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SilaMarila's Avatar SilaMarila 09:07 AM 04-19-2014

Just lurking :) 


Sourire - Omg you are so close!!!! You're going to have a baby!!!


rcr- At her last weigh in on the 1st my little girl was 19lb 9oz. She'll be 5mo. on the 24th so I think we've got you beat :)


So happy for all of you that are finally pregnant!

mainebaby's Avatar mainebaby 06:41 PM 04-20-2014

Autumn - Hope you found the type of clothes you needed! Isn't it funny how sometimes we buy things for the babies we hope to have, years in advance? I always wanted to but never did until we started IVF. Too chicken! I just scored a huge stash of maternity clothes from my sis-in-law! She's a couple sizes bigger than me but in casual maternity clothes it's just the difference between a S & M so by the third tri I'll probably fit into everything. I scored a bellaband (shrunk it a bit so it fits now!!) 2 prs of jeans, 1 pr yoga pants, 2 LS shirts, and probably 8 or so short sleeve/sleeveless tops. I'm so happy - can't believe I was dreaming about this years ago and now it's really happening :)

monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 05:17 PM 04-22-2014
Still need to do personals when I can get in the computer, but I'm reading along. Good appointment yesterday. Heartbeat was good, uterus is growing, have gained some weight. Still sick, but not quite as deathly so.

Autumn, I totally started wearing maternity pants early because I absolutely could not stand waistbands on my stomach. You are not crazy!
Sourire's Avatar Sourire 09:12 PM 04-22-2014

autumn - Glad you're feeling better! Do you think it has anything to do with stopping the extra hormones you were taking? I had a HUGE problem with waistbands in the first half of my pregnancy, anything that pressed into my stomach made my nausea awful and the worst pants were actually my maternity pants with the stretch fabric that went over my belly, whenever I wore those I just wanted to die. I think dresses are your best bet if you can manage them! I lived in sweater-dresses and leggings for most of my pregnancy (I had one pair of maternity leggings that were really loose at the waist).


maine - I definitely agree that getting pregnant after all those years of trying is a great reason to celebrate and there's nothing wrong with announcing it on Facebook... when I announced I was a bit worried I would hurt the feelings of others struggling with infertility, but I made sure to mention that it took me 3 years to conceive on my Facebook announcement because I know that when I was TTC it hurt much less to hear announcements when I knew they came from other people who had been through similar struggles.


Shopping - I actually bought my first 2 items of baby clothing ever a few days ago! I got a ton of hand-me-down clothes so I didn't really need to buy anything... I ordered these two onesies online because they reminded me of what a journey we went through to get this baby:


monkey - I'm glad you're starting to feel better! 


AFM - I had some pregnancy photos taken this weekend and I am thrilled with the results! Here are a few of my favorites that I wanted to share with you guys:



mainebaby's Avatar mainebaby 12:37 PM 04-23-2014

@Sourire - Love the pics! The first one is my fav, very "eternal" looking I guess, classy! Those onesies are perfect! I was thinking of using the phrase "worth the wait" in our announcement somehow. Oh and I have been in love with the name Liliana, spelled exactly that way, for over a year! It's in my top two girls names. :) Great minds think alike and all that....

NaturallyMo's Avatar NaturallyMo 01:09 PM 04-23-2014

It's so great to see some familiar faces over here! *waving* hola.gif And now I'm joining the club!

tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 01:10 PM 04-23-2014
@Sourire I love the pictures. I just cannot believe how time flies. You will have your take home baby!!!! I wish we could have a thread baby shower for you he he
I like the Onesies too.
NaturallyMo's Avatar NaturallyMo 01:13 PM 04-23-2014

Here's my blurb for posting:


NaturallyMo - EDD Dec 22- expecting baby #2 (or maybe #2 and #3 :1praying) after exactly one year to the day of trying and 3 rounds of clomid

monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 03:34 PM 04-24-2014

Yay, we actually have a month with two grads in it now! Welcome, Mo!!


Fun pics, Sourire! You could not pay me enough money to take pictures of my naked belly, but you are a cute pregnant lady! I like the onesies, too.


AFM, we have a house!! Very worried about how this will all work out, but we have a contract on a house. Inspection will be next week, closing at the end of May. I am going to miss my local family and friends so much, but looking forward to dh being home every night, and having the move over with. So much to do between now and then, though!

hope4light's Avatar hope4light 06:57 PM 04-25-2014
S ourire the pix are beautiful! you are so close!

Mo congrats!!!

hi to everyone else
Autumnlaughing's Avatar Autumnlaughing 07:51 PM 04-25-2014

@monkeyscience - congrats on the house!!! 


@NaturallyMo - welcome!  


