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Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 08:56 AM 06-06-2014
@Sourire - Thanks! I needed to hear that. I think I already "know" that, but.... you worry.... And, you're right. The worry over whether they're alive or not isn't good either..

@tracyamber - My son was a C section with no labor at 36+5 and my milk came in no problem. (I think within a couple of days?) My dd was also a C section, but I was 42 weeks and there was lots of labor. My milk came in immediately. But, I had always assumed that was a second child thing?

tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 09:16 AM 06-06-2014
I was just curious
I had my son via csection and my milk came in in 3 days. I was just wondering if labor makes is come more rapid. I'm not finding that it does but it probably just depends.
lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 05:34 PM 06-07-2014
My twins had their 4 month immunizations yesterday even though they are 5 months 15 days - they kept being sick or my husband had required overtime on the Friday's we had scheduled. Babies seem to have dealt with the shots better this time. They were a bit cranky yesterday after the shots, they slept great last night and today they have been pretty normal. Yeah.
kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 07:18 AM 06-08-2014
I'm cautiously sticking my head in here. I got a faint BFP on a cheapie test last night and a dark line on a FRER this morning. Beta isn't until wednesday (I'm 7dp5dt today)
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lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 07:28 AM 06-08-2014
Congratulations! I hope you are in for the long hall!
Sourire's Avatar Sourire 10:40 AM 06-08-2014
Congrats Kewpie!
Tear78's Avatar Tear78 08:48 PM 06-08-2014
Squeeee, hoping hoping kewpie!
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 09:33 PM 06-08-2014
How are you feeling?
How is Lilliana? Hope I spelled her name right.
How does it feel to be a mama?
I think of you often sourire!!!
Sourire's Avatar Sourire 03:36 AM 06-09-2014
Tracy - it feels truly amazing to be a mom! It's not always easy of course (like last night when Liliana screamed for 3 hours straight) but I love it anyways and Liliana is so cute and continues to amaze me every day. She's gaining weight really well and keeps going up in the percentiles. Being able to exclusively breastfeed my baby makes me so proud. I'm having some issues with nipple pain but I'm sticking with it and things are starting to get easier.
Sourire's Avatar Sourire 03:39 AM 06-09-2014
Here are some photos of her!

kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 09:19 AM 06-09-2014
@Sourire - She's such a pretty baby!
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 09:26 AM 06-09-2014
She's beautiful!!!!!! How many weeks is she already? You are breastfeeding too right? Will you pump when you return to work?
Many congrats
Eta: I just read your last post. Ignore the breastfeeding questions
I know I found with my son that everyday nursing was continual learning for both of us. I remember at 6 weeks I thought" now I got the hang of this"
I loved the angel mama products for soothing nipples!
Sourire's Avatar Sourire 09:50 AM 06-09-2014
Tracy - she's 1 month old now. I have 1 year of maternity leave so I don't need to think about returning to work just yet. I also really like the angel mama line of products, I have the nipple cream, the diaper rash cream, the soap and a bunch of the teas!
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 11:12 AM 06-09-2014
@Sourire - That is so awesome that you have a year of maternity leave! She's beautiful!

AFM - 7w6d ultrasound today and everything looks perfect! Whew! I may be starting to exhale. One bean measuring 8w1d and the other 7w6d with heart rates of 177 and 178. Crazy. Let me see if I can post a pic.

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Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 11:15 AM 06-09-2014
Next ultrasound at 9w3d on June 20th and then I think I'll be released to an OB if everything goes well..... Crazy....
Sourire's Avatar Sourire 11:24 AM 06-09-2014
Xerxella - wow twins! I'm so so excited for you and I hope everything continues to go well for this pregnancy!
hope4light's Avatar hope4light 02:22 PM 06-09-2014
Grrrr... this new format stopped my emails when there were updates. Sigh.

Sourire - she's SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!!!

Kewpie - congrats again :-) I know it's so hard, but no bad days allowed, just remember 'you're pregnant today' (that was my mantra)
Autumnlaughing's Avatar Autumnlaughing 03:44 PM 06-09-2014
Sourie - so cute!

Xerxella - so glad to hear! They're cute, too

I dropped my sharps container off at the clinic today, after going in for the harmony test. It was an odd sort of milestone
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 04:21 PM 06-09-2014
@Xerxella said I should come and start posting here for myself rather than making replies and stalking all of you which I do but won't have to anymore I dunno if you all know me but I think you do. I got my second beta today and it was 1021.... Something like that. Anyway, im happy and scared at the same time. My ultrasound will be on the 23rd or the 24 th. That's all I know!
lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 06:59 AM 06-10-2014
@Xerxella - congrats on TWINS!
@tracyamber - welcome to "the other side" !
kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 07:27 AM 06-10-2014
So, After following the nurse's advice, the bleeding I've had for the last 4 days has finally stopped. I hit 4 weeks today, so i'm still walking on egg shells, but thank the heavens, the bleeding has stopped!

