl!!!!!!!!!! That is so exciting, I'm jealous you are so close!

My blurb
TTC since December 2012 through IVF with no success. With a change of clinic and donors eggs we had success 0n June 6,2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does that sound okay?
iixivboots's Avatar iixivboots 07:28 PM 07-17-2014
@monkeyscience A girl! Perfect! Congrats. I also have a cyst. I had one last time almost the same size (I think it was 5 mm, this one is 6. Probably from the clomid. Never presented a problem last time, hoping it won't this time either!)

First OB appointment went well. Had a t/v u/s and probably will until we can hear them on the doppler. Babies measuring perfectly at 9 weeks, heartbeats 178 and 179. Their heartbeats are so close, I wonder if that is a clue they are the same sex? Ahhh, can't wait to know. Saw Baby B wiggling around a little! Tomorrow perinatology consult for multiples, my weight, mthfr, thyroid. Just a one time thing for now.

Is anyone doing MaternitT21 or any of the other genetic blood tests? Maternit21 is the one that works for twins. I am going to do it, I think. Maybe as soon as next week, need to call and see how much it will cost with insurance. We have a high deductible so maybe it won't be covered. Who knows.
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 03:52 PM 07-18-2014
When are you suppose to get the materniT result back???????? Thinking about you!
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 04:07 PM 07-18-2014
Yep I'm doing the MaterniT21 test. It's not back yet. I called. Maybe Monday.

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iixivboots's Avatar iixivboots 05:28 PM 07-18-2014
When did you get it done? I need to call next week I guess.
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 05:30 PM 07-18-2014
Originally Posted by Xerxella View Post
Yep I'm doing the MaterniT21 test. It's not back yet. I called. Maybe Monday.

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Damn I'm sorry, nothing like waiting ,ugh. Im sure everything is good though. Sending you hugs X
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 05:31 PM 07-18-2014
Originally Posted by iixivboots View Post
When did you get it done? I need to call next week I guess.
Hey, I think xerxella posted about it on page 18 or 17 a week ago
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 05:38 PM 07-18-2014
UPDATE!!!! It's negative!

What a relief! I'm still taking awhile to process and believe. So, that means, BOTH babies are do not have those trisomies and are therefore, more than likely, genetically normal.

What a relief. I've been mentally prepping myself for bad news. All along, we've had genetic abnormalities. 5 of the 6 losses were probably from genetic causes. I just can't hardly believe it.
@iixivboots - we had the blood drawn last Thursday. So, a week and a day to get results. And we were 12 weeks.

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iixivboots's Avatar iixivboots 06:33 PM 07-18-2014
Yay! So happy for you. I have no history of anything, but the test is still scary, especially because if there is a risk, right to amnio.
Did it detect any y chromosomes or did they tell you?
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 07:47 PM 07-18-2014
Hip hip hooray!!!!!!!!
monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 08:08 PM 07-18-2014
Yay for that good news, Xerxella! And I also want to know if you got in clues on boy(s)/girl(s).
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 06:16 AM 07-19-2014
I told them I didn't want to know if there was any Y chromosome at this time. Maybe later. I can't decide. We didn't find out with my first 2. But I just can't decide. They said I could call at any time and get the info.....

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iixivboots's Avatar iixivboots 08:23 PM 07-21-2014
I'll be going in for the bloodwork for the Maternit21 test this week.
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 08:40 AM 07-22-2014
Wednesday is my last day on liquid progesterone!!!!!!!!
Last night was my last injection of estradiol!!
July 31st will be my lady day on progesterone suppositories and baby aspirin!
I know some can relate to this.
I'm also wondering if I might feel better when off of the medication because my body is making its own and I won't have the extra.ant thoughts.... @Xerxella @Sourire ??????
Sourire's Avatar Sourire 08:47 AM 07-22-2014
Tracy - the first time I tried stopping progesterone at 10 weeks pregnant I started spotting a few hours after my first missed dose so I went back on right away and everything was fine. I took it for 2 more weeks then I weaned off gradually spacing out the doses more and more, and I did not have anymore spotting. My nausea also decreased significantly once I was off the progesterone.
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 10:00 AM 07-22-2014
Originally Posted by Sourire View Post
Tracy - the first time I tried stopping progesterone at 10 weeks pregnant I started spotting a few hours after my first missed dose so I went back on right away and everything was fine. I took it for 2 more weeks then I weaned off gradually spacing out the doses more and more, and I did not have anymore spotting. My nausea also decreased significantly once I was off the progesterone.
Good to know, I have been thinking about you. How are you and the family??
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 10:29 AM 07-22-2014
@iixivboots - good luck with the mat21 test. It's really comforting to get those negative results. Things can still go wrong, but that's one hurdle.
@tracyamber - I honestly didn't notice any difference. But, it was great not getting a shot every night!