@Sourire - the pictures are great, and so are the onesies :)  I'll have to find one like the "worth the wait" :)  During my 2ww, I indulged in a little searching for cute IVF baby clothes, but I didn't have much luck - that's one of the best I've seen!

Sourire's Avatar Sourire 01:30 PM 04-27-2014
Welcome Mo!

Monkey - congrats on your house! That is very exciting!

Autumn - I ordered the onesies from cafepress.com, they have tons of IVF themed stuff

AFM - I'm feeling pretty stressed out right now! I found out a couple of days ago that my baby is breech and though I'm doing everything I can to get her to turn, there's a good chance I might have to have a C-section. I'm willing to attempt a vaginal breech birth, and my midwife can hook me up with a doctor who does vaginal breech births, but right now the baby is not in a good position to be born vaginally (her feet would come out first instead of her bum). The idea of having a C-section really upsets me. I've been practicing Hypnobabies for months and visualizing a beautiful natural birth. I'm also concerned that my endometriosis could grow around a C-section scar and make it even harder to get pregnant next time. I keep trying to convince myself that what really matters after all those years of infertility is having a healthy baby, no matter how she comes into the world, but I've always looked forward to the experience of childbirth and it really breaks my heart that I might miss out on that.
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 02:37 PM 04-27-2014
@Sourire hoping she turns. There is time. My friend recently thought the same thing then one day the baby turned after she had been stressed for four days.
monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 07:09 PM 04-27-2014
Oh, Sourire, I would be upset, too. I'm glad you have access to doctors that will do breech deliveries, but I hope baby girl turns for you.
hope4light's Avatar hope4light 07:03 AM 04-28-2014
Sourire - I'm sorry!! I hope hope hope baby girl turns for you!
mainebaby's Avatar mainebaby 01:13 PM 04-28-2014

@Sourire - Hope baby Liliana turns for you! 


AFM: Had my first US today @ exactly 8wks!! Baby's HB was 164, baby measured correctly for due date and everything looked good. I got to see the HB! The pics make my heart sing!!


Autumnlaughing's Avatar Autumnlaughing 05:12 PM 04-28-2014

@Sourire - I'll have my fingers crossed that she turns, too!  Or at least pulls her legs up! 


@mainebaby - that's exciting! 


AFM - I'm still feeling pretty awful.  Any pressure on my belly makes me feel worse - I can't imagine how this is going to get better as the kid takes up more room!  But I'll keep hoping that it does...

mainebaby's Avatar mainebaby 09:42 AM 04-29-2014

We announced today. Here are the pics we used!



lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 11:26 AM 04-29-2014
@Sourire Have you tried a chiropractor who specializes in the Webster technique to get babies in a better position? I went 3 days before my babies birth even though my boys were head down, but the first wasn't as engaged as he cound be. Made my back feel great for the last few days of pregnancy. Unfortunately my twins locked heads and I ended up with a section after 36 hours of pitocin induced labor. The doctor on call that weekend would have let me labor on since she knew how important it was to have a natural vaginal delivery but all I had eaten in 36 hours was popsicles and jello and I certainly wasn't in my right mind at that point. I hope you can find the best way to have your little one so she is healthy.

AFM: it is hard to believe a year ago I had just learned that both embryos had implanted and I was going to have twins. Now I have two sweet boys.
monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 08:33 PM 04-30-2014

@Autumnlaughing - yeah, pressure on my belly has been the awfulest thing every for the first trimester and a half with both pregnancies. For me, at least, it does get less awful as the pregnancy progresses. Maybe because your body gives up trying to hold it all in and pops out? Anyway, don't give up hope! It will probably feel better eventually. Like I said, for me, the full-panel maternity pants were more comfortable because they spread the pressure lightly over my whole abdomen, instead of concentrating it in one tight band like the lower-rise maternity pants. (Lower belly was always more sensitive for me). But Sourire and others have had the opposite experience, so try some different things to see what helps. I'm still really wishing I could find a nightgown that wasn't super short or hideous-looking so I would only have my underwear to contend with at night!


@NaturallyMo - How are you doing? When do you have another appointment scheduled? (Or do you?) Have you had an ultrasound yet, or will you be waiting?


@Sourire - Glad to read on your blog that at least baby is wiggling around a little. Hoping the procedure today went well. Let us know when you can!


@mainebaby - What a fun announcement, and yay for a perfect little bean!


@Laggie - How are you? Feeling any better yet? Had your anatomy scan?


:blowkissto all the stalkers!


AFM, 18 weeks today. Still having to hit the Zofran every morning, which is really making me nuts. I am so, so done with this not feeling good nonsense. I do not have time for this! Move date has been set - three weeks from Monday! Three weeks from today, we will be flying to our new home. I have so much to do to get ready between now and then, and I need to feel halfway decent to do it. On the happy side, our home inspection was done today, and no major issues were found! So that's a big load off our backs. There are several small fix-it projects that dh should be able to accomplish fairly easily and cheaply. There is a balcony/deck thingy that needs to be repainted, and that's going to be a bigger project, but we already knew that just from looking at it ourselves. Most of my attention today has been focused on getting a boatload of paperwork to our lender, and it's been a frustrating process, but hopefully is done now.


