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Hello. I'm wondering if pre-term labor can be stopped naturally, rather than with drugs like nifedopine (sp) or the shots they give you, which I can't remember what they are called?

I am not pregnant right now (dd is 4 and a half months:-) but am thinking about the future. I experienced pre-term labor with her at 33 weeks, and have read it is more likely to happen if you had it occur in the past, which is a nother question - is that true?? I feel mine was brought on by work and inlaw stress, both of which are no longer an issue...

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even allopathically, how to treat preterm labor is controversial. If there are no cervical changes, many would simply prescribe rest and fluid (more the latter than the former.) Strict bedrest is also not agreed upon unless there are cervical changes. If you are in strong preterm labor, I myself would take betamethasone (lung maturation steroid) prior to 34 weeks...but you only need to have it 48 hours ahead. Multiple shots are not now recommended. Risk outweighs benefits on multiple shots. SIngle shot is a big win, IMO. I have heard some midwives use herbal and homeopahtic treatments. Fluid, rest and decreasing stree are the primary. Plus treating any possible infection: vaginal, urinary, even dental. Bacterial infection is strongly linked to preterm labor. With cervical changes, you can have a cerclage and/or use tocolytic drugs. I have had both, but I would not say they should be used for every woman in preterm labor, I was in a very unusual circumstance. I would try to avoid mag sulfate and use one of the less strong tocolytics unless there was a crisis and I was trying to get 48 hours for the betamethasone...I still might decline if I was 32+ weeks. I researched this for my own problems...I would recommend dpong so so you;re preared to make your own decisions.

I think you can best learn to pay attention to your own body. Listen, control your work and make sure your practitioner listens to you! It seems like many women are overtreated, but just as many never realize they're even having an issue until they're 2-4 cm dilated and there's no going back.
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Hi, Perhaps you can help me. If I remembered my midwife correctly
she said tocolytic drugs are often used during an EV to help relax the uterus. My wife is at almost 37 weeks and our version (to turn a breech) is scheduled for Friday at 9am. I have mixed feelings about it. Do you or anyone know anything about tocolytic drugs (inhibit contractions in uterus)?

Do they cross the placental barrier? I read on one site that c-section babies are more likely to be drug addicts because of the epidural. I wonder if this is true and whether the tocolytic drugs would have a similar effect?

I have also heard that versions in hospital are often inherently stressful to mother (all the equipment, clinical atmosphere), and can result in stress and muscle tension in mother, making it hard to turn the bay. thanks for your help,

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PS: I just had a good friend die of an accidental overdose of tranquilizers...a 50 year old mother of a 7 year old.
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I had pre term labor with my 1st starting at abotu 20 weeks.. We had to go to the hospital 3 times, and get what ever shot they give you and monitor me for a couple of hours, but my contracts did stop.. That said ds 1 was still 3 weeks early, and a c/s...

Ds2, however.. No preterm labor what so ever, and he was born only 3 days before his due date, so i don't think it's one of those if you have pre term labor once you always will.. I didn't..

As for the drug addiction thing, i think that is probably a combo of genetic make up and environmental up bringing.. I had a friend when i was younger who would be come addicted to anything the absolute 1st time he did it.. Me.. Not addicted to anything at all, and where as i wasn't quite as reckless with my youth as he was, i did more than my share of illegal drugs.. I don't think an epidural, or anything else is going to pre disposition you for drug abuse if it isn't there to start out with in who you are.. Hope that makes sense..

I'm not an expert on either or those by any stretch of the imagination, just my own observations, and .02...

And completely OT.. Pema's father.. You are sooo involved.. WOW!! You must be the best dh around.. Your dd is going to be one lucky girl with a daddy as diligent as you are....

Warm Squishy Feelings..


