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Talking Naming Conundrum

My DH and I love the name Ira for the baby. The only hitch is that I know someone named Ira. We went to high school together and are "friends" on facebook although I haven't seen him since high school (15 years!!!). I do have some old friends in my life that know both Ira and myself. There is a small chance I could see him at my 20 year reunion. He might see that we had a baby named Ira on facebook. (Although I could unfriend him and I highly doubt he would notice)
But it is the only name that we both really, really love.
Would you use it? Or leave it because it might look weird. (I did have a very small crush on him in high school, but always loved his name.)
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I know peolpe who have given their children my name, or my husband's name, and it is not weird. Our names are more common than Ira, but Ira is gaining in popularity right now. I think you shouldn't worry about it.
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I wouldn't worry about that. The only time I shy away from using a name is if it is a close relative or someone that is regularly involved in my life. This person isn't significant to your life so I'd feel more than free to use the name. If that's the name you love and your dh agrees it's great then I'd say you have a baby name picked out!

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I also wouldn't worry about it, or even bother un friending him.

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To my mind it's not a problem! i would not bother and give my child this name. If you both like name Ira so much who cares what other people think?;-)
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I don't see why it's an issue. I wouldn't assume anyone who gave their baby my name was naming it after me (though my name is (or was) more common than Ira). And even if he thought so... not a big deal, to me. I think if you love the name, go for it!

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I agree with everyone. One of the ladies in one of my homeschool co-ops just told us recently that she's naming her baby a version of my name, and I was just flattered that knowing me didn't disuade her from using the name. I didn't think I had anything to do with her choice. To me, the only time knowing someone with a name you like for your baby is an issue is if that person makes you think twice about the name because of a negative connotation. I named my DS1 Nathan, and I thought briefly about an old friend from my childhood named Nathan. We still keep up through our families, and it wasn't any kind of issue about having the same name, becuase I hadn't seen him in years. It's just a name. He doesn't own it. Go for it & name your kid what you want.

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I totally agree. We are having a girl but the boy name we had settled on before we found out the gender was exactly the same situation as yours. An old friend/acquaintance with some mutual friends still in touch, friends on facebook, haven't seen each other in years, etc. I did have similar concerns as it's an equally unusual name but we had decided to go for it and will use it if the opportunity presents itself. In the grand scheme of things it probably won't come up at all and if it did it would be a one time no big deal thing so don't give up a name you both love and agree on. That's a precious gem in my experience 😉.
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A Facebook friend from high school actually e-mailed me a few months before her daughter was born and asked how I liked my name. She mostly wanted my thoughts on weird nicknames or things that might have come up. I told her I loved it and she ended up naming her daughter the same name. I never thought she was naming the child after me in any way shape or form and I was glad I could help her think through the naming process with 33 years of personal experience. If you still feel weird about it, I think that approach -- messaging and asking him how he liked being an "Ira" -- might be the ideal solution. It makes it clear that you're not naming the kid after him but also sort of clears the air.

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