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Care Package Ideas for newly pg mama??

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My sister is pregnant! I could not be more excited. She is due in early March, so she is very newly pregnant (very strange coincidence--she got pg the exact same day that I did, only two years later!). It is an unplanned pregnancy, but a welcome surprise.

The only sad thing (for me) is that my sister lives 3,000 miles away

I want to send her a really nice "welcome to pregnancy" care package. This is her first baby, and she is planning a homebirth. Does anyone have any book recommendations? Or ideas for anything else that would be nice to have in early pg? She has been the BEST aunt to my boys, and I want to get started early!

I am thinking of sending her my copies of "Birthing From Within" and "Ina Mae's Guide to Childbirth." I would love to hear any and all suggestions from you pregnant mamas!


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I think your book ideas are good ones- I have totally enjoyed both of them.

My suggestions would be some red raspberry leaf and nettle teas, and some nice body butter or vitamin E.
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body pampering stuff sounds good! since she's heading into the morning sickness zone, maybe some candied ginger for a nausea-beating treat.

other ideas - a pregnancy journal, a pregnancy magazine subscription, or a book on pregnancy so she can come to grips with her unexpected adventure!
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My parents sent me two things when I got pregnant with # 1

a godiva chocolates package that was divine

and a package of steaks from Omaha steaks- just the things for a preggo mom with severe morning sickness. LOL. Every time I would thaw one to cook, I'd end up having to throw it away b/c I couldn't stand the smell.

The books are a great idea. Everyone always gives you What to Expect (which should be titled "how to be a good little patient") has pregnancy gift baskets that might give you some ideas.
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I sent out a few of these to friends a few months ago. All were already experiencing morning sickness so that was the focus. Candied ginger, crystalized ginger (found a company, I think called the ginger people - they make everything), organic peppermint tea (good for soothing tummies). I also sent out different books depending on whether or not this was their first pregnancy. A friend of mine, who is not at all "natural" but I'm always hoping, love the Sears Pregnancy Book I sent. A few of the others were too . . . um . . . Basically I like to load them up with all the anti-what to expect that I can.

I love the idea of good body butters, I hadn't thought of that. Oh and the raspberry leaf tea idea is great too!
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How about some soothing bath salts and a breastfeeding book. I like "So that's what they're for" esp for parents that aren't quite sure or The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.

Congrats on being an Auntie to be!
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Something I've been meaning to get for myself - also newly preg - is a scrapbook type thing for all the congrats cards & letters. And I like the preg. journal idea too - been meaning to start one. Since you've had kids, maybe you could throw in a few questions of your own to get her thinking about what to write.
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I have several books that I am thankful for, for their good information, but I LOVE this book:

The Natural Pregnancy Book: Herbs, Nutrition and Other Holistic Choices
by Aviva Jill Romm

It is very easy to read, doesn't have a medical feel to it at all and is very good for mothers and fathers that want to be 'in touch' with their baby throughout the pregnancy. I HIGHLY recommend it. Mine has a different cover though...(shades of beige with a cute pregnant lady on it with dark, curly hair.)
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Books! Books! Books! I remember as a newly pg mama with #1 I just wanted to absorb as much info as possible and read all the time! It is nice she is already planning a homebirth and has you to steer her in the right direction.

Pregnancy teas


cocoa butter

a couple cute maternity shirts that are her style and appropriate for the season when she will be big pregnant


Love from you, dp and the boys
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Beautiful Belly Balm from

Feels yummy, smells yummy......mmmmm!
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Originally Posted by lena_girl
The books are a great idea. Everyone always gives you What to Expect (which should be titled "how to be a good little patient")
Or how to make you paranoid your baby will be defective if you don't follow EXACTLY their diet. I hate that book. :LOL

Another great book is The Thinking Woman`s Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer.

There are several really good Sears's books at The Pregnancy Book, the Breastfeeding Book and of course the true standard the Baby Book. I find that overstock is cheaper than Amazon a lot and has flat rate shipping of $2.95 which is awesome for books.

Preggie Pops. They help with morning sickness. Word of warning DO NOT type PreggO Pops into google... : :

Definitely some bath stuff, lotions and body pampering. Just be sure to go low scent. You never know what smells might trigger m/s.

Chocolate is always good too.

ETA: Ooops! To change the Preggie Pop to PreggO pops... that's the one you want to avoid. My poor wittle eyes.
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Originally Posted by mum2tori
Preggie Pops. They help with morning sickness. Word of warning DO NOT type Preggie Pops into google... : :
I can only imagine!
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Thanks for all your responses!

I am sending some books and RRL Tea. Also, I made her a journal, and I cut out the drawings from "Your Pregnancy Week by Week," and pasted them in. When I was pg, I LOVED looking at how the babies were changing every week, but the written information in that book was awful! So, I had no trouble cutting it up!

Thanks again!

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