Edit: Nevermind, I spoke too soon. It's back.
Sourire's Avatar Sourire 07:58 AM 06-10-2014
Kewpie I had spotting on and off until 11 weeks pregnant and everything was fine... but I definitely know how stressful it can be! Fingers crossed for you.
kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 08:24 AM 06-10-2014
I talked to the nurse this morning and told her it's redder and more of it. She's having me come in to see exactly where the bleeding is coming from. If it is from the suppositories, I think I'm going to ask to switch to the PIO shots. They suck, but I'd rather deal with that than have my heart sink every time I pee. Even if I know it's from the tablets, I still panic a little every time.
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 09:06 AM 06-10-2014
@kewpie80 - I had spotting up until 16 dpo with this pregnancy and everything seems to be going fine. But, I was sure glad when it stopped!!! With my son, I spotted through the entire first trimester. Super nerve racking. But, he's happy and healthy and 7 now!
Laggie's Avatar Laggie 12:33 PM 06-10-2014
kewpie - fingers crossed for a sticky baby for you! Congrats on the BFP!

tracyamber - Congratulations!

Xerxella - Congrats to you as well, I saw your post on the twins thread... squee!

I'm 27 weeks today, it feels like I'm entering the home stretch. I've been having dreams where I see the babies' faces. My house is overflowing with baby gear.
monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 01:31 PM 06-10-2014
Kewpie - I'm sorry this roller coaster is continuing! I hope they figure out what's going on today, and that you have a nice, reassuring beta number. Keep us posted.

Laggie - Good to see you! It's funny you feel like you're in the home stretch... I'm only 3 weeks behind you, and I feel like I SHOULD be in the home stretch, but that in fact I have been and will be pregnant for all eternity! (Then again, you have a much higher likelihood of delivering before 40 weeks than I do.) Do you want me to add you to our roster in the first post?

Tracy - Welcome to this thread. And yes, you no longer count as only a stalker.

X - Yay for another good ultrasound! I'm glad they're keeping a close eye on you, so you have less time for worrying.

Autumn - Yay for a new milestone. Did they say how long until you'd get your results back? Are you going to have them tell you the sex?

Sourire - Thanks for the cute picture! Glad you and Liliana are doing well.

Hi to anyone else I missed!

AFM, had my first appointment with my new doctor today. I like her! Very nice, very laid back, took a ton of time to talk to me. The whole clinic seemed friendly and laid back - I was expecting a mad house, but there weren't that many people in the waiting room, even though there are multiple doctors in this clinic. (It's a family medicine practice right by the hospital.) I felt relieved when she took the time to talk to me about my (screaming) son, and offered him goldfish crackers, instead of just trying to plow through the OB stuff and get out of there. (dh was nominally in charge of ds, but ds was mad about having to leave the blocks in the waiting room.) She took the time to tell me about her experience/opinion of the two hospitals in the area when it came to natural birth. She mentioned doing backup care for at least one midwife (unfortunately, one that is further away than we feel comfortable with), and mentioned one of the doulas she's had a good experience working with. I was so worried about being hurried and not getting to ask questions. I do still have a few questions, but there will be time for those later. She also got me an appointment with a physical therapist to try to help with the excruciating hip pain I've been having, and got me some sample lotions she "raided" the adjoining dermatologist's office to get for my itchy nipples. (Yes, TMI, sorry.) She didn't seem to find it odd that I nursed my son for 21 months, or while pregnant. Hah - that reminded me - my husband and son went back to the waiting room to play with blocks while the nurse talked to me, and then I went to get them when the doctor was on the way to see me. So I left the exam room door open, and you could hear my son screaming all the way down the hall. The doctor walked in and asked if there was a reason the door was open. I said yes, I'm waiting for the small screaming child you hear to come in here with my husband. Her comment? "Oh, we love small screaming children here!" - said warmly, not sarcastically. So I also made my son's 2-year-old well check appointment today while I was making my next appointment. Crazy to think he's almost that old!
kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 04:43 PM 06-10-2014
My beta was 98.8 today. My retrieval was on may 27th, so it feels a bit low to me.
monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 06:16 PM 06-10-2014
That does seem low to me. But I know there's such a wide variation in normal/viable betas. I'm sorry you didn't get a clear answer. Beta limbo sucks! Were they able to tell you anything about the bleeding?
Milk8shake's Avatar Milk8shake 04:27 AM 06-11-2014

Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 07:21 AM 06-11-2014
Hugs to you @Milk8shake . I'm always thinking about you and wondering how/what you're doing. (But, in a non-creepy way, of course.)

Come share anytime.
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