Right now is has been a little sad for me, as Monday was the due date for our angel baby. My cousin who was due just when I was had her baby a week or so ago, and seeing her pictures of her little guy (who had a rough time in the beginning for several reasons, but is doing well now), and seeing Sourire's belly pictures... well, it just reminds me I ought to be right there with them. I'm still searching for why it was God's will that things happened the way they did. I do believe very strongly that God has His reasons, I just keep hoping they'll become clearer to me. It was that way with getting pregnant with my son - after it happened, it was very obvious to me why it was important for the timing to be the way it was, and not sooner. I can think of lots of reasons why the timing wasn't right for the baby I miscarried, but none that I am certain is "the" reason, like I was with my son. And at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. It would just be a little more comforting to understand better.


Anyway, ultrasound is a week from Friday! Praying for a healthy baby, who wants to show off his/her genitals. ;) I'm a little bummed because I got confused and though the ultrasound was this upcoming Monday, and it isn't, but I will survive! Also scheduled my final mw appointment before my move. Bittersweet, as I really still haven't decided what I want to do once we get to ND. On the plus side, since my 20 week visit will be the week before the move, I'll have a few weeks to investigate my options without "missing" an appointment. Since I'll be over halfway through my pregnancy, I want to be sure I can demonstrate that yes, I have had appropriate prenatal care, so hopefully providers won't be hesitant to take me on.

mainebaby's Avatar mainebaby 11:12 AM 05-01-2014

@monkeyscience - Sorry about your feeling bummed about your angelbaby. So tough... however you are also blessed now so that has to be a fantastic feeling. GL with your US - hope baby flashes ya', haha! So exciting to be moving to ND, is it your or your husband's work that finds you there? (Sorry if that has been mentioned.) House buying is sooo nerve-wracking and such a busy time of hundreds of paper to fill out & sign. Wait 'til the closing- I never knew there could be so many papers that needed our signature! My hand was cramping up! GL with everything!!


Question for everyone: When you sneeze or cough, do you get terrible pain on the left or right side (where I'd assume my ovaries are)? It hurts less when I cough rather than sneeze but when I do sneeze, OMG! I double over and scream obscenities! Googled it and found that perhaps it's related to "round ligament pain", though I thought that only began in the second tri. Seriously it makes me want to cry although who am I to complain, after 9yrs LOL!? Anyone else?

Sourire's Avatar Sourire 11:59 AM 05-01-2014

@mainebaby - Great ultrasound pic! How exciting for you! I LOVE your announcement pictures, so cute!!!! I do remember having pain sometimes when I sneezed in early pregnancy... it started about halfway through the first trimester and lasted until the end of the second. It felt like when I sneezed the ligaments around my uterus would seize up and they would hurt like hell for a few minutes. I found that curling up into a ball right before I sneezed could sometimes prevent that feeling.


@Autumnlaughing - Sorry you're still feeling like crap. Just tell yourself that it won't last forever, and it's a sign your baby is healthy!


@lilacvioletiris - yep I've been seeing a chiropractor who uses the Webster technique, as well as an osteopath and an acupuncturist. No luck so far :(


@monkeyscience - sorry you're feeling a bit down about your angel baby. I went through that a few months ago when I hit the due date for my pregnancy that I lost. It's weird but I almost felt guilty being so happy about my current pregnancy when I had another baby that was gone forever and who I'll never get to meet. Good luck with your move!


AFM - I had my appointment at the hospital yesterday for the version to try turning the baby. It didn't work :( Also baby is still feet first so the doctor says that if she stays that way I can't even attempt a vaginal birth. So disappointing. The doc wanted to give me an appointment for a C-section on May 7th which is in just a week! I kind of panicked because I have so much stuff I want to do before baby comes and a week seemed too soon. I asked her if we could push it back and she was willing to go as far as May 13, two days after my due date. I feel a bit better about that date because it gives my daughter more chance to turn on her own, and it also gives me a chance to go into labour on my own between now and then... if that happens I'll go to the hospital and check if baby has changed position and might still have a chance at a vaginal birth, and if I end up needing a C-section anyways well at least my baby will have had the opportunity to decide when she wanted to be born!

monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 06:56 PM 05-01-2014

@mainebaby - Excited is not quite how I'm feeling about the move, but, well, it's necessary, so we will adapt! It's dh's work. He works in the wind power industry. I'm a SAHM, so my work comes with me! And yes, totally got the horrific round ligament pain when coughing/sneezing. I also read RLP is a later-pregnancy thing, but since it's happened with both of my successful pregnancies, I don't think that's accurate. Sometimes cradling my tummy and lifting a little while sneezing helped. But it is miserable!


