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monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 02:47 PM 08-06-2014
Sorry for my random fragmented posts - I don't seem to be able to sit down and get all my thoughts together at once!

I did mean to say thanks, Autumn, for the idea of keeping my legs close together when rolling in bed. It's made a significant difference in how painful it is for me to roll over! And it's pretty counterintuitive (at least, it was to me), so I never would have though to try it.

AFM, 32 week visit went well. Choroid plexus cyst is gone, so that's good. I passed my GTT by the skin of my teeth - 137, and the cutoff they use is 140. Apparently some places use a stricter cutoff of 130, but my doctor was good with 140, due to my weight and ethnicity (apparently some ethnicities are more prone to gestational diabetes - not something I knew before, but something my doctor has mentioned a couple of times). She said my iron levels were okay, because they were above 10, but the actual copy of the labwork I got listed them as low. It was 11.something, and the lab cutoff for adequate was 12 something. So I'm going to be trying to get in two rounds of iron a day, instead of just one. She wasn't 100% certain, but thought the baby is now vertex, so that's good. She said she'll do a quick scan at 35 weeks to confirm that. I'm not thrilled about that (I wish I still had my midwives, who were much more confident with their palpation skills), but I assume it will be a very, very quick look. If the baby is breech, it looks like ECV or c-section would be my only options - she did not sound supportive of breech birth really at all. So I'll be hoping baby girl keeps her head down! I'm supposed to write up my birth plan for my 35 week visit and go over it with the doctor, who will then fax it to the hospital. She says her only real "sticking point" is Vitamin K - she's very strongly in favor of that. We ended up getting it with my son because the midwife (who had seen our plan to refuse it prior to the birth) really pushed it on us the night ds was born, which kind of ticked me off. So I'll have to think about whether or not that's a fight worth having. Scheduled all my appointments through 40 weeks today - this is starting to get very real!

Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 06:05 PM 08-06-2014
I've been thinking about vitamin k lately, too. I'd rather not, but at the same time, it does seem rather mundane and if you're one of the rare ones who REALLY needs it, you'll be glad you got it. I wish more places were supportive of oral vitamin k. It seems so much easier.

What's everybody else thinking/ doing?
rcr's Avatar rcr 08:31 PM 08-06-2014
Monkey and X - we did oral vitamin K.
rcr's Avatar rcr 08:49 PM 08-06-2014
Hope - thanks for the advice. I really liked the part about not letting IF take this away too. I hadn't thought of it like that. Sorry about your dog.

Silver and Tracy - the whole thing about family history gets even funnier after they are born. Everybody tells me how much she looks like either me or DH, and we just laugh. There are always weird moments at the doctors office - like even little things like being allergic to peanuts. We choose to have fun with it. I went to the gynacologist for the first time since IVF and she asked me what I am doing about birth control. I told her that infertility and being 40 is birth control. She said, well, you just got pregnant. I just laughed and told her that I don't need birth control.

Milk -yay! That makes me so happy.

Blue - like Silver and Monkey said, please pop in. I miss you, old friend. We went through so much together
MakeItSew's Avatar MakeItSew 06:15 AM 08-07-2014
Originally Posted by Milk8shake View Post
Despite reading along every few days, I've been way too paranoid to post here since my first scan. As it turns out, all my follow up scans after the first one have been good. I'm 12 weeks today.

My NT scan is booked for the 6th and I am nervous as hell about it. My primary fear of course, is that the baby won't be alive. I'm also terrified of genetic abnormalities. We've been on the wrong side of the odds for so long and on so many occasions, I feel like if the baby IS alive, then there will almost certainly be something wrong. Finally, if the baby is alive, and normal, then I have to have a cerclage, which has it's own risk of causing miscarriage. I feel as though there is no way I'm going to make it through this next week without some bad news. It's excruciating.

The hardest part is that my husband is excited. Really excited. He came to my last scan, which they did in 3D, and he was just blown away. He hasn't been emotionally invested in any of our other pregnancies since the first, in 2009. And now he is, and I'm so worried that he is going to be crushed.

Apologies for the AAM.
@Milk8shake I am coming out of stalker hiding to root for this baby! I used to stalk the Bitter Sushi Ladies thread, but never chimed in because my problem is staying pregnant, not getting pregnant. Fingers crossed that this is finally the sticky baby you deserve so much.
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 06:55 AM 08-07-2014
@Milk8shake - I hope the procedure is going/went well this morning. Rest up. We're thinking about you.

