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jessdcary's Avatar jessdcary 09:58 AM 04-19-2014
I went in for a follow up scan today and much to my surprise my cervical length was only measuring 2.5 cm it should be 3-5 cm

I also have a subchronic hematoma which is measuring 8.5cm x 6 cm

Very worry Dr is hoping we can make it to 23 weeks.....

I have a massive hematoma or blood clot just above my cervix. He would place to cerclage, but he's afraid it'll do more harm than good. He thinks the pressure from the blood over my cervix is causing the shortening. We go back for a recheck May 1st

And my Dr is very worried. He's a afraid that ill pass the clot and when that happens it will tear the baby's sac causing my water to break. He has his fingers Crossed that it won't happen until 23 weeks. But I REALLY do not wanna deliver prior to 26 weeks do to develop of baby and he'll have a much better fighting chance. And this is all coming from my perinatologist

Any advice, positive outcomes would be MUCH APPRECIATED

jessdcary's Avatar jessdcary 08:06 AM 04-20-2014
marilyn612's Avatar marilyn612 08:12 AM 04-20-2014
I did read but don't have any experience. Goodluck and hugs.
anyalily's Avatar anyalily 07:40 PM 04-20-2014

Are you on bed rest? What did the Dr. tell you to do? I will say a prayer for you! Keep us posted.

Tigerle's Avatar Tigerle 07:44 AM 04-21-2014
Ive had shortening due to bad stress in the workplace and my dr sent me home on the spot. No bedrest just told me to take it easy for two weeks. I did and my cervix lengthened again.
My pregnancy was very healthy for a few months then stress exacerbated again and ds1 was born 5 weeks early.
Not that taking it easy can cure any and all pregnancy complications but it helps with a lot of them - i think you should immediately put your feet up, if not go on full bedrest. As in NOW , as you read this. Sending good thoughts your way!
edited to ask whether you're on magnesium supplements to stop contractions?
jessdcary's Avatar jessdcary 04:59 PM 04-21-2014
We are using progesterone suppositories. But nothing to stop contractions, they won't until we're 20 weeks:( And I'm not on bed rest yet, but of it gets to 2.0 cm ill be on strict bed rest.
Tigerle's Avatar Tigerle 05:32 AM 04-22-2014

I'm sorry for not having made myself very clear, I was on the road and typing on my phone. I expect that they told you they will not give you hormones to stop contractions. However, magnesium is a very benign natural muscle relaxant, nothing to do with actually hormonally stopping contractions, but having a slight relaxing effect on all your muscles to stop stress-induced tightening. (It's how epsom salt baths work but I am sure you're not supposed to have warm baths). It might relax you mentally a bit, too, and help you sleep. I would definitely ask about it at your next appointment. One of my drs insisted on my taking oodles of it throughout my pregnancies whenever I felt stress was making my uterus tighten up again. He was a bit clueless in other repects but the magnesium recommendation I remember as being helpful every time.

You have to make sure not to overdose because it will give you diarrhea, which is harmless normally but may not be in your case, anything that puts stress on your abdomen I am sure should be avoided. We give the kids therapeutic doses of 200 to 250 mg daily, they sleep better and for 3yo DD, who weighs 14 kg and has had problems with chronic constipation, it has a slightly laxative effect. A grown up might probably take twice as much without inducing diarrhea. You might ask for a start up dose of 100 mg and then slowly raise it up by 50 mg increments. As soon as you notice a bit of stool softening and gas, go down to the lower dose and keep on it. Worth a shot, if your docs agree.


Just recalled that they give super-high doses of magnesium as a muscle relaxant in order to avoid premature labor to women who have had in-utero surgery for Spina BIfida, too. This surgery typically happens between the 18th and 26th weeks. So this is an established medical route. (We opted for postnatal surgery ourselves with our youngest who has SB, but I researched it carefully at the time.)

jessdcary's Avatar jessdcary 06:20 AM 04-22-2014
Thank you for your advice, I'll research the magnesium more!
Tigerle's Avatar Tigerle 07:59 AM 04-22-2014

Sending sticky vibes your way! :Hug

jessdcary's Avatar jessdcary 01:15 PM 04-24-2014
I went to the ER at 6 this mornIng I had been contracting ask night, my cervix is 2.2 cm, Dr said bed rest:eat
Tigerle's Avatar Tigerle 01:31 PM 04-24-2014
jessdcary's Avatar jessdcary 07:23 PM 05-01-2014
Hematoma has grown to 8.5 cm x 8.7 cm the hematoma is pushing its way under in placenta:/ my cervix is down to 2.2 cm and now I'm going to the perinatologist weekly
Tigerle's Avatar Tigerle 11:49 PM 05-01-2014
I am keeping my fingers crossed for both of you. You're 18 weeks now right? 5 weeks to go at least. .. Please try to be very very good to yourself during this hard time of waiting and hoping.
jessdcary's Avatar jessdcary 07:49 AM 05-02-2014
Thank you!!
Smokering's Avatar Smokering 09:31 PM 05-02-2014

Oh, how scary. I'm sorry, I can't imagine how tough this must be.


How's your support system? Do you have a partner, family and/or friends to ensure you can keep on bedrest?


I do know plenty of women who've been somewhat effaced and even significantly dilated for several weeks of pregnancy, before going on to have normal full-term births; I don't know how relevant that is to your specific situation, though.


Here's hoping for the best! And I hope you have a huge stock of DVDs and books on hand!

jessdcary's Avatar jessdcary 07:05 AM 05-03-2014
Thank you, my kids go to daycare during the day and my husband picks them up after work to take care of them while I do mothinh:cold
jessdcary's Avatar jessdcary 08:00 AM 05-04-2014
Been bleeding yesterday and today
jessdcary's Avatar jessdcary 10:35 AM 05-07-2014
Still bleeding.

Not doing good I'm balling I'm scared and I feel helpless Got more answers today. Dr just did rounds.

The hematoma is completely surrounding the sac including being behind the placenta..she said the placenta is still intact and is worried because I'm still 4 weeks out from being able to deliver.
Tigerle's Avatar Tigerle 03:27 PM 05-07-2014
Are you hospitalized now? You should not be alone during such a scary time. Is anyone with you in real life?
jessdcary's Avatar jessdcary 03:37 PM 05-07-2014
Yes I'm on bed rest. And I have my hubby, mom and mother in law
Tigerle's Avatar Tigerle 03:43 PM 05-07-2014
All three of them? Having them all in the same room would have driven me round the bend during the hardest part of my high risk pregnancy with a special needs child. Really, I just wanted my husband.
Would it help you to spend some time just with hin and the two of you talk to the baby? Fear makes you lose all feelings of connectedness, and regaining that may help you get through the coming weeks. Don't be afraid to love this baby even though you sre afraid you may have to let it go. Do you have a name?
jessdcary's Avatar jessdcary 04:19 PM 05-07-2014
No, goodness no not at the same time!!!! My hubby is here and when he's gone my mom OR mother in law is here lol!!! I'm not giving up hope not a bit a have faith by baby will come too soon too small but he's strong he'll fight through. I just really pray I make it another month:
candicemmm's Avatar candicemmm 08:34 PM 05-09-2014
I'm sorry to hear of your ordeal. I was diagnosed with hematoma today at 13wks. I got put on modified bed rest. And have a rowdy 2yr old so I don't see bed rest working out well. I truly hope you get through with a healthy baby
jessdcary's Avatar jessdcary 06:44 AM 05-10-2014
I was diagnosed with a subchronic hematoma early in my pregnancy. The hematoma has continued to grow throughout my pregnancy.

Last week at 19+2 days after 4 days of rusty red bleeding and passing strawberry sized clots. It was found on my ultrasound There are two layers to the sac, the amino sac surrounds the baby abd the chorion sac is around the amino sac. The hematoma torn a big hole in my chorion sac and the blood is between the two layers. So now there is a separation of the chorion and anmion layers which is called CHORIOAMNIOTIC SEPARATION.

And the hematoma is 11 cm x 8 cm and now behind the placenta making it a retroplacental hematoma

There is blood in the sac with baby as well.

I am on bed rest until I deliver. Please needed stories about chorion amnion separation.