It's lonely being the only XX in a house of XYs.
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I'm not gonna hijack this thread. I will start a new one title "External Version for Breech".
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I went into preterm labor at about 28weeks. The first time it happened, I went into the hospital, got a shot of terbutylene, and it stopped. After that, I would have episodes of regular contractions several times a week. On the advice of my MW, whenever they started, I would run a warm bath, relax, and drink a glass of wine (alcohol helps relax muscles).
I kept up that routine til I hit 38weeks, then stopped, expecting Baby to come...well...he came at 43 weeks . So, it worked well for me (maybe too well!).
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I had preterm contractions (I don't think I was officially in "preterm labor") at 33 weeks. I was just having too many BH's within the hour, and they didn't stop after lying down and drinking water. I was on the monitor for severl hours and they kept up. I was fingertip dilated.

Anyway, I think I was overtreated...I received 3 shots of terbutaline and then had to take it (pill form) around the clock every 3 hours until 36 weeks. I was also ordered on modified bedrest (as in, you can't go to work, and take it easy at home). I didn't have a problem with not being able to go to work! But the terbutaline is annoying and does not make you feel good. Let me say, from the first shot in the L&D unit, my contractions were knocked out.

All said, I phased out of the terbutaline at 36-37 weeks, and since I had reached that point I was free to deliver with my midwife at her birth center whenever the baby came. She was born at 37 weeks, 6 days.

This pregnancy, I am already feeling a lot of contractions in the last 3 weeks (I'm now 27.5 weeks). I the more I feel, the more I tell myself, I need to force down the water! I don't want to have to be strapped to the monitor and deal with counting contractions and all that jazz. They don't even hurt, but I am starting to take note of them a little more carefully. I don't want to have to be treated unless there really is a problem.

That said, I DON"T want to have my baby for at least another 10 weeks!!

PS--I know a girl who had the identical situation to me, and about 12 hours after she took her last pill at 36 weeks, she went into labor and her son was born. She was able to deliver at the birth center, but thank goodness the drugs worked like they did to stave off contractions until then!
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I went into preterm labor at 29 weeks, having lots of contrax, but only a teeny bit dilated. I was put on Nifedipine and modified bedrest, and I was very diligent about it. My contractions never stopped, but I generally only had about four an hour. Two weeks later, they picked up again, so I was back in the hospital for another couple of shots of terbutaline, and then back on the nifedipine. Two weeks after that, the contractions picked up again and they did the same routine. The next day, the contractions picked up again and it was determined that the nifedipine wasn't doing anything. I was put on oral terbutaline. That only lasted about 36 hours because I had an allergic reaction to it which was quite scary. At that point I said "NO MORE DRUGS!" and went home without them. Well, my contractions continued the way they had been. Usually not more than four an hour. In the evenings they picked up to every 5 minutes, but weren't painful so I didn't worry. Now I am almost 37 weeks, and still very pregnant. From what I've read, drugs have not been shown to prolong pregnancy in any significant way. They are beneficial in stopping labor for 48 hours so that the steroid shots can be given. After that, there is no benefit in their continued use. I definitely would not continue to take them after each "episode" had been stopped, were I to go through this again.

Mindfully mothering SIX kids (ages 4, 5, 7, 8, 11 & 11) in a small house with a lot of love.
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Hi.... I just wanted to add that many ladies have good results halting premature ctx using Hyland's Calms along with upping their water and protein intake and making sure they're getting enough calcium. Of course, sipping a small glass of wine and a hot bath are great as well! I know this won't work for everyone but it's a good place to start before moving on to Plan B. HTH

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I was never officially in preterm labor, but I did have a marked increase in BH contrax following a car accident at 30 weeks where I rear ended someone at 20mph. I did not start dilating however, so the hosp. sent me home (after WAY too long of a non-stress test that showed baby was fine) suggesting fluids and resting. unfortunately I developed a UTI from not being able to pee most of the day, and a vag. check, which kept the BH going unless I really took it easy for the rest of the week.

what DID work to help me was 4 drops of bach rescue remedy in my water. it seemed to quiet my irritable uterus. and getting over that UTI.

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