@MakeItSew - There are a few of us around who's main problem is staying pregnant, not getting pregnant. That's why we called it the "Fertility Challenged" thread. It's for all of us. If you're still in the trying phase, the Fertility Challenged Thread under Infertilty is wonderful with lots of people, with ots of different stories. Please know, you are welcome.
kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 06:45 PM 08-07-2014
Milk- I'm floored by your update. So amazing! I hope everything continues to go well.
iixivboots's Avatar iixivboots 07:27 PM 08-07-2014
So happy for all the great news and support in this thread, even if I haven't been around long enough to know all of you. It's just super encouraging.

My Maternit21 test results came back non-reportable. I don't know why, I read online it could be because of my higher BMI, but they said it was the twins and wanted to do a redraw at 15 w3d. (So specific?) I know Xerxella's worked fine. Anyway, I am 12 weeks right now and I decided to do an NT scan instead. I am so glad we did that. Got to see both babies moving around looking great. Tech was very happy. A is slightly bigger than dates and B is measuring perfect. We are so happy and my anxiety is starting to reduce a bit. Now we're just hoping we aren't going to have to pay for the Maternit21 test, we will be calling Sequonim directly.

It's been hard not to read lots of doom and gloom stuff about twins. I was on a FB group and someone posted pictures of her babies she lost without any warning. Anyway, I missed this group and I'm looking forward to staying caught up. I actually am not so tired and starving all the time, so hopefully that will help.
monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 07:46 PM 08-07-2014
Boots - Wow, never heard of that (unreportable results). That's got to be unnerving! Glad your ultrasound was reassuring.

Also, I was directed to an excellent, research-based article on Vitamin K today. Very long, but so worth reading. (Xerxella, this should be right up your alley!)
iixivboots's Avatar iixivboots 08:38 PM 08-07-2014
It actually just means there wasn't enough fetal dna to analyze, and I was pretty sure it wasn't indicative of a problem with the twinsies because of what I'd read online. So no harm unless they try to make us pay! Well, no clues as to the sexes but oh well.
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 08:17 AM 08-08-2014
@iixivboots - Yeah on a good u/s! As far as the Mat21 testing, I would think the'd say, send a new sample and we'll only charge you once. Like you noted, I don't think it's an indication of a problem, just and indication that your blood sample didn't hold enough fetal DNA. There's really so very little fetal DNA, it's only surprising that an inconclusive result doesn't hapen MORE often! Believe me, I know it's hard to stay positive! But, the fact that these beans look good and you've successfully carried a pregnancy before means that the odds are on your side for everything to work out. Now, I just need to convince myself of that!
kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 10:51 AM 08-08-2014
We had our 12 week u/s yesterday. Both are still looking good. I'll be starting to see the perinatologist starting beginning of september. I love seeing them cause their u/s equipment is so much more detailed.
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Milk8shake's Avatar Milk8shake 04:09 PM 08-08-2014
Thanks for all the stalker love. I think the procedure went as well as could be expected, although it was far more painful than I expected, which was not a lot of fun. I think I was expecting it to be similar to post D&C, which it certainly was not. I was on strict rest (no getting out of bed) for 24 hours, and now I'm allowed to "potter" around from bed to couch to shower etc but nothing more, until after my follow up which is next Thursday.

At the morning rounds, the doctor was talking to me about staying a second night if I felt I needed it, and I was leaning toward doing that. I had had the room to myself for the first night, but the following morning they moved this horrible redneck family in with me (it was a twin room). I'd been so glad to be alone on the quiet antenatal ward, not having to see or hear any babies. Then, BAM! This stupid woman was a teenager, 29 weeks with twins and all they (her, mum and boyfriend) could talk about was that they hoped she had them this weekend, because it would be much more convenient for everyone, and they wouldn't need as much time off work, etc. "Bragging" about how her babies would be okay because they were already bigger than some of the babies in the SCN. The mum and boyfriend kept insulting each other and it was really horrible. On top of that, I had to listen while they did routine doppler checks on the babies, so I spent a fair bit of yesterday crying, and I was so glad to get the hell out of there in the end.