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Sourire's Avatar Sourire 02:36 PM 07-22-2014
Tracy - we're doing great. We're about to take a 7 hour flight to Europe with the baby, hopefully she's in a good mood!
monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 08:22 AM 07-23-2014
Sourire - We flew to Hawaii when ds was 4.5 months. It went pretty well. Trust me, it's easier when they're little and can't wiggle as much! Have fun!

I think I have everyone on the roster except Kewpie. Also, I don't know if you want more of a blurb, Boots. Just let me know.

AFM, 30 weeks today. Still feeling kind of done with being pregnant, and like I have the squirmiest baby on earth in my tummy! But things are going all right overall. I still haven't heard anything back about my ultrasound or bloodwork last Thursday, so I'm just going with the assumption no news is good news!

Sorry I'm not posting much - I'm always reading along, just lazy a lot of the time!
kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 10:38 PM 07-23-2014
You can add me to the roster. I guess my blurb can be: EDD Feb 17 (Babies #3 and #4 )

Sorry I've been MIA. We took a trip to CO and just got back late last night.
monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 01:24 PM 07-24-2014
Got you added. Your name color thing worked, cannot figure out why some will work and some won't. :P
NaturallyMo's Avatar NaturallyMo 07:28 AM 07-25-2014
I woke this morning in a great mood. I had a great night's sleep, no achiness, no nausea, nada. I actually feel...*gulp* good today. Maybe because its Friday, maybe because this time next week I will know if this baby is a boy or girl. I'm just ready to get to Tuesday and know what the deal is. I literally don't think I will be able to concentrate at work at all that day.
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 09:14 AM 07-25-2014
@NaturallyMo I'm glad you feel good today!
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 09:20 AM 07-25-2014
Hi everyone
It's so quiet!!! What's going on? Xerxella how are you feeling. You asked me if I thought I was on the downward slope of morning sickness about two weeks ago and now I think I am.
I have had intermittent days and times if feeling good. I just get so damn exhausted. Yesterday I vacuumed, cleaned the shower and I was exhausted. I wonder if the pregnancy is so exhausting because I'm older or if just every pregnancy is different.
@ monkeyscience, I wish I was as close as you to meeting my baby!!! Are you having any Braxton's?
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 10:00 AM 07-25-2014
@tracyamber - Yeah the exhaustion is killer. I've wondered the same thing. Am I so exhausted because I'm older or because its twins? I'm sure it's both.

AFM - We're leaving on vacation today, so I'll be out if pocket all next week. I think I picked up 2 separate heartbeats last night in the Doppler, so that made me feel better. There's at least one in there!

How's everyone else doing?

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kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 10:17 AM 07-25-2014
I've been exhausted as well. I emptied half the dishwasher and needed a rest. haha 2 days ago, we laid down carpet in the kids' room and switched to toddler beds and cleaned and I'm still recovering.

We're seriously considering moving in with my inlaws for the last 3 months of the pregnancy and first 3 months after the babies are born. We live in Utah and they live in CO. This is such a huge and hard decision. We've been married 15 years and have never lived with anyone before. They have a large house and we'd have almost full run of their finished basement, but it's still tough, ya know? I get along great with my MIL and she's super sweet and doesn't step on toes, but my FIL is a different story. He can be an ass. He's super controlling and runs his mouth sometimes. We were there visiting for a long weekend last week and he decided to set up some electric trains on the floor in the living room. Maisie and Liam were curious of course and Liam is OBSESSED with trains. My FIL kept yelling at them for getting too close. I was super annoyed. They're 2 years old for crying out loud! Also, I was teaching Maisie something while there and he stepped in and started talking to her over me. I'm worried about how much he'll take over.

That said, the closest family we have here in Utah is about 30-40 minutes away and she has 5 children of her own, so not much help. I'm mainly worried about what we'll do with M&L when i go into labor or if I have the complications I did with them again. I had unexplained bleeding around 22 weeks that put me in the hospital for 3-4 days. I had a shortening cervix starting around 20 weeks that put me on bedrest from then till the end. Then I developed pre-eclampsia and had to be induced at 36 weeks.

We own our own house and would come back to it after the 6 months is up, so we wouldn't have to move ALL of our stuff. We'd just take the essentials and put our valuables into storage. We'd do this in mid-october, so not a huge amount of time.

Plus, I'd have to switch OBs, endocrinologist, Maternal fetal specialist, find a new hospital, chiropractor, and also a new pediatrician for my kids and then switch back to the originals. We also have 4 cats that we'd either need to rehome or somehow find someone will to take care of them for 6 months.
NaturallyMo's Avatar NaturallyMo 10:58 AM 07-25-2014
Oh wow @Kewpie that's a lot. I say go with what your gut tells you is the best decision.
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