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aprilmom's Avatar aprilmom 06:25 PM 03-14-2014
I was not expecting to be here! My husband recently got laid off and his last day at work was today...and surprise I got a BFP! EDD is 11/20. With our infertility issues we are more than thrilled even if the timing is not the best. I am so scared something is going to go wrong...

kinny's Avatar kinny 06:48 PM 03-14-2014
Congratulations aprilmom! oops.gif My baby isn't due in November, but my husband and I tried for well over a year to have a baby, and nothing. It was believed I was infertile.. Then one day when we pretty much just stopped trying.. I got pregnant! After that I became almost TOO fertile too easily -_-

My advice would be try not to stress. You got pregnant that's amazing! orngbiggrin.gif So you know it's now possible! If you got pregnant you have a normal chance as any perfectly fertile woman to have a normal full length pregnancy. smile.gif *hugs* praying you have a great pregnancy and healthy bubs.
delightedbutterfly's Avatar delightedbutterfly 12:39 PM 03-15-2014

Not in November, but just wanted to let you know that the November DDC is open (just not linked on the main page yet :) )

astromum's Avatar astromum 12:43 PM 03-26-2014

I am :) Est due date November 3, but will have a better idea after my ultrasound on April 10th.