Sorry for AAM, I'm far too self centred at the moment for anything else.
kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 08:51 PM 08-08-2014
Milk - that sounds awful! I can't believe they'd want to put their babies at risk for convenience. It's not just about size. Ugh. I feel sorry you had to be subjected to their nonsense. Don't worry about the aam. You have plenty to worry about.
kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 08:52 PM 08-08-2014
I am so constipated and in agony. Sorry for tmi...
monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 10:31 PM 08-08-2014
Milk - Glad things went fairly well. Sorry about the pain. And extra sorry about the idiots in that room. I feel sad for the babies that are coming into that situation. I hope those twins can stay put for awhile, as it doesn't sound like the family has any notion of how to take care of such fragile babies.

Kewpie - I understand your pain. I'm not having that issue any more, but I have horror stories from early pregnancy that I will never tell the details of to anyone. Ever. Zofran does NOT do good things to your bowels. Glad the babies look good, though!

Boots - Glad it's not so weird a result after all. I'd think with twins, you should have more DNA. But maybe there wasn't enough considering it is twins? Anyway, I hope you get things worked out.

AFM, DS had a fever yesterday that spiked last night, and he has been insanely fussy from last night till tonight. All while dh is gone on business. And he was supposed to get back tonight, but his flight got delayed, and he missed the last plane out of Minneapolis. So now he won't be home till almost lunch tomorrow. Meanwhile, DS has been super clingy, and has spent a lot of time sleeping or glassy eyed on my chest/lap/uncomfortably pregnant abdomen. And has gotten absolutely enraged at me several times for laying on the couch, though I can't figure out why. Blessedly, his fever seems to be gone, so hopefully he won't be so needy tomorrow. It was hard having him clearly need me so much, but feeling like vomiting or passing out because of the positions I was forced to sit in while holding him. Motherhood is a weird thing - his fussiness was simultaneously heartbreaking and really, really irritating.
hope4light's Avatar hope4light 05:59 AM 08-11-2014
Milk - Glad it's done, but sorry for the crap you dealt with while there!!!

Kewpie - just got hugs for you. Man do I remember those moments.... and YEAH! for good u/s!

Monkey - I also totally understand that! Glad he's feeling better, and hope that he still is now (2 days later).
lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 07:09 AM 08-11-2014
Ugh, a wonderfully crafted response lost because my baby picked up the mouse and clicked something. Oh, for teh days of "draft" on mothering anyway.
@Milk8shake so exciting to hear that you have made it to 12 weeks. I am rooting and praying for you and your little one and for you DH too.
@rcr every time I see a picture of you and your little girl and boy on facebook it makes me think how amazing genetics can be that your little girl looks like you even if you do not share any DNA.
@iixivboots come here for twin talk with out doom and gloom. Remember, I was "morbidly" obese when I got pregnant with my twins. Yes, I got gestational diabetes but I was able to control it with diet and exercise. I went to 40 weeks 1 day because I kept scheduling my prenatal appointments on Fridays hoping that I would spontaneously go into labor. Unlike most of the people on "multiple munchkins" facebook group I didn't think I needed to evict my babies just because they had passed the 38 week mark. I wish I could have waited for labor to spontaneously start because I think that the induction lead directly to my c-section because I had eaten no food for 36 hours except apple juice and jello and I wasn't in my right mind anymore. I loved it when my ob said I was having a "boringly normal" twin pregnancy.

AFM, well, if the sickness in the house will ever pass I will be happier. At least Daddy went to work today. He gets testy when he spends all day with the boys because the rambunctiousness of them is more than he can handle. the boys seem to be feeling better, even if they still have runny noses. Friday Aug 1 was the beginning of my twins "fever, cough, runny nose, watery eyes" week. It was terrible with them waking all the time all night long. Worse than when they were newborns because especially Edward, my cry wolf baby, wouldn't be comforted by just nursing and William, my sleep through the night baby, seemed to only be comforted by a warm bath - doing that several times a night gets old fast. The babies got well, then my husband got a fever and was coughing and achy. He came home from work on Thursday because his coworkers said he was pale and when I checked his temp was 100.2 degrees F. Hopefully today will be better.
rcr's Avatar rcr 08:02 PM 08-11-2014
Milk: sorry, that sounds horrible. I live in the land of 18 year old redneck moms (the American South), so I can imagine exactly how it was. Glad the procedure was ok though.

I am going back to work tomorrow after the whole summer off, and part time for the entire last spring semester. Little biscuit is going to my friends house (she stays home with her kids). I have been dreading this day for a long time.
rcr's Avatar rcr 08:23 PM 08-11-2014
I stalk the fertility challenged grads once in a while.. not much though. With Silverbird's news that she is pregnant, that means (I think) that every one of the people I knew over on "the other side" has moved on to the grads thread. Some were there for like forever, but I think everyone has moved on finally. I don't recognize any of the names over there now. Thank goodness for happy endings. I wish there as a good way to tell all the ladies on the other side that there is hope, that they will move on eventually, and life will be better.... but I don't really know how to say it. I don't go there very much because I can feel their pain and it is so real and recent for me still, but I am so glad that eventually everybody moves on and (mostly) gets pregnant somehow.
Milk8shake's Avatar Milk8shake 08:24 PM 08-11-2014
Ugh, crampy contraction-y feelings. Rang midwife, going in for a scan soon. Terrified.
monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 09:36 PM 08-11-2014
Praying for you. Hope you see a squirmy little bean with a nice heartbeat.
Milk8shake's Avatar Milk8shake 01:25 AM 08-12-2014
I have no idea how this keeps happening, but the scan was okay. Every time I'm certain it's over, and the baby is just chillin'.
Baby, placenta, etc all look good. Heartbeat was 157, measuring 13+2. Cerclage is "perfect" and cervix is the same length as pre surgery.
This is officially the longest I have ever stayed pregnant.

They can't say why I'm having these cramps - so unsettling, they feel just like early miscarriage contractions.
Tear78's Avatar Tear78 05:54 AM 08-12-2014
Milk8, I'm so glad the scan showed everything looks good. Could the cerclage be causing some cramping? Or could you be feeling your uterus stretch as the baby grows? There are definitely crampy/ stretchy phases that I remember. Ugh... How unsettling! I'm glad your midwife is quick to give you a scan for sanity's sake. Keep growing strong, little one!
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 06:22 AM 08-12-2014
@Milk8shake - I was going to guess the cerclage, too. But, I feel tons of pain pretty frequently from round ligament pain. I know because it's more along the sides and not directly in the middle. Your uterus is growing more than ever before and it's got challenges of it's own.

Huge hugs. I don't think anything will make you feel good about this pregnancy until someone puts a crying baby in your arms. (At least, that's how I feel).
alivewithyou's Avatar alivewithyou 07:55 AM 08-12-2014
Hi ladies I've been a bit of a lurker lately due to exhaustion and nausea. Today I have another check up. Almost 12 weeks and if we hear a heartbeat today we will probably work on taking an announcement picture. I feel pretty confident about this baby but asking for good vibes as I know I'll be a nervous wreck by the time my appointment rolls around at 4 pm today.
monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 11:37 AM 08-12-2014
Glad for the good news, milk. And I know it's not really going to help, but cramps are often a part of a normal, healthy pregnancy.

Alive - praying for good news. I totally understand being both confident and anxious!
MakeItSew's Avatar MakeItSew 01:55 PM 08-12-2014
Originally Posted by Milk8shake View Post
They can't say why I'm having these cramps - so unsettling, they feel just like early miscarriage contractions.
Keeping my fingers crossed for you, but I will say that I cramped pretty regularly when I was pregnant with my daughter. My sister-in-law also had monthly bleeding! Bodies are really, really weird. And I'm sure your cervix isn't stoked about the cerclage.
alivewithyou's Avatar alivewithyou 06:04 PM 08-12-2014
Appointment went well. Baby's heartbeat was 158-160. So I am finally feeling like this baby is here to stay. I am so grateful and excited.
monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 06:56 PM 08-12-2014
Originally Posted by alivewithyou View Post
Appointment went well. Baby's heartbeat was 158-160. So I am finally feeling like this baby is here to stay. I am so grateful and excited.

My son actually slept last night, so that was wonderful. And even though I felt like I was coming down with the same thing, it hasn't gotten terrible. Almost 33 weeks. I keep telling myself, 8 more weeks, at most (though I wouldn't actually induce till closer to 42 - hoping it doesn't come to that!). I'm just done with pregnancy. Started working on a baby "registry", mostly in case someone wants to give me a gift, and also to sort through what we need in my own mind. So far I think I have a couple of small diaper covers on it, and that's it. I need to pick a winter-weather cover for the carseat, too. Other than that, I'm thinking some girly winter clothes 0-3 M and 3-6 M are really all we need. Oh, and I put a combo swing/bouncy seat on it, but I don't know if baby will actually like either thing, so I'm not set on buying it ahead of time. (ds hated the swing, but slept in the bouncy seat until he was about 9 months old).
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