@Sourire - Sorry your version didn't work. :( But yay for getting the section scheduled for later, and having more time for baby to turn and to decide she's ready to come out. Not that it's quite as dramatic, but my ds flipped from the left side (where he'd been basically the entire pregnancy - at a minimum from 20 weeks on) to the right side the day before he was born (40w4d). I didn't feel it happen, but that last day, it was obvious he was not where he had been! It actually worried my mws, because they were afraid he'd decide to go back to the left and end up posterior, but that didn't happen. I've even heard of babies flipping to vertex (or, unfortunately, to breech!) during labor. So I'm still holding out hope for you!

Laggie's Avatar Laggie 12:53 PM 05-05-2014

mainebaby - I had that pain from sneezing for the first few months. Not every sneeze, but fairly often. It has gone away now though, at 21 weeks.


Sourire - OMG I can't believe how close you are! Looking forward to cute baby pics soon! I hope she turns around for you.

tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 09:43 PM 05-06-2014
@Sourire have you had that baby yet???????
Hugs mama!
mainebaby's Avatar mainebaby 07:13 AM 05-07-2014

Yay, it's May!! :treehugger


Thanks ladies for confirming that my sneezing pain is normal and experienced by many. :) Hope you're all doing awesome and feeling well!


Hubby & I are in Northern Maine all week for his work. He has meetings every day while I entertain myself at the hotel or visiting his dad & step-mom. She is full of wisdom she must impart on me, LOL. At least the room is nice. Take care, girls!!

Sourire's Avatar Sourire 10:08 AM 05-07-2014

@tracyamber - nope I'm still pregnant lol! However I'm doing acupuncture to try and encourage labor to start before my C-section, my second treatment is tonight!


@mainebaby - enjoy your trip!


@monkeyscience - I'm excited to hear about your ultrasound this Friday!


Anyone else have anything exciting coming up?


AFM - I've come to terms with the idea of having a C-section. I've even written a C-section birth plan, I hope the doctor will agree to let me have skin-to-skin contact with the baby as soon as she's born. In the meantime I'm wrapping up loose ends at home, getting the house all cleaned up and ready for baby! Today I'm going to go to my first La Leche League meeting, I want to have some contact people in place in case I have issues with breastfeeding after my surgery! And I'm counting down the days now.... only 6 days (or less!) until my daughter is born! This is so exciting! I find that it's also less stressful when you have an exact end date to your pregnancy versus never knowing when it's going to happen!

tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 04:25 PM 05-07-2014
When I had my c-section skin to skin was still a must for me and the hospital was an advocate of skin to skin. So when they stitched me up I had my baby laying on top of me. Nothing changed in that aspect. You may be a little out of it but will still be in total bliss. Have you taken sennacot or something like that in your bag? I found it very helpful to have it on hand because you will be there probably 3 days and if you can get your system moving(intestines) they will sometimes release you a bit sooner. Also, I found the first night is the hardest regarding pain. They want you to start walking by the evening or morning . I started walking soon as possible even though painful but once I keep taking small trips to the bathroom or down the hall the pain became manageable and it got my whole body functioning. I really just wanted to get home with my baby. Take you favorite water bottle too!!!!!!
I cannot believe you are about to meet your baby@Sourire!!!!

Good you are getting your contacts lined up. I ended up needing latching help and 4 hours later became a painful and 3 week boobie healing while breastfeeding. Good thinking!!!!
Sourire's Avatar Sourire 04:29 PM 05-07-2014
What's sennacot? I rarely get constipated, right now I'm taking iron supplements that are supposed to make me constipated but my bowels are still working just fine! I'm also taking a probiotic to prepare for the antibiotics I'm going to get for my surgery and I think that can help keep things regular as well.
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 10:05 PM 05-07-2014
Originally Posted by Sourire View Post

What's sennacot? I rarely get constipated, right now I'm taking iron supplements that are supposed to make me constipated but my bowels are still working just fine! I'm also taking a probiotic to prepare for the antibiotics I'm going to get for my surgery and I think that can help keep things regular as well.
Yes it is for constipation. There are many herbal brands out there. The thing is after a c-section everything shuts down down there and part of the reason they do keep you in the hospital for several days is they need to know you can have a bowel movement. It does not matter how regular you are now because all bets are off once you have surgery. Sometimes it's just nice to have something speed things up if you need it instead of having to have dh run to the store sourire. smile.gif
Probiotics are good.
Eta: as I mentioned before I just wanted to go home so I just took the senna as soon as I could to make sure I had not problems .
So excited for you!
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