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Who else just found out? How are you feeling?

...emotionally and physically?

I am pregnant with my second. A little nervous, since I've had two miscarriages and one baby. A little bewildered, because this is the first pregnancy that was kind of planned, and I'm thinking, "I did this? Am I ready?" Kind of like..."well, I got what I wanted. Now what?" You know???

Also, I have been having severe anxiety and panic attacks over the past week, and that is basically how I knew I was pregnant, because I experienced this when pregnant with my son. Back then, I chalked it up to the beautiful baby I had seen on the ultrasound screen. But now, I am like, "already?" And, "panic attacks again? Not a fluke thing, huh? Damn."

I wish I could enjoy this more. But I am nervous about the change. And when I made the decision, not fate, it's almost more....hmmm, my doing. Ha! And that makes me nervous, because I better be ready! The severe anxiety is not helping, either. I am not necessarily squealing for joy. Worried about miscarrying, as well.

I wanted to see how everyone else is feeling. If you are overjoyed, please share! I am hoping speaking to others who see the positive will lift my spirits. Happiness is contagious. I am not ready to tell anyone else, but I need some actual JOY up in here.

And, CONGRATS to anyone else who is newly pregnant!!!!! May God bless our babies!
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Hello and congrats!

I just found out yesterday and am pretty much still in shock. For about an hour after the positive tests me and my partner just kept asking each other "is this real?!" Haha. I have a 9 year old daughter who will be 10 soon and not sure what I think yet about having kids so far apart but at the same time I'm ELATED!

I'm very nervous about this pregnancy, and thinking the same thoughts you had: I wanted this, but now what have I gotten myself into? I think I'm overall just way more nervous about this pregnancy than I was my first, because I was really young and oblivious to everything that can go wrong during pregnant/birth/LIFE then and now that I'm older and wiser I'm like freaking out about every little thing, even things that are supposed to be normal. Definitely worried about miscarrying, because I know the stats and I also found out pretty early so I have a long wait to go before the 12 week mark.

In other news, I'm just extremely happy once I get past the shock and can't even wait to hold my new baby in my arms. Just remembering the newborn days and the immense LOVE and bliss from meeting a newly created life is beyond joyful. A friend just had a baby and so it's good to visit her and the new one and realize "oh man, I'm going to have one of these very soon". I'm kind of impatient already, I just want the baby NOW. But also, even though pregnancy was uncomfortable in some ways, I'm looking forward to feeling the baby move inside me.
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First of all, congrats to you both!

And I hated it when people told me to enjoy my pregnancy more. Of course I am trying to do that. But its hard, and stressful, to grow another human being. I find being pregnant to be exciting, but not really enjoyable. Don't stress yourself out trying to decide how you should feel, is my take on it.

When we found out about our second, I was in shock. We were finally trying again but I didn't expect it to work. Or to be so emotional about it. For me it also meant I had to face my pregnancy fears from the first birth, and deal with all the PTSD from my csection. For me the second baby was much harder news to get. Our third baby, it was less dramatic to get the news, but much less stress and fear were involved because I finally kinda found my groove with pregnancy. My expectations were mitigated in the fear department becuase of how much better tthe second baby's pregancy and birth went.

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I found out this morning--still haven't told my husband. This will be kiddo number 6 in the house.

I'm a little worried b/c over the past 10 months my periods have gotten lighter and shorter and a little irregular. My midwife said those are signs of early menopause (I'm only 37, but my mom and her mom were both completely finished at 39), so I wonder if my uterus lining could really support this baby. I don't want to borrow trouble (isn't that what worrying is?), but I've had one miscarriage and one stillborn (28 weeks) and I cannot do that again. My test this morning was nice and bright and no question positive. That's good right?

Anyone with experience here? I'm not usually this whiny, but I need an ear. I really am so excited to be pregnant again! What is better than a sleepy, squishy newborn?
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Hey girls....I was new to TTC....and we did it...so now i m here...Pregnant for the first time....26 years old with husband the same age...married in august...together for 1 and a half year...So AF late...BFP....and now what?...hahah)) another 2 tests....positive also...Moday going to the doctor...How am i feeling?? Happier then never, but also shocked that really hapend...still cant believe it....curious how is goonna look like...scaried to be healty and have no problems....god...so many thoughts i didnt even slept last night...About symptom: morning sickness...a bit of light brown discharge...cramps, swollen boobs but not hurting...cant stop eating..I m also scared about getting fat cause i m not a very skinny girl )) lol that s my last thought....but ****....cant stop eatinggggggggggggg ))
Any advices for a woman becoming a mother for the first time?

waiting for the or to come , still to early to know, just found out on 18th December that i am

we are all equal, respect everyone
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