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milk_maker's Avatar milk_maker 08:35 PM 07-15-2004

lilylove's Avatar lilylove 08:48 PM 07-15-2004
I can't help you, because I am in the same boat. Mine is getting better then it was, it's not every night now, but it still is really uncomfortable. I looked in all my preg. books and couldn't find alot of help. Maybe someone else will know.
weesej's Avatar weesej 08:53 PM 07-15-2004
Slippery Elm bark might help. Take the powder, mix with honey and eat following with drinks of water. I've been there ladies, lay on your tummies if you still can it will force it out (and DH will be SO inpressed)
honey's Avatar honey 09:01 PM 07-15-2004
Are you constipated? Constipation causes gas. Drink lots of water, exercise, fiber, etc. On the other hand, eating a lot of fiber causes gas, too, so you have to find a balance.

This is going to sound um....weird, but when you are feeling the gassiness and you know it needs to come out, get in knees chest position-you know, with your bum way up in the air and your chest flat on the ground, and the gas will "rise to the top" so to speak.
broodymama's Avatar broodymama 09:36 PM 07-15-2004
I had really bad gas in the first weeks of my pregnancy too, bad enough to wake me up during the night.

What helped me was to make a mug of hot tea and put in a lot (and I mean a lot!) of lemon juice. It doesn't taste great and I don't know why it worked for me, but it did. If I drank it before I went to bed at night then I usually wouldn't wake up with gas cramps.

Good luck!
SamuraiEarthMama's Avatar SamuraiEarthMama 02:21 AM 07-16-2004
also consider trying food enzymes or beano?

momto l&a's Avatar momto l&a 02:57 AM 07-16-2004
Gas-X is pretty much the same stuff we give babies for gas. Works wonders as i had some of the most painful gas at the beginning of this pregnancy.

I have used slippery elm for acid problems, never knew it worked for gas also.
Persephone's Avatar Persephone 04:47 AM 07-16-2004
I'm not pg, but I had TERRIBLE gas a week or so ago, and I had some fennel seeds laying around, and had some of them- about 3 small handfuls. Almost immediately the gas was gone. I was in the same position you were, doubled over in pain.
BoobyJuice's Avatar BoobyJuice 05:43 AM 07-16-2004
I had gas horribly with my first two pregnancies. People think it sounds funny - but it can be very painful. I would look like I'd swallowed a watermelon whole. I wasn't very into herbs then so I used gas-x. Even my midwives said it was fine - somehow it passes through your system or something.

I hope you feel better. I know it can be miserable.
BoobyJuice's Avatar BoobyJuice 05:47 AM 07-16-2004
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party_of_seven's Avatar party_of_seven 11:11 AM 07-16-2004
I don't want to scare you are anything, but I had that same problem with 3 of my pregnancies. It was so bad all I could do was lay on the couch and beg dh to go to the store for some gas-ex for me. It was painful!

During my 3rd pregnancy I ended up with serious gallbladder problems and had it removed when I was 20 weeks along. It was the sourse of all of my digestive problems that I had come to accept as normal. I have never had painful gas since then.

I just wanted you to know because gallbladder problems are common in pregnant women. It took a long time for the docs to figure out what was wrong with me....like 2 months of constant gallbladder attacks....nearly every time I ate anything.

Oh, peppermint tea works wonders for gas pain, and some digestive enzymes would really help as well.
Ceili's Avatar Ceili 12:25 PM 07-16-2004
Gas-X is the only thing that ever worked for me.
milk_maker's Avatar milk_maker 12:32 PM 07-16-2004
Where can I buy digestive enzymes? What are they? How do they affect me/baby? I'm following the Bradley Method and reading up, it says not to take anything at all. I don't want to suffer, but I definitely don't want to take meds.

Oregonicmama's Avatar Oregonicmama 02:30 PM 07-16-2004
With #1, I had a gas pain experience so bad it left me unable to move, doubled over on the floor of the Walmart bathroom! They loved that. Then I had to drive home--woopie!!!
I bought a bag of anise seeds and chewed on them, kinda texturally gross, but they got the gas out quickly for sure. I bet anise tea would work too, but I had to have something quick.

With this pregnancy I have found Papaya Enzyme tablets very helpful for every stomach problem, esp. gas. I got mine